….well, in training anyway!

After months of feeding the munchkin lunches/dinners based around frozen cubes of mince/chicken casserole and mixed vegetables combined with rice or pasta (due to tiredness and a lack of inspiration) I concocted a meal of poached cod, mushrooms and peas (with the ubiquitous rice) yesterday. The munchkin loved it! She gobbled up the remains of it for lunch today. I feel quite good for doing that, challenge now is to top that tonight!

I’m not sure how possible that will be…..we need to do some food shopping…..I was supposed to be doing it this afternoon and then Mr H would pick me and the munchkin up and drive us home. However Mr H forgot to put the munchkin’s car seat in the car and despite me calling him a minute after he left and him being so close to home he refused to come and collect it….grrrrr. It could be interesting seeing what he comes home with, I need to email him a shopping list, but as I was planning on deciding on the menus for next week while I was shopping (especially for the dinner I’m cooking on Saturday for my lactose intolerant best friend) I suspect we’ll be shopping again on Saturday!

Next task for the budding domestic goddess here is to clear the desk….


What a day for her to start it….the munchkin started trying to say Daddy yesterday. Whenever she saw him and wanted his attention or he started playing with her she kept saying da-da-da. Definately the best Father’s day present for Mr H. It all started in the creche at church, he came down at the end of the service grinning from ear to ear. He’s feeling very honoured. No real sign of mummy or any derivatives yet :o( Oh well, I can just remind Mr H that a d sound is easier to say than an m sound so it’s fluke!

We also discovered yesterday a food that the munchkin loves….pasta with vegetable puree, tried it yesterday and it went down so well. Less ended up in the pelican bib than most things. We’re going to try it again today with some of the butternut squash puree I have in the freezer.

Ooppss…I didn’t mean to leave it over a week between posts…sorry!

Well, things are pretty good down here. The munchkin is finally getting over her cold, it’s just taken her over a fortnight! She’s getting desperate to move around, she can roll, though not very targetted :o) and can twist herself around on her tummy.

She’d been refusing her purees for over a week so when I saw the health visitor last Wednesday I asked her what was best to do, she said the the munchkin was probably wanting to take control and feed herself, so she suggested moving her onto finger foods.. Well, what a mess they create! The munchkin is loving feeding herself and is also now sleeping better again….phew! She slept through from 9pm till 8 am yesterday. We did have to have a shower before putting her down at 9 as it was so hot she couldn’t sleep, her bedroom was at 30 (!) so I’m not surprised she struggled to get so sleep.;

We picked up my bureau on Friday, it’s lovely. We’ve had to re-treat it for woodworm (the seller did say it had been treated, but there were rather a lot of holes so we thought better safe than sorry) but apart from that it’s great, lots of space for all my card making bits and pieces.


On a completely different and sobering note, if you do pray, will you please pray for a friend of mine, V. She’s a teacher and is having to deal with the sudden (accidental) death of a pupil in her class, she doesn’t seem to be getting any help from the senior team at her school and is struggling to know what to say to her pupils. Please also pray for the family and friends of the boy who died. Thanks.

Can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I posted last! Sorry to anyone who came looking for an update.

Weaning wise things are going quite well. The munchkin will eat butternut squash as well as carrot. She’ll now tolerate apple and peach with rice (yay fruit!!!) and she’ll eat pea and parsnip (surprisingly smelly green goo!).

My little sister and her fiance have been staying this weekend after going to a wedding not too far away from here. It’s been great to see them but has reminded me of how we find it hard to get on with one another after any length of time…. We still bicker like little kids at times. I try so hard to be patient with her and try not to let her get on my wick but it’s difficult. She’s very prejudiced at times and doesn’t really share my views at all…. We’re about as different as 2 sisters with the same two parents can be… Oh well, they’re going tomorrow…though we’ll see them at my gran’s birthday next weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly, it’s just hard work spending much time together.

Anyway, better go, we’ve just finished watching Four Weddings (been typing as I watch). Will try and be back later. Bye!

Well, the munchkin doesn’t like apple puree! That was our new taste today, cue much screwing up of her face and gagging noises! I’ll just have to try that again in a week or so… She was quite happy with her carrot at lunchtime, maybe I’ll try the butternut squash next….

….we’re on white goo in this house now.

We started trying the munchkin with baby rice yesterday. She seems to think it’s ok, though I think she’ll prefer a bit more flavour. We’ll just have to wait until we try adding in veg next week!

She’s actually managing to nap properly today which is nice. She’s even sleeping through Mr H drilling in our bedroom next door to hers as he put up the new wardrobe rail (how the people who owned this house before coped with no full length hanging space, I have no idea!).

It was the turn of the carrots to get cooked to a pulp today. We seem to be in orange goo central here. Guess what the other veg I bought at the weekend to puree is? Sweet potato! More orange goo! Oh well, as long as the munchkin happily eats it we’ll be ok! I hope she likes them.

We’ve finally decided what we’re going to do on Saturday. We’re going to try and brave central London with a buggy! Should be ok, both Mr H and I are quite up for walking and we’ve downloaded a list of step free tube stations to help us out, just have to hope the weather’s nice otherwise it’ll be a bit horrible and we’ll end up on the tube more and more. Thankfully the buggy has a carry strap so Mr H can carry that while I carry the munchkin if we need to. It would have been nice to go back up to Bradford to see all my mates but all of those who are teachers aren’t on their Easter holidays until the week after so they wouldn’t be around. Never mind, hopefully we’ll see them at one of the bank holidays in May.

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