That’s my word for the morning!

It started with the munchkin dropping her head onto my nose while in bed this morning, she was playing there while Mr H was showering. Definitely an ouch! There was even a crunch sound! We then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get the munchkin to say something resembling sorry (for hurting Mummy). How did you teach your child/children to say sorry? We’re really not getting anywhere with that one. We just tend to get lots of tears instead. We eventually heard the so sound and gave up at that tihis morning. The frustrating thing is that we know she can say the word sorry as we’ve heard it as she’s been chattering away to herself when she’s been playing.

Another ouch this morning was when I weighed myself…my heaviest this year! Thankfully no heavier than I was when on Slimming World properly last year but still 6 lbs (!!!) heavier than when I last weighed myself! I’ve created myself a food diary sheet to pin on the fridge, I just hope now that I can stick to it and remember to write down exactly what I eat when (no cheating…). I wonder how long I can do that for….my guess is not very long, I’ve printed out sheets for 4 weeks and I really don’t want to miss out too many days on that (no more than one a week is my challenge).

The third (and hopefully final) ouch of the morning is my wrist. For some reason my tensonitis has had a big flare up this morning, I couldn’t lift the kettle to make myself and Mr H a cup of tea earlier. I suspect it partly due to using the touch pad on the laptop. Mr H has dug out a wireless mouse for me to use, hopefully that’ll help, ibuprofen has done nothing to it this morning.


…we’re getting better here.

 The house is looking more normal (a couple of piles of junk around, but the dining table can be eaten from!). Mr H and I are still coughing at times but definitely feeling better most of the time. It’s not taking much to make us tired but we’re surviving.

The munchkin has been lovely, most of the time, this weekend. She’s taken to peeling the wallpaper from behind her cot again. We have no idea how to stop her. She gets told off but it seems to make little difference, she does it again the next morning/naptime. We’re trying to teach her to say sorry when she’s naughty, but she’s resisting that one. It doesn’t help that generally she’s a very good little lady (not that I’m complaining about that!) so I have little need to ask her to say sorry. I suppose we’ll get there one day like we did with saying please. It’ll just come and she’ll be able to say it when ever she needs to.

I did eventually get to read all the bloglines posts last week, however there were over 200 again this morning! I think I may need to reduce the number of blogs I read, it’s taking over a bit!

We had a lovely aah moment with the munchkin this week. After barely saying anything that makes any sense she’s now added Didi (Dipsy) to her repertoire 🙂 The other Teletubbies don’t get a look in, but she’ll happily say bye-bye Didi as they’re all bobbing behind their little green mounds at the end of the show. Mr H hadn’t seen that one but as she was looking at her Teletubby book with him this morning she pointed at Dipsy and said Didi and made him get a little excited.

I’m getting slightly concerned about her speech (or lack of it) as compared to her little friends she’s incrediably inarticulate. She makes lots of noises but says very few words. I’m trying not to get too worried at the moment but when I see her younger little friends naming things and putting words together it’s hard not to.

It’as easy for me to understand what the munchkin wants at any point, we’re together all day everyday and she doesn’t have to fight for my attention at all. I spoke to Mum about it and she said that my speech improved a lot when my little sister came along and I had to work a bit harder to get the attention that I wanted (hmmm…..maybe I can use that as an argument for Mr H and baby #2…….). I was the same age when L was born as the munchkin is now.

I don’t want to turn into one of the stressed out parents always comparing their child’s progress to that of others, but it’s hard not to sometimes…. I know the munchkin’s development otherwise is well on target and I just need to teach myself to look at the whole picture.