That return lasted a long time… R picked up a cold/fluey thing at a wedding a week and a half ago and has been passing it round the house. The munchkin was out of sorts on Friday and treated us to a gift of being sick at 11pm all over her cot that night. She was then grumpy and hoarse all weekend. Mr H came down with it on Sunday and by the evening was feeling wiped out and nauseous (he was actually sick on Monday morning and has started his working week today as a result). I started to feel rough on Monday, just a bit wiped out, thankfully I’ve avoided the nausea, and since then I just been tired and full of catarrh (tiredness not helped by the munchkin being sick again in the middle of Monday night). R took me to Sainsbury’s yesterday, possibly not my best plan (though we needed fruit and veg – and Day Nurse), it left me feeling worse than ever. My head’s clearer today (hence being able to type this) but I’m still tired. It may take me slightly longer to get around everyone’s blogs.

Another update from my time away was my recall to the dermatologist for the patch tests. While the latex was negative I tested positive for chrome and rosin (colophony/pine resin). Both of which are found in glues and adhesives and umpteen other everyday things. Two weeks after the test I’m still sore where the chrome patch was. I’m glad that we found what I’m reacting to, though it’d be nice not to be sensitive at all. The doctor told me that Mr H must do all DIY type stuff involving glues (such a hardship!) and I need to try and avoid them.

Much as I’m still feeling rough today I’ve got a list of things I need to get done (including read blogs) so I’m going to sign off for now and hopefully post again tomorrow. Bye!


A bullet pointed post for today as I want to peruse my blog roll as well as needing to pack to go to my parent’s tomorrow (until Thursday).

  • Camping was very hit and miss
  • The site manager didn’t check names as people turned up
  • The boss didn’t always record bookings in the diary
  • Because we arrived relatively late we were left without a pitch and were left with a small space by the front gate
  • Under a light sensitive flood light
  • Despite being listed in the diary
  • Site manager was sweet once he’d got over his anger at his boss for putting him in this position
  • The munchkin refused to settle to sleep the first night
  • She screamed so much she was sick all over her travel cot
  • She ended up sleeping in our bed, we slept very little
  • She left like a log in her own cot the second night
  • We had a lovely day in Cambridge shopping for a rucksack for me for this coming weekend
  • We got sunburnt as I forgot the sunscreen and my hat (thankfully the munchkin was ok, I’d remembered her hat and Mr H’s hat)
  • We had a lovely lunch with a friend from the church we went to there
  • She’s lost 5 1/2 stone (77 lbs) since January and looks great
  • I’m feeling a tiny bit more inspired with my diet
  • We also spent £70 on Sabatier knives and a knife block in TK Maxx (rrp £230!)
  • They’re fab, but we’re skint anyway
  • The munchkin loved the ducks on the river in Ely (where we went on Sunday), she was pulling herself as close to the fence as possible (she was in her pushchair) so she could see them better.
  • She said wack, wack (quack, quack) a lot and used the hand movement to go with it
  • She’s gone a little bit duck mad at the moment
  • I had to go and see the dermatologist yesterday
  • I think I’m confusing the doctors a bit
  • The doctor who spoke to me first had to get the consultant himself to talk to me
  • Even though the prick test for latex was negative he’s running blood tests and wants to tape a latex glove to my back to 48 hours
  • That’ll be fun…..not
  • Within an hour I was itchy from the tape put on my arm where the blood was taken
  • The biggest problem is not the latex reaction (though that makes buying certain things a hell of a lot more expensive….), but my reaction to adhesives (even hypoallergenic ones)
  • 48 hours with tape on my back could be awful (though I’m trying not to think like that
  • The consultant also looked at my face (I think around my eyes) and the lines on my hand and said that I’m someone who’s prone to allergies (?!? – has anyone else heard of this?)
  • He looked at the munchkin and said that she will be too
  • Thanks… I don’t worry enough about her at times
  • He did say that despite my allergies and Mr H’s asthma we should be ok to try the munchkin with peanuts now
  • We have a huge amount of sorting to go in the house over the next couple of weeks
  • The munchkin’s God-mother R is coming to stay here for a while
  • She’s left her job (fantastic)
  • She’s not got one to go to (not good)
  • She won’t be able to afford the rent on her place in a month or so
  • So to enable her to stay near here where her  church and many friends are we have offered her our spare room
  • Which is full of junk
  • The bed is covered with paperwork for filing
  • Oh dear
  • Mr H is going to take a couple of days off work to get it sorted
  • R may have to sleep on the living room floor for a couple of nights
  • But the tidying is going to have to wait
  • I need to spend today packing my rucksack, sorting washing and dishwasher and browsing some of my blogroll (for my sanity)
  • Tidying begins in earnest next week

Well, that was a flying visit though my week, until next week (hopefully!), goodbye!

We had a horrendous night last night. The munchkin settled well as normal, then just as H and I were settling down to sleep I heard her being sick. She’d brought up all of the tea and bedtime milk (which she hadn’t drunk much of). This was followed by 2 hours of retching while she brought up every last bit of stuff from her tummy. She was so unhappy, really pale and listless in my arms, blatently in a lot of discomfort, it was awful not being able to do anything to help her. We nearly took her to A&E (no out of hours GP for under 2s here) but thought that was a bit excessive. Eventually she perked up a little so we brought her into our bed, she woke at 3 and would only settle with a little bit of water (which eventually stayed down) and then again at 7 when H got up.

The diahorrea (sp) kicked in this morning (everywhere!), she’s asleep in her cot at the moment, I don’t know how long for….

I now have almost a full load of washing that’s covered with poo and sick to do as well as the load of washing that was put in last night….and I was finally tackling Mount Washmore….

I have no idea whether this bug has come from, it looks like a standard D&V virus, but none of the other babes she’s been around are showing signs of anything…’s a bit of a mystery.

Will hopefully update later. Hope everyone reading this is ok.

We’re all starting to feel better in the H household now……thank goodness.

The munchkin is getting more life back into her, she’s getting her grins back and is back trying to get into everything. It’s so good seeing her smiles and helps me feel better too.

I’m feeling much better too. Sadly, the tummy bug has caused my IBS to flare up, which is fun in the mornings, but hopefully that’ll ease again soon.

I’m looking forward to going up to my parents tomorrow, the journey will be interesting with the temperatures we’ve been having, but we’ll just have to cope. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the seat with space for the munchkin’s pushchair on the mainline train, but I’m not really holding out much hope, we’re not getting on at the start of the route, so I suspect that someone who just wants to spread out will have it. We’ll just have to be in the doorways, it’s the only other space that the pushchair will fit in. It’ll be great to see the girls again, we’re going out for dinner tomorrow and meeting R (the one going to the US) for brunch on Wednesday before getting the train home. I can’t believe we’re travelling ~200 miles (each way!) in temperatures exceeding 30oC for one night…..I think I’m mad!

The wasp guy from the council arrived this morning…he couldn’t find a nest where we thought we had one, but there was possibly one round the corner in the roof. He’s treated all spaces where a nest could be situated and we haven’t seen any wasps since, so hopefully they’re gone. He thought the wasps may have been going into the outlet pipe from the toilet for a drink! They then may have got lost and somehow got into the bathroom from there….no idea how! Hopefully Mr H will polyfilla all around the pipes in the next few days to eliminate the chance of the evil beings getting in again.

We did have a highlight today….the munchkin pulled herself up on the settee and cruised along to try and get at the laptop!!! I was so proud of her, I was talking to mum on the phone at that point and just squealed . She could only do it because the airbed was next to the settee, she’s too small to be able to reach the settee otherwise. It’s only the past week or so that the munchkin has been willing to take any weight on her legs so I really didn’t expect to see that today. I’m so pleased! I managed to get a quick photo of her standing there before she sat back down so Mr H could see it as he was still at work. It was another sign of the munchkin getting better. Even yesterday morning there were times when all she wanted to do was just lie and watch the world go by.

I need to go and get some sleep, need all the rest I can get before tomorrow’s journey. Bye!

What a week we’ve had!

Monday….fine, found a couple of dead wasps in the downstairs toilet, ok, we thought, they’re just dying in the heat

Tuesday morning….the munchkin throws up her morning milk everywhere, we find a wasps nest in the outside wall next to the outlet pipe from the downstairs toilet, next step close all the windows on the front of the house

Tuesday afternoon….the munchkin throws up again, the council eventually answer their phone and tell me that the earliest they can come and remove the nest is Monday!! we decide that the munchkin may be suffering from heat exhaustion (it’s been averaging over 30oC in the house this week) so we went out to get an air con unit to get at least one room cool

Wednesday….the munchkin wakes up with diarrhoea (but no vomiting), I wake up with a tummy bug as well

Thursday…I wake feeling a bit better, Mr H comes down with the bug, the munchkin starts to get dehydrated as she starts to be sick again.

Today….Mr H and I both much better, the munchkin now on water/dioralyte only for a couple of days on the doctor’s advice. She hasn’t been sick since last night and the diarrhoea is easing.

It’s been a horrible week, it was supposed to be a nice week, Mr H off work to get some rest and get stuff done in the house, however we’ve all been ill, it’s been soooo hot, we’ve had wicked, evil wasps everywhere and we’ve had a to cancel a trip up north to go to the good bye bbq for one of my best friends before she goes away to America to teach for at least a year. Hopefully as the mucnhkin starts to feel better and gets some more life in her that’ll help us perk up, but what a waste of a week…

They’ve been the recurring sounds in the H household this week.

Mr H has been off work since last Friday with headaches and tiredness (probably the after effects of a cold and the worst hayfever he has ever had), he’s gone back today, but is planning on doing a short day to ease himself back in.

The munchkin has been a bit snuffly, but yesterday came down with a full blown cold. We had a horrendous night last night. She went down for the night really well, woke at about 11 (just as Mr H and I were dozing off) and took an hour to settle back to sleep. We fed her, cuddled her, walked around with her and ended up given her a dose of Ashton and Parsons powders. They worked and helped her settle back down, but only for 4 hours….. She was up again, fed her, tried getting some Medised into her to help her breath and settle, but it only caused her to retch and bring back her milk all over my pillow! She hates medised, I think the bottle we have is just going to end up in the bin. It is a real fight to get it into her, I don’t really blame her though. She doesn’t understand that it’ll help her feel better and it really does taste disgusting, incrediably strong fake strawberry flavour. She slept then until 7:30 and went down for another nap over an hour ago….she’s still asleep now!

I’m ok, just could do with more sleep! The munchkin will no longer sleep beyond about 7:30 in the morning, so gone are my lie-ins! I just need to train myself to go to bed earlier….easier said then done…with going to bed promptly all my good intentions just fall by the wayside (a bit like the diet…will do a full post on that before too long….)

Aside from all that, things are pretty good, I’ve had the paperwork through for some inheritance (finally!) so we should be able to pay off some credit cards and still have some money spare for a holiday and to save up for anything we may need to spend on the house ( the windows will need replacing at some point in the next few years as will the flat roof over the downstairs toilet and porch). The weather has brightened up (though it’s getting hot!) which always lifts my mood. We’ve managed to clear all(!!!!) of the boxes from downstairs now and it’s so nice to be able to relax in teh living room with out seeing boxes of junk.

Anyway, need to go now, the munchkin has woken up and willl want some milk. Bye!

Well, we had another good night last night. The munchkin was up at 11 and then not again until 6, a huge improvement on last week. She’s still not right, lots of pooey nappies and off her solids, but still loving her milk so I’m not too worried. She’s being a bit more clingy than normal too. At least it’s Friday though and I get Mr H home for the next two days. Help with the nights….yay! Oh….and I get to see him and spend time with him when he’s not tired from work!

I’ve been meaning to make some thank you cards for my girlies from back home this week, they gave the munchkin some gorgeous presents at the weekend, however with me being under the weather and her out of sorts as well I’ve not done them yet. Hopefully I’ll get some time at the weekend when Mr H is here to help look after the little lady.

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