Hello! I hope you’ve all had a good holiday weekend.

We’ve had a very quiet weekend, Mr H came home from work on Thursday with a virus and has been rather low all weekend, though we have been out somewhere each day (if only to buy a toilet seat for the munchkin!). It’s not been the nice family weekend I had planned. Oh well, as long as Mr H gets better, at least we’re going away for a few days this week (a couple of nights with my lovely friend V and her husband – I know she reads this so hello!). Hopefully that’ll give us a few days of nice family time.

We got up yesterday morning to snow fall which settled! The first snow of the year arrived on Saturday, but didn’t settle, however yesterday it did! We arrived at church in the morning with the munchkin bundled up in wellies and her snow suit! sadly we didn’t have a camera out so we have no photos, but take it from me, she looked fab!

The morning service was very long (2+ hours!) but was great. There were 4 people reaffirming their baptism vows by full immersion as well as the Easter communion service. The evening service was amazing as well, even before the service started I had a feeling that God was really going to work in our church that night. As we were setting up the mics and music stands I looked up to see the sun streaming through the stained glass window at the west end of church, it was a beautiful sight. Another member of the worship team was being baptised (though she didn’t want to be fully immersed) and another 2 were reaffirming their vows by full immersion. After this we were all given the chance of renewing our vows, about 8 of us went up and it was an amazing experience. I really felt that God was asking me to rededicate my life to him, to trust in his plans and timing and to work hard to spend more time with him (that’s not been very easy over the past few months, even when I now it makes a huge difference to how I feel and how my day goes). The feeling of God working in my and touching my life is just indescribable. After an inital filling of emotion, I was filled with a huge sense of calm, especially with regard to our plans for the future and trying for another baby (any regular readers will know I’ve been finding waiting incredibly hard lately). I know God has a plan for me and that at the moment it doesn’t include a baby but that one day he’ll make clear that the time if right for us again. The lovely friend who gave me a lift home said that she had seen in me that I had to go and reaffirm my vows and that afterwards she’d seen a change in my face, I was more relaxed and clearly calmer.

Since then I’ve just felt so at ease with what we need to do. I’ve spent more time with God and been more relaxed with what’s going on in the house, it’s still a tip, but I’m calm about it and know that I can sort it out. I really hope and pray that I can keep this change going.

I’m even more relaxed now about the potty training! We did have an accident all over the munchkin’s smart leather shoes on Sunday morning but that was the last wet one (so far!). I think poos may take a little more time. She’s holding them in unless she’s got pants on (pull ups don’t count apparently!) and even then she’s rather hold them in. She still doesn’t like the potty (or the toilet seat) but we’re doing ok as long as I keep asking her to sit down every so often. Going to stay with V on Thursday will be the first big test (closely followed by the 4 1/2 hour train trip to my parents next week).


Frosty grass and leaves 

Some winter pros and cons:

+ Beautiful frosty scenary
– Very cold fingers when I try and photograph it
+ Spider’s webs look amazing
– They’re mainly at the back of the house which is where the sun is all day so they melt quickly
+ The munchkin looks gorgeous all wrapped up in her big coat, hat and gloves
– The munchkin always has cold fingers as she simply will not keep her gloves on
+ It’s a great excuse for more cuddles with the munchkin
– During said cuddles she has a tendancy to slip cold fingers down my top and the giggle at my yelps
+ Christmas comes in the middle of winter
– Mr H is tight when it comes to sending cards….he keeps trying to get me to pack up all family ones together even when I know people won’t see each other until after Christmas
+ I get to decorate the house and tree
– The munchkin keeps taking ornaments off the tree (all the breakable ones are out of reach!)
+ I have the fun, brightly coloured angel on the top of the tree
– She’s had too much seasonal alcohol and keeps drunkenly falling over!
+ I get to buy and wrap lots of presents for family and friends
– I have to try and guess what Mr H wants as he doesn’t often tell me
+ I have an excuse to wrap myself up in a fleece blanket on the sofa and watch trashy TV
– The pipes in the kitchen freeze up and I can’t cook properly or even run the washing machine or dishwasher

As you can imagine the latter of those is the most frustrating, it happened briefly yesterday, but it was just the cold and we were out meeting the munchkin’s little friends all morning anyway, but this morning we’re in all day (except for a walk later on) and I have lots to do. I’ve had the heating on all morning, rather than the usual couple of hours as we get up, but since the thermostat is (stupidly) in the living room (the warmest room in the house, which gets sunshine all day) it doesn’t make much difference unless I turn it up all the way, in which case the living room and bedrooms would be unbearable.

I’m writing this just after lunch and I’m getting a trickle out of them now. We did look at lagging the pipes after last winter but we’d need to rip the whole kitchen out and we haven’t had to money to do that. Maybe this year (depending on Mr H’s work) we’ll get it done.

Talking of Mr H’s work. He’s spoken to the company that offered him a job and they’re happy for him not to sign anything yet and ensure that he gets the full redundancy package. There’s still a slim chance of something where he is (in which case he’d stay), but we’re now in the position of definitely having a job next year. That’s huge weight off our minds. He’s still going to the interview he’s got lined up tomorrow, but we’re not worried about it. If they offer him somethihng, fab, we’ve got more options if not then we’re fine too.

I had a comment yesterday from Nikke, she’s received the ornaments I sent as part of Julie’s ornament exchange. I’m so glad she likes them, I love these olive wood decorations and as soon as I signed up I knew what I had to get her.

Well, the journey on Tuesday went ok, it was very hot and we did end up spending time sat by the doors, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could have been. The journey home on Wednesday was a nightmare however. If all trains had been running on time we could (just) have made connections to get home at about 5:10pm, as it was it wasn’t until 7:45pm that we pulled in! We were pushing it to be able to get the connection we wanted at Peterborough, but if the GNER train had come in on time we could just make it as I knew what platform to go for and how to get there on the ramps. However the train arrived 5 minutes late, so that was one train gone. We had an hour long wait for the next train so we settled down in a shady spot to feed the munchkin and get some rest. Just before the train was due I went to look at the departures board to check it was running on time to see that it was cancelledd, as I saw the screen the platform announcer confirmed that it had been cancelled at Birmingham. Why did it take them so long to announce that? If they’d said it sooner I could have gone for a Stevenage train and got home sooner. Grrrrr! We had another hour long wait for the next train, which arrived 10 minutes late with only 2 carriages rather than the usual 4! It was only due to people being kind and moving suitcases that had been dumped by the doors that I was able to get the munchkin’s pushchair onto the train. It was such a crush, not a pleasant journey, particularly in this weather. Standing behind me was a man with rather dubious personal hygiene, I ended up leaning over the munchkin’s pram a bit to avoid the smell….

Ok, rant over….

We did eventually get home, but it was so much later than planned that our plans for a nice dinner to celebrate our third anniversary went out of the window 😦 I was too tired for anything nice and ended up sending Mr H out to the chippy for a quick junk food fix. I did enjoy sharing presents with Mr H however. I was really impressed with him, he gave me some watercolour pencils and some pastel pencils as well as some paper and brushes. I just need to get my bureau sorted out now so I can get creative!

Spent most of yesterday recovering from our travels, didn’t get a lot done apart for watch a phenomenal storm. Huge amounts of lightening very close to us and (finally!) a lot of rain. Don’t get me wrong, it was worth going up to see R before she goes, but it was draining. The munchkin took a dislike to the travel cot Mum and Dad have….she had a grand total of 7 hours sleep in the 24 hours we were in Bradford! Mum ended up getting up at 6:30 on Wednesday to take the munchkin for a walk in a effort to get her to sleep…..some hope!

The plan for today is to head to to a local village on the bus (first time down here!) to go and meet my parents, sister (and her fiance and 1 of their insane dogs!) and two of my parents’ friends as they’re going on a narrowboat holiday from there. It’ll be good to see them again, hopefully we’ll meet them for dinner in a couple of canalside pubs next week. They’ll be in central London over the weekend, but are then coming back past us and up to Bishops Stortford. I’d love to go on a narrowboat in central London. Dad has his boat master’s license so can actually take the boat on the Thames. If you’re in London on Saturday/Sunday and see a narrowboat on the Thames that’ll probably be them!

Anyway, I need to go and check bus times then get the munchkin ready to go out. Have a good weekend….bye!

What a week we’ve had!

Monday….fine, found a couple of dead wasps in the downstairs toilet, ok, we thought, they’re just dying in the heat

Tuesday morning….the munchkin throws up her morning milk everywhere, we find a wasps nest in the outside wall next to the outlet pipe from the downstairs toilet, next step close all the windows on the front of the house

Tuesday afternoon….the munchkin throws up again, the council eventually answer their phone and tell me that the earliest they can come and remove the nest is Monday!! we decide that the munchkin may be suffering from heat exhaustion (it’s been averaging over 30oC in the house this week) so we went out to get an air con unit to get at least one room cool

Wednesday….the munchkin wakes up with diarrhoea (but no vomiting), I wake up with a tummy bug as well

Thursday…I wake feeling a bit better, Mr H comes down with the bug, the munchkin starts to get dehydrated as she starts to be sick again.

Today….Mr H and I both much better, the munchkin now on water/dioralyte only for a couple of days on the doctor’s advice. She hasn’t been sick since last night and the diarrhoea is easing.

It’s been a horrible week, it was supposed to be a nice week, Mr H off work to get some rest and get stuff done in the house, however we’ve all been ill, it’s been soooo hot, we’ve had wicked, evil wasps everywhere and we’ve had a to cancel a trip up north to go to the good bye bbq for one of my best friends before she goes away to America to teach for at least a year. Hopefully as the mucnhkin starts to feel better and gets some more life in her that’ll help us perk up, but what a waste of a week…

Big excitement in the H house last night….(can you tell we don’t get out much?)….Mr H picked up the playpen and tent! It’s so cool, the munchkin is quite happy in there while I get on with housework, and when we put the tent up last night just to see how it looked it was fab! It’s definately worth the money we’ve spent on it.

The other mums at baby group were really impressed with the munchkin’s newly discovered mobility, she’s such a tiddler still (8 months old and comfortably fitting in 3-6 month clothes!) that it was a bit of a surprise to see her moving. It was so muggy this afternoon that two of the mums at baby group (they had teeny tots) left really early and the remaining three of us decided to come over to mine where we could safely open an outside door to get some air moving. The air is so stagnant today, it’s really horrible. We’ve been forecast some big storms, but there’s no sign of them yet, the sky is a pale grey, now sun, but no thunder clouds either.

So the munchkin is now crawling, that’s number 1 on her list of achievements for this week. Number two appears to be the beginnings of a bottom tooth! There’s a nice white lump in the middle which is visible when she giggles. What’ll be next? Quite a week for the little lady.

Well, I didn’t make it back on yesterday after all.

Mr H, the munchkin and I managed to get some time out in the garden in a brief bit of sunshine before we needed to bring her in for her bath. It was lovely.

It’s the first time we’ve had a useable garden. In our old rented house we had a little patio with what must have been the world’s biggest ants nest underneath it (we had suspicions the nest extended right under the house and out the front too, there were that many ants and an unhelpful landlord who didn’t do much to help us get rid of them). The little blighters are rather off putting, especially when I’m allergic to insect bites and don’t really fancy a week plus of ridiculously itchy lumps on my legs… We still have some ants here, though no where near as many of them.

This house has a dinky little lawned area right outside the door and a raised decking area with a shed and a gate that leads out to the road out of the estate. We need to do a bit of work on the garden. There’s a raised bed at the side of the lawn full of dodgy ornaments and weedy little shrubs (and weeds!) that I want to completely revamp (possibly into a little vegetable patch….), plus Mr H needs to cut the grass (I have no idea how to use a strimmer [Mr H decided to get one of them instead of a lawn mower as the lawn is only small]…though I suppose I could learn…)

Anyway, need to go and put the munchkin down for a nap. Enjoy what sunshine you can find for the rest of your Sunday. Bye!

Just been out for a walk with the munchkin, it’s been so cold lately that I put my big coat on as usual, however I ended up taking it off fairly quickly and walking round in the blazing sunshine with just a t-shirt on! That was in spite of a frost this morning. It’s such a nice change. It’s bright enough outside that I don’t need to put the light on in the kitchen diner (has been a gloomy room since we moved in, just one north facing window, sheltered by porches on both sides), the sun’s streaming in through the patio door into the living room. I’m just hoping this weather keeps up all summer, it’ll be really nice to be able to spend time out in the garden with the munchkin, getting lots of fresh air and hopefully going on lots of walks.