Thanks for you comments Caramaena, I have thought about becoming a librarian, sadly there are no jobs opening up around here for that either, I guess I just need to keep looking out for them, hopefully something wil come up soon. For now I’m just busy thinking about the munchkins baptism on Sunday…..there are now 17 adults coming for lunch….we’d forgotten about some old friends of Mr H’s mum (almost surrogate grandparents to Mr H), when I spoke to them this morning they were actually about to call us to find out where the church is…ooppss!

So now I need to decide what to feed everyone, and make sure that there is food for the two dairy intolerant folks coming…..I think we may end up having a fruit salad as a pudding option as all the other desserts I can think of are creamy!

What food do you like to eat at a buffet? So far we’re definately having sausage rolls, salad and cold ham (ooo the excitement!)…..any more suggestions?