I’m having a lethargic couple of days, I haven’t wanted to do much other than crash out on the sofa and read books with the munchkin. I’m not sure why, which is really frustrating. I should be sorting out the piles of junk on the dining room table or tidying the piles of other junk in the corner of our bedroom (no idea why they’ve ended up there), but I can’t get the motivation together at all. Grrr….

 I think I’m going to have a quiet morning with the munchkin this morning before we go off to toddler group and then walk into town to buy the necessary bits for potty training. Hopefully the motivation will return and the lethargy will go over the weekend.

 I’m going to disappear now and try and beat the cravings for the yummy looking millionaires shortjack that missbliss has posted on her foodie blog (it may be a good thing that I don’t have any condensed milk in the cupboard!).


Hello! We’re finally emerging from the shadow of this virus. I’m going to do a bullet point update while I wait for the washing machine to finish.

  • All three of us have been poorly with this cold/virus
  • The munchkin’s temperature went up to 40.4 (104) on Sunday and wouldn’t come down
  • We ended up at the NHS walk in centre
  • Saw a nurse who couldn’t say anything so we had to wait even longer to see the out of hours GP
  • He just said it was a virus and to keep dosing her up with paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • Come Monday morning the munchkin was feeling a lot better and well on the way to normality
  • However that was my worst day and Mr H had to work from home as I couldn’t look after the munchkin on my own
  • I burst into tears when I couldn’t get a nappy out of the packet easily!
  • I’m still coughing but feeling much more human today
  • Mr H has been fighting to work each day as the new project is quite demanding and he has loads of meetings
  • It does mean he’s tired and a bit grumpy in the evenings when he gets home
  • Roll on the weekend and a chance for him to rest
  • Thanks to me being poorly the house is a tip, I’ve managed to keep on top of the washing and dishwasher but very little else
  • It’s going to take a while to get the house back to how I want it
  • I’d been gradually training myself to keep the house nice and I’ve only just realised how much I’d changed and how I now get annoyed by the mess
  • Having got out of the habit of sticking Cbeebies on the TV for most of the day this past week has blown that out of the window, the munchkin and I hve been too tired to do much more than cuddle up together in front of it
  • I’m not trying to put the radio on instead again
  • One success from the last week is that the munchkin no longer says ‘Da’ for please, but ‘Peas’
  • She’s very good at it now
  • I admit we did bribe her initially
  • She was given chocolate (a big treat) when she said it over the weekend
  • Since then she’s had almost anything she asked for (even a bath) if she says ‘Peas’
  • She’s not taken advantage of that though and only asked for things we’re happy to give her normally
  • The munchkin has even said ‘Peas’ when I asked her if I should change her nappy!
  • I haven’t looked at my bloglines for a week, I’m hoping that there’s not too many posts on there when I look when the munchkin naps
  • I’m hoping I’ll actually stop by and comment at a few
  • I know I’ve been fairly useless at that lately…..sorry
  • Just checked…I’ve got 363 posts to read! Argh!
  • Anyway, the washing’s done so I need to go
  • Happy Thursday everyone!

I’ve just got back from a morning and lunch out with my friends and the munchkin’s little friends and am absolutely shattered. The soft play centre was heaving with grizzly toddlers (including our four today for some reason) and then we went for a walk and play in the town park afterwards. The munchkin has worn herself out so much she’s fallen straight to sleep in her cot. A little bit of much needed rest for me now.

Mr H is currently half way across the Atlantic on his way to Philadelphia for meetings with his new bosses, for some reason I decided to get up with him at 6 and see him off despite going to bed really late because he was still packing. Not my best plan, but he appreciated it, at least I think he did!

He was good to me last night though, I emailed him a shopping list to pick up on his way home from work and at the end of it I asked him to buy flowers for me to put on the breakfast bar, with ‘I’ll pay for these’ in brackets after (flowers cost too much usually for housekeeping money to pay for them). He came home with a lovely bunch of pink roses and said that he was going to pay for them for me. He very rarely buys me flowers (he thinks it’s a waste of money), so that helps make up for the fact the next couple of evenings could be rather lonely.

I never know what to do with myself on evenings when he’s away. I’m quite an emotional eater and often find myself picking at bits of food when I’m lonely. I really need to try not to do that. I suspect I may end up crashed in front of the TV or sitting here playing The Sims… I still don’t know that many people around here, and no one that would be free to pop over for a drink/dinner in an evening. I think tomorrow will be the hardest. I don’t have any plans for the daytime either and my friends are all working so we can’t pop out for a cuppa in the day, we may just have to go for a long walk…..or go shopping in town…. I’ll have to have a think and see how the munchkin is.

As for now, I’ve had a little sit as I’ve written this. I need to go and do some housework and then hopefully come back and catch up on a few blogs again. Take care everyone.

…well, a lot later!

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Can’t even claim to have been all that busy either….just exhausted.

A lot has happened since I last posted though.

  • The munchkin has now developed an ear-drum bursting range of squeals. They’re horrific and there seems to be no stopping her once she gets started apart from putting a bottle in her mouth (not always appropriate as I’m sure you’ll understand!). I think she’s imitating the other baby girl that we see at the mums and babies group we go to. All the boys sit/lie/crawl/commando crawl(funny!) silently, while the other little girl sits quite happily then squeals randomly every so often. The munchkin only started it on Thursday after her the other little one doing it on Wednesday…..I’m sure there’s some sort of correlation there….. Mr H hates it though, it is funny for a while, but does deafen you somewhat.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with post natal depression….at least it gives me a reason for being so tired, weepy and grumpy. Am now on anti-ds so hopefully they’ll kick in properly soon and I’ll start to feel somewhat better than I have been. (actually that may be part of the reason I haven’t posted….just not felt like it…..I don’t know!)
  • Mr H has been given a pay rise and a bonus for the one month he was working before Christmas. Means we should be able to go away for a little bit on the summer…..probably still can’t afford to do anything more than camping though :o(
  • The munchkin has grown so much we’re going to have to move her into 3-6 month clothes next week….just as she turns 5 months old! She’s so small (except for her head!), but given the I’m fairly short and Mr H isn’t all that tall and is very skinny it’s not really surprising that she’s little too.
  • I’ve now lost over 1 1/2 stone since the start of the year. Am very pleased with myself. Am now doing WW online as I couldn’t find a class near here that I could get to, but it’s actually working really well so far. The online database is making it easy to find the points values of what I want to eat, and it means I actually keep track of what I’m eating better as the laptop is always on and nearby.

Am just waiting for Tesco to deliver a rather large order of food and baby milk (that stuff is so expensive….wish I could have breast fed!) and then Mum is coming down for a few days. Will try and post when she’s here, she’ll happily look after the munchkin and let me get on with whatever. She’s also going to baby sit one evening so Mr H and I can go out for dinner somewhere. Our challenge is to find somewhere that sells food low in WW points…..hmmmm….still working on that one. Shockingly McDonalds is coming out best so far! Help! What is the world coming too when McDonalds appears to be the best way for me to eat out when I’m on a diet. Am going to do everything I can do so as not to end up there.

Anyway, must go, need to feed the munchkin before the Tesco’s delivery turns up as otherwise, no, doubt, she’ll want feeding 2 minutes before he/she turns up and I’ll have to stop feeding her to sort out the frozen stuff and she’ll throw a paddy!