I’m Hannah, I’m 26, married and mum to a little lady known as the munchkin who was born in October 2005.

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100 things about me (a work in progress!) 

  1. I’m an April Fool! Though I was born in the evening not the morning.
  2. I’m a Yorkshire lass and proud of it!
  3. I’m a qualified teacher
  4. I studied at the University of Cambridge
  5. So did Mr H
  6. I grew up 8 miles away from Mr H, he had to go past my house to get to school, we had mutual friends, but we didn’t meet until we joined the same church in Cambridge
  7. I’m intolerant to raw onion and raw pepper but I can eat them fine when they’re cooked
  8. I’m allergic to chrome
  9. And to colophony – also known as pine resin – that one makes Christmas interesting!
  10. I love fish, if I’m in a restuarant and there’s a fish dish on the menu then nine times out of ten that’ll be what I’ll pick
  11. I frequently have quite a craving for a McDonalds Fillet of Fish
  12. I’m useless at sticking to diets!
  13. Mr H and I have half heartedly joked about having enough children to fill a people carrier (or mini bus)!
  14. The munchkin may be small but she eats far more food than any of her little friends
  15. I love the Chalet School books by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, I have most of them and am gradually completing the collection as money allows.
  16. Before the munchkin I was an avid reader, now I have to snatch odd moments here and there.
  17. I love the Susanna Gregory books about the medieval physician set in Cambridge.
  18. I’m a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I’d love to be able to dance and wear the gorgeous dresses.
  19. I used to do a lot of Scottish dancing at university and almost became the president of the student society (I was asked but due to school placements couldn’t commit the time).
  20. I love card making (I try not to buy any at all) and am trying to get into scrap booking.
  21. I’m hooked on Facebook and catching up with uni friends (and others) on there.
  22. I love wearing pink clothes, I’m rarely seen with out at least one item of pink clothing on.
  23. I love the cheese Port Salut – it’s so creamy, I wish it was diet friendly!
  24. The munchkin is the spitting image of her father, except she has inherited my nose.
  25. Though her nose hasn’t been broken and hence isn’t bent!
  26. I love to watch a movie in an evening, however I tend only to like chick flicks and rom coms
  27. I hate action, horror, thriller type movies
  28. Mr H and I rarely agree on a movie to watch
  29. I don’t mind watching the Motorway Patrol/Police, Camera, Action type shows though so we often end up watching them if there’s nothing else on TV
  30. Mr H and I loved the series Friends and have them all on DVD.
  31. We also have all the episodes of The Vicar of Dibley on DVD, they’re fabulous!
  32. Mr H has all the Ally McBeal episodes and is slowly building up is collection of The Simpsons as well.
  33. The first blog I ever read was Random Acts of Reality which I found through this BBC News article.
  34. I then had a look at a couple of blogs on his list of favourites.
  35. Every other blog I have found is through links on other blogs or through the blog author commenting on here.
  36. The first ‘Mummy/Mommy’ blog I read was The Musings of a Juggling Mother by Mrs Aginoth.