The H household is decamping tomorrow and we’re imposing ourselves on a lovely friend (and her husband!)…

I’m starting to get a bit worried about the munchkin having accidents everywhere. She’s been generally very good at the whole potty training thing, but is still having an accident every day or two and won’t poo in her potty. How bad will I feel if she has an accident in the middle of their floor? I know, you can’t answer that, but still…

It all could be rather unsettling for the munchkin as we return on Sunday only to head off to see my parents on Tuesday (until Friday). I do wish timings hadn’t worked out as they have. Trying to fit in time off for Mr H with when V is free and then trying to get cheap train tickets to go north at a time near my birthday and when most of my school friends are off work (Easter holidays for teachers) hasn’t been easy.

I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to post on Monday (I’ll need to do lots of washing and repacking), hope you all have a good couple of weeks and I’ll prepare myself for a huge list of post on bloglines for me to catch up on when I return.


Well, the journey on Tuesday went ok, it was very hot and we did end up spending time sat by the doors, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could have been. The journey home on Wednesday was a nightmare however. If all trains had been running on time we could (just) have made connections to get home at about 5:10pm, as it was it wasn’t until 7:45pm that we pulled in! We were pushing it to be able to get the connection we wanted at Peterborough, but if the GNER train had come in on time we could just make it as I knew what platform to go for and how to get there on the ramps. However the train arrived 5 minutes late, so that was one train gone. We had an hour long wait for the next train so we settled down in a shady spot to feed the munchkin and get some rest. Just before the train was due I went to look at the departures board to check it was running on time to see that it was cancelledd, as I saw the screen the platform announcer confirmed that it had been cancelled at Birmingham. Why did it take them so long to announce that? If they’d said it sooner I could have gone for a Stevenage train and got home sooner. Grrrrr! We had another hour long wait for the next train, which arrived 10 minutes late with only 2 carriages rather than the usual 4! It was only due to people being kind and moving suitcases that had been dumped by the doors that I was able to get the munchkin’s pushchair onto the train. It was such a crush, not a pleasant journey, particularly in this weather. Standing behind me was a man with rather dubious personal hygiene, I ended up leaning over the munchkin’s pram a bit to avoid the smell….

Ok, rant over….

We did eventually get home, but it was so much later than planned that our plans for a nice dinner to celebrate our third anniversary went out of the window šŸ˜¦ I was too tired for anything nice and ended up sending Mr H out to the chippy for a quick junk food fix. I did enjoy sharing presents with Mr H however. I was really impressed with him, he gave me some watercolour pencils and some pastel pencils as well as some paper and brushes. I just need to get my bureau sorted out now so I can get creative!

Spent most of yesterday recovering from our travels, didn’t get a lot done apart for watch a phenomenal storm. Huge amounts of lightening very close to us and (finally!) a lot of rain. Don’t get me wrong, it was worth going up to see R before she goes, but it was draining. The munchkin took a dislike to the travel cot Mum and Dad have….she had a grand totalĀ of 7 hours sleep in the 24 hours we were in Bradford! Mum ended up getting up at 6:30 on Wednesday to take the munchkin for a walk in a effort to get her to sleep…..some hope!

The plan for today is to head to to a local village on the bus (first time down here!) to go and meet my parents, sister (and her fiance and 1 of their insane dogs!) and two of my parents’ friends as they’re going on a narrowboat holiday from there. It’ll be good to see them again, hopefully we’ll meet them for dinner in a couple of canalside pubs next week. They’ll be in central London over the weekend, but are then coming back past us and up to Bishops Stortford. I’d love to go on a narrowboat in central London. Dad has his boat master’s license so can actually take the boat on the Thames. If you’re in London on Saturday/Sunday and see a narrowboat on the Thames that’ll probably be them!

Anyway, I need to go and check bus times then get the munchkin ready to go out. Have a good weekend….bye!

We’re all starting to feel better in the H household now……thank goodness.

The munchkin is getting more life back into her, she’s getting her grins back and is back trying to get into everything. It’s so good seeing her smiles and helps me feel better too.

I’m feeling much better too. Sadly, the tummy bug has caused my IBS to flare up, which is fun in the mornings, but hopefully that’ll ease again soon.

I’m looking forward to going up to my parents tomorrow, the journey will be interesting with the temperatures we’ve been having, but we’ll just have to cope. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the seat with space for the munchkin’s pushchair on the mainline train, but I’m not really holding out much hope, we’re not getting on at the start of the route, so I suspect that someone who just wants to spread out will have it. We’ll just have to be in the doorways, it’s the only other space that the pushchair will fit in. It’ll be great to see the girls again, we’re going out for dinner tomorrow and meeting R (the one going to the US) for brunch on Wednesday before getting the train home. I can’t believe we’re travelling ~200 miles (each way!) in temperatures exceeding 30oC for one night…..I think I’m mad!

The wasp guy from the council arrived this morning…he couldn’t find a nest where we thought we had one, but there was possibly one round the corner in the roof. He’s treated all spaces where a nest could be situated and we haven’t seen any wasps since, so hopefully they’re gone. He thought the wasps may have been going into the outlet pipe from the toilet for a drink! They then may have got lost and somehow got into the bathroom from there….no idea how! Hopefully Mr H will polyfilla all around the pipes in the next few days to eliminate the chance of the evil beings getting in again.

We did have a highlight today….the munchkin pulled herself up on the settee and cruised along to try and get at the laptop!!! I was so proud of her, I was talking to mum on the phone at that point and just squealed . She could only do it because the airbed was next to the settee, she’s too small to be able to reach the settee otherwise. It’s only the past week or so that the munchkin has been willing to take any weight on her legs so I really didn’t expect to see that today. I’m so pleased! I managed to get a quick photo of her standing there before she sat back down so Mr H could see it as he was still at work. It was another sign of the munchkin getting better. Even yesterday morning there were times when all she wanted to do was just lie and watch the world go by.

I need to go and get some sleep, need all the rest I can get before tomorrow’s journey. Bye!

It was the turn of the carrots to get cooked to a pulp today. We seem to be in orange goo central here. Guess what the other veg I bought at the weekend to puree is? Sweet potato! More orange goo! Oh well, as long as the munchkin happily eats it we’ll be ok! I hope she likes them.

We’ve finally decided what we’re going to do on Saturday. We’re going to try and brave central London with a buggy! Should be ok, both Mr H and I are quite up for walking and we’ve downloaded a list of step free tube stations to help us out, just have to hope the weather’s nice otherwise it’ll be a bit horrible and we’ll end up on the tube more and more. Thankfully the buggy has a carry strap so Mr H can carry that while I carry the munchkin if we need to. It would have been nice to go back up to Bradford to see all my mates but all of those who are teachers aren’t on their Easter holidays until the week after so they wouldn’t be around. Never mind, hopefully we’ll see them at one of the bank holidays in May.