And it really seems like it has done lately.

I’ve only just found the time to sit and read some of the other Fun Monday entrants and I still haven’t properly caught up on my blogroll and said hello to folks there. I’m hoping that tomorrow the munchkin will give me some time with the computer in peace.

I’ve been for four meals out since Saturday, had two friends sleeping on my living room floor, spent one night sleeping on someone else’s floor, ┬áhad two disturbed nights with the munchkin, bought three presents (and a card) for Mr H, spent one meal feeling smug that the munchkin was happy and eating while her little friends were having tantrums in the middle of a restaurant and┬áspent two afternoons cuddling a teething toddler on the sofa as said toddler wouldn’t do anything else in the first hour after her nap. And that’s all I can come up with number related comments for!

It’s just been a bit non stop here for some reason. I feel really bad that I haven’t been and said hello to my bloggy friends, I had a few minutes last week to read a couple of blogs but not time to comment on many. I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more time at the weekend, as for the first time in 5/6 weeks we have nothing planned at all (apart from needing to visit a supermarket at some point).


I was hoping to find time to blog before this, but no chance. I’ve been so busy! Tidying, cooking, cleaning, entertaining the rellies plus trying to keep the munchkin calm amid the chaos. Her baptism service was really nice, the vicar was lovely, everyone arrived and got home safely and lots of food was eaten. Thanks Carmelo for the idea of veg sticks and dips….they went down really well. The munchkin’s cake was slightly stressful as it didn’t rise much though it was very light and tasty, a bit of umming and ahing over how to decorate it and it went immediately….has given me a bit of a bug for cake decorating though…..will have to make another one soon….next excuse for a cake I can come up with is Valentines…hmmm….sorry sidetracking…

Somehow it didn’t seem too crowded with 17 of us here on Sunday, we just seemed to spread out around the kitchen and living room. At least we knlow we can do it again should we need to.

We had a great night out with Mr H’s family on Saturday while L babysat for us. It was really nice to get to know J’s fiancee a bit better and to spend time with the family, we haven’t had a get-together since Christmas over 2 years ago. We see my family a lot, but the distance betwen north scotland and the south west of England is a long way, we’ll see them all again for J and S’s wedding though in April.


My challenge now is to keep the house as tidy as we made it for Sunday, managing ok so far (but have had Mum here to stay until this morning and she’s helped a lot). I really hope I can do it, it’s much nicer living in a tidy organised house rather than our usual piles of chaos.

Thanks for you comments Caramaena, I have thought about becoming a librarian, sadly there are no jobs opening up around here for that either, I guess I just need to keep looking out for them, hopefully something wil come up soon. For now I’m just busy thinking about the munchkins baptism on Sunday…..there are now 17 adults coming for lunch….we’d forgotten about some old friends of Mr H’s mum (almost surrogate grandparents to Mr H), when I spoke to them this morning they were actually about to call us to find out where the church is…ooppss!

So now I need to decide what to feed everyone, and make sure that there is food for the two dairy intolerant folks coming…..I think we may end up having a fruit salad as a pudding option as all the other desserts I can think of are creamy!

What food do you like to eat at a buffet? So far we’re definately having sausage rolls, salad and cold ham (ooo the excitement!)…..any more suggestions?