Good afternoon! Just a quick update here today. Diet going fine. Fitness class this morning was a killer. The munchkin’s movement class this afternoon wasn’t a lot better. I’m certainly going to ache tomorrow. Mr H is shattered, and he’s not even going to get much rest this weekend which my nephew’s baptism. We’re driving up oon Sunday morning for the service and then staying over for another party on the Monday afternoon. He’s only going to have Saturday as any downtime. He has agreed to me ordering in the shopping this week, it’ll be one less thing he needs to do on Saturday. It does mean I can have a very nice browse through the Ocado (more expensive, but better quality than the others – plus I have a discount voucher) website though! Mr H was too tired to think about the campsite last night hopefully tonight otherwise it’ll be Friday as one or other of us will be at church tomorrow evening for the Ascension day service. Having been out all day I now have to catch up on the housework…fun! So I’m off, will try and stop by some blogs later. Bye!


A mixed up post with a few little bits! 

Mr H and I had a slightly overdue discussion about trying for another baby yesterday. Much as I don’t want it to be, the only sensible option is to wait until we know what’s happening with Mr H’s job come November, whether he’s staying in the new group or whether they’re all being made redundant. This means that trying for baby #2 has had to be postponed, probably, until next year.

Due to the above I’m really going to try and stick to the diet (I know, I’ve said that before). I used to say to myself that we’ll be trying for a baby before too long, there’s not point being too strict now, I’ll wait. Well since I’ve now got a year or more I’m going to try and get myself down to a healthy BMI, or ideally the middle of the healthy BMI. I’m going to try and remember to weigh myself every Monday morning and update my weightloss page accordingly, though I’ve not had a good start to that – I forgot this morning! I’ve not been too good lately so I suspect I’ll go up rather than down when I next weigh myself but at least I’ll know where I stand. My nephew, J, is being baptised on 4 May so that’s my first aim, be able to wear something nice and not look pregnant (I did on some of my sister’s wedding photos).

The Mums and tots fitness class I’ve been going to has been given another 8 weeks of funding to continue after Easter so hopefully that’ll help the weightloss as well. Last week was great, though I didn’t half ache on Thursday. We were doing circuit training with 14 different 2 minute stations. This week is all exercise based around gym balls…I bought one of those to sit on when pregnant with the munchkin, I might get it out and have a try and using it for the exercises… I know that doing regular exercise will help me lose weight and get fitter, I’ve just got to get off my backside and do it!

I’ve been browsing the internet this morning trying to find somewhere that’s not going to rip me off completely. I’m looking for (very) reasonably priced flowers to send to my grans for Mothering Sunday…. Most of the cheaper ones I can find are rather pathetic looking bunches of carnations (I hate having such a budget but we didn’t manage to get the remortgage organised before a couple of payments at the high variable rate). Does anyone have any recommendations of sites that might be worth a look? If I lived nearer I’d go and see them at some point over the next couple of weeks and take something then, but as it is I have no idea when I’ll see them next (probably baby J’s baptism).

 And a follow up to some comments from my photos post:

Littlemissbliss – while Mr H is my toyboy (by 7 months) he’s not that young! He’s 26, though he was only 21 when we married.

Beccy – here you are: 

Chocolate brownies (pinched from V, though I don’t know where she got it from)

 100g Butter/marg, melted
1 cup Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Essence
2 eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/3 cup cocoa
1/4 tsp baking powder(only if you’re using plain flour)
1/2 cup choc chunks (or more!)

Blend butter, sugar and vanilla together. Then add eggs, cocoa, flour, baking powder, salt and chocolate.

Pour into a greased (or lined) baking tin (suggested 9×6 inches)
Bake at 180 C fo 20-25 mins

I baked mine in a 7×7 tin and ended up with rather crunchy edges as the middle wasn’t cooking, but they’ve softened with time (not that I gave them much!) and were nice and chewy by the next day.

Well that’s it for my mixed up Monday! Hope you’ve all had a good start to your weeks. Take care!

Just a quick bullet pointed post from me here, had a busy start to the week, though I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much.

  • What was supposedly a quiet weekend got busier…
  • While doing the supermarket shop on Saturday we found a very good offer on a new TV
  • But it was out of stock
  • We spent much of the rest of Saturday online with Mr H trying to find the best deal on the best TV
  • Sunday morning was a rush after Mr H dropped a glass onto the kitchen tiles shortly before we planned to go to church
  • We almost didn’t go in the end but the munchin was desperate to see her little friend
  • We did a detour on the way home to have a look at TVs in the ‘flesh’
  • And stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch
  • We realised decent TVs are still too expensive with our current finances and decided to put TV hunting on hold until our one dies completely
  • I was singing in the worship band on Sunday night and ended up having the grand total of 2 hours at home before Mr H had to drive me back over to church
  • Monday morning was spent racing around town trying to buy my nephew’s Christmas present (trying to find something my sister approves of is not easy)
  • I couldn’t find a nice wooden trolley with bricks anywhere
  • I eventually found one online in the evening but for fraud reasons they wouldn’t let me have it delivered to anywhere other than the billing address for my first order from them
  • It was too late in the evening for me to call Mum and then order it with her details (since my sister is going to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas) so I saved the page until Tuesday
  • Tuesday morning called Mum and opened the webpage to find that the price had gone up overnight (it had been on offer – 1/3 off)
  • Grrrr
  • Quick rethink as that upped the price over what we planned to spend
  • Spent yesterday morning looking for an alternative online but they were all even more expensive
  • My sister rang at lunchtime (she’d been checking Mum’s email and found details of the company we were going to use so Mum had explained it to her)
  • She’d found a nice one a bit cheaper in her local supermarket, so she’s now bought that and we owe her the money.
  • In between all this I was having phone calls from Mr H who was on his way to a job interview 140 miles away.
  • He left himself 4 hours to get there – it should take just over 2 1/2 hours
  • 2 hours after he left home he called me, he was only 25 miles away from home and was wondering if I could find out what was holding him up!
  • M25 was awful thanks to a crash which by the time I looked into it had been moved to the hard shoulder so Mr H did get moving again.
  • He had to pull over for a toilet break, it took so long, but stressed/tired boy that he is he put his bluetooth headset into the pocket of his trousers – the pocket with a hole in.
  • So we now have to buy him a new headset, but since his phone is slowly dying too we’re going to try and buy him a phone which has one packaged with it.
  • He ended up arriving 45 minutes late for the interview, which turned out just to be some IQ tests, the proper interview will be another day.
  • They did give him lunch, but only because of the time he arrived (11:45), they weren’t planning on offering him any, they haven’t offered to refund his expenses either
  • Yesterday afternoon was just spent catching up on the washing, not usually a massively difficult job except for the fact the munchkin changed the settings on the washing machine just as it was finishing so I had to start it all again!
  • We took advantage of the onsite baby sitter last night and went out for dinner, Mr H just needed a break
  • We went to the Pizza Express in the next town
  • They’d reopened last night after 3 weeks closed for refurbishing
  • They were giving out free champagne
  • Mr H was driving so I got his glass 🙂
  • It was lovely to be out together, properly relaxing.
  • It may be the last time we can use R as she moves out in less than a fortnight and the munchkin and I are going to my parents for a long weekend on Friday
  • We did get a little bit of good news in the post yesterday.
  • Mr H has inherited some money from his uncle (who died in September)
  • It may mean we do buy a TV after all as there’s enough for that and to put away some for a rainy day
  • The munchkin and I were out at our fitness class again this morning
  • Hula hooping is getting easier, but the tricks we’re supposed to be learning require rather a lot of coordination….I’m not too good at most of them!
  • The munchkin hasn’t slept yet today, she refused to nap yesterday and has just refused to settle while I’ve been writing this.
  • I hope she’s not weaning herself off naps…..I need the me time!

Anyway, I haven’t even managed to keep up with bloglines this week. I’m going to try and read a few blogs (and possibly comment…you never know) this afternoon, if the munchkin will let me.

And it really seems like it has done lately.

I’ve only just found the time to sit and read some of the other Fun Monday entrants and I still haven’t properly caught up on my blogroll and said hello to folks there. I’m hoping that tomorrow the munchkin will give me some time with the computer in peace.

I’ve been for four meals out since Saturday, had two friends sleeping on my living room floor, spent one night sleeping on someone else’s floor,  had two disturbed nights with the munchkin, bought three presents (and a card) for Mr H, spent one meal feeling smug that the munchkin was happy and eating while her little friends were having tantrums in the middle of a restaurant and spent two afternoons cuddling a teething toddler on the sofa as said toddler wouldn’t do anything else in the first hour after her nap. And that’s all I can come up with number related comments for!

It’s just been a bit non stop here for some reason. I feel really bad that I haven’t been and said hello to my bloggy friends, I had a few minutes last week to read a couple of blogs but not time to comment on many. I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more time at the weekend, as for the first time in 5/6 weeks we have nothing planned at all (apart from needing to visit a supermarket at some point).

I think it’s going to be just one of those days. Apologies in advance for a moany post.

I had a follow up appointment at the hospital after my ERPC this morning. I deliberately booked it for 9:10 so that Mr H could be around to look after the munchkin while I was being checked out. He had to leave for work at 9:45, I didn’t get called though until 9:55! A 45 minute delay for the second appointment of the clinic! So frustrating. The munchkin got rather unhappy as I was being examined, despite me still being within sight, it was all too odd, exactly why we’d wanted Mr H to be around.

I then had to buy some nappies, picked up a value box thinking it would definitely fit under the pushchair so I could walk home, bought it and then no, it didn’t fit. I’m obviously not as good a judge of size as I though I was. Despite my wrist being a huge amount better (I’m not needing the splint anymore) I couldn’t then push the pushchair home without discomfort so had to get a taxi. I was looking forward to the walk in the sun and getting a bit of extra exercise.

The final straw this afternoon was dropping a bowl onto the tiled kitchen floor. It’s one of a set I’ve had since starting college 8 years ago and until today I hadn’t broken one, partly because the pyrex/arcoroc tehy’re made of seem pretty indestructible. I was just balancing the bowl on a mug as I carried things though to be loaded into the dishwasher and my wrist decided enough was enough (I’m still a little prone to dropping things). I’m so annoyed with myself. That combined with the rest is leaving me craving junk food to cheer myself up……I’m trying to fight the urge, but not getting very far.

After the whinges, now something to make you smile…..this was the munchkin yesterday morning…..(please ignore the mess…)

Monkey in action!

The ladder is there for us to sort out the gutters tomorrow…I never thought she’d try to climb it. Mr H was rather impressed. I told him about her doing it and he asked me to take a picture if she did it again, I was hoping she wouldn’t……but she did.

Hello! My new phone is great! The keyboard is a little small, but I’m getting used to it (hopefully the diet will shrink my fat fingers a bit as well as the jelly belly!). I’m able to run most of the applications I had on my old Sony Clie. What we’ll hopefully do before we go away is set up the Bible software on there and get me some study notes of some sort to always have with me. The camera’s surprisingly good, it’s quite nice to have a picture of Mr H come up when we calls me 🙂

Caramaena – it’s definitely been worth getting though I will definitely need the protective case that’s on order as I’m worried about damaging the touchscreen in my bag when I’m out. It’s much easier to have diary/address book/phone all as one rather than several bits cluttering up my bag.

Mum did manage to go with Dad on Monday….the problem with his eye is not a bleed, the doctor isn’t sure why he has little sight in it but had referred him to an opthalmologist who he’ll see at the end of the month. His blood pressure hasn’t dropped so his medication has been upped. Dad has had a lump on the right side of his face for ages, but lately it’s grown a bit more and I’m getting concerned that that has links with his memory and eye sight, though Mum said the doctor’s haven’t commented on it at all…..I’m desperately trying not to Google anything else as I know sight problems (and memory loss) can be linked with brain tumours and I’m trying to not go there….

The munchkin is still incrediably snotty, we’ve had to avoid toddler group today as she looks awful and I don’t want the other parents to think I’m just willing to spread the bug around (though she did pick the cold up from there). We’re having fights every time I try to wipe her nose, she just hates it. It’s making her a little clingy and rather less able to cope with being told off…..we’re getting tantrums of sorts when normally she’d just wander off. Hopefully the snot will ease soon, though the 9 day cold rule (3 days to come, 3 with you and 3 to go – something Mum swears by) would mean that it’ll be Saturday before she’s better as it all started on Friday last week.

I’m doing ok, still feeling much higher than last week, though a useless online PDA company have not helped by failing to tell us items we ordered were out of stock until we rang yesterday evening to find out why they hadn’t arrived after I’d waited in all day for them! Grrr! Diet was not great yesterday as we (me and Mr H) were both tired and a little short fused….. but it was still better than some days last week. I did lose 1 1/2 lbs this week which was ok, I’d hoped for more, but a loss is a loss and more than makes up for the previous week’s gain. I’m going to try and be really good today and before we go away tomorrow, and since it was my sister in law that introduced me to Slimming World I shouldn’t do too badly when we’re with them…..that’s the theory anyway! I sure hope it works and I come back from Scotland with a loss!

That seems to have been what my life has been living by. If anything has been able to go wrong it has done.

It’s been such a frustrating week, and I can’t even work out what started it all off.

I think it may have been my mobile deciding that it wasn’t going to tell me when it was running out of battery and just dying and then deciding that actually ringing when someone called me was optional! Mr H and I spent a little time discussing what sort of phone to get me. I wanted a smartphone so I didn’t have to carry a diary/address book around with me as well as a phone. H agreed to that and then suggested I get one with a Palm operating system as we already have palm software (he’s had Palm OS PDAs for as long as I’ve known him). That left us with a Treo,unless we bought second hand from eBay with not much idea of the actual condition of the phone we were left with the 650 model from Palm’s partner that sells refurbished models. Those phone are so expensive……it’s costing us £137.50 (plus needing to buy an SD card for extra memory for books/music on there). As soon as we decided that’s what we were going to get the supplier sold out! I’ve spent the last couple of days refreshing the stock list on the web and as soon as one came in yesterday we ordered it. Hopefully it’ll arrive early next week and the crapness that is my current phone can go in the bin.

I’ve had a crap week with the diet this week, at weigh in on Wednesday (delayed because of the bank holiday) I’d put on a pound and I’m not really surprised, I half expected it to be more, I’ve eaten so badly this week. When I’m finding life hard I find myself relying on food to lift my mood and with Mr H being the skinny runt he is there’s always junk food around and I found myself snacking away again. I was better yesterday, and am erally trying hard today to get back on track.

Another nightmare has been trying to work out whether we want a new laptop, whether cheap one from Aldi was good enough for us (the advert for that prompted all the discussions) and whether we could afford it. We decided that yes we wanted one, yes the Aldi one was just about good enough and yes we could afford it. So we trooped off to Aldi yesterday, I walked in the door 5 minutes after it opened and promptly heard the manager saying to the people in the queue (8ish people) that he’d just sold the last one! There can have been no more than 7/8 laptops for the whole store! When we pulled into the car park it was just after 9 and there were 3 people just getting into cars with laptops and I saw another couple leaving the store with them. I walked back out of the store (the laptop was all we wanted) to see Mr H just leaving to go on to work. The plan had been that he’d drop me off and I’d get the bus home again complete with laptop and munchkin, but I did hope that when I came out so promptly he’d still be there and would take me home and then work from the local site for the morning….too late. I had to wait 45 minutes for the bus and head home empty handed on my own.

I was so close to crying, it’s not taken much to set me off all week (I split the munchkin’s bedtime milk on Wednesday and had to get Mr H to clean it up as I couldn’t deal with it). It’s almost as bad as I was this time last year when I was put on ADs by the doctor, I’m going to try and sort my mood out with a decent diet and more exercise and see if that helps first before going back to the GP. I’m also hoping that going away to stay in Scotland with Mr H’s sister and husband will help too. We’re setting off on Thursday, Mum’s paid for us to stop over near Birmingham so we don’t have to do 500+ miles in a day (she’s a star!), should be there by Friday tea-time. We’re there until the following Friday and then calling at Mum and Dad’s on the way home to see them and my old school friends. Hopefully I’ll get some rest, Mr H has said that he’ll try and make sure I do. If I’m not feeling better once we’re home again I think I need to see the doctor and see what he suggests.

I’ve been very lax on commenting this week…I haven’t even read most blogs I usually do, hopefully next week I’ll be a bit better. Shout at me if you think I should ahve come by and said hi!

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