I’ve not got a huge amount to say today so I thought I’d do another little comments follow up and then show you some photos.

Mumof4 – I do have a couple of different types of splint, both horrible brown velcro with a metal brace from the hospital and a neoprene support that I bought in Boots when it flared up on holiday and I’d not thought to take a splint with me. I tend to use the neoprene one more, it’s a lot more comfortable and seems to help just as much. I’ve been wearing it for two days now, I didn’t put it on this morning, though I suspect I may end up going to get it soon – typing doesn’t help when it flares up (hence no post yesterday!).

Missbliss – I suspect I was about your age when I had her, I was 24 and Mr H had turned 24 just 5 days before. I know what you mean about the girls with several by 17 – my cousin was one of them! Her first was born when she was 15, just before her GCSEs! She then had a second shortly after, split with her boyfriend and eventually married someone else at 22, they now have another little one.

Here are the vaguely promised photos of the munchkin’s room. I had to have the camera on my shoulder and take several shots ot have a chance of a reasonable that shows anything as the room is that small! Please ignore the nasty peeling wallpaper parts…they’re horrible. Thankfully the munchkin hasn’t peeled any more off now we’ve removed the cot. This is the paper and curtains that were up when we moved in, it was so perfect for our little lady.

 The munchkin is trying to get some books from her book case here:

Munchkin’s room - 1

 She’s struggling because we’ve had to put some padding round the edge of the bed afterwe think she may have banged her head last night! (hence the cot mattress and camping mat round the edges) The brown chair is the old nursing chair that my mum used for my sister and I. It’s battered and squeaks a lot but it’s very comfortable. We sit on there when we give her her bedtime milk and story.

Munchkin’s room - 2

I’ve just had to stop in the middle of typing this as the munchkin fell down the whole flight of stairs – bringing the baby gate part way down with her! She’s fine (though she does have a carpet burn on her forehead), but I’ve taken the gate apart, I’m fed up of her swinging on it! We may have to think up some other way of keeping her upstairs in a morning now…


A few photos from the past couple of weeks. I know the right edge of some of the photos has been cropped off, am trying to tweak the blog template (it should {!} take less time that changing all the photos!)

 Yesterday’s brownie.


And the chocolate and banana cake. (I know, I have a fair bit of work to do on photographing food!) NB, this plate is a lot bigger than the plate the brownies were on.

Chocolate and banana cake

 Feeding the ducks in Ilkley.

Feeding the ducks

 And feeding Daddy!

Feeding Daddy rather than the ducks!

 Flying down the slide. (I must admit that Mr H took this one,. the rest are all mine)

Sliding - wheeee!

 Away from Ilkley and now above the woods near my parent’s house. Looking over the valley to the church we were married in. It was about 4:30pm on a misty day.

Church throgh the mist

 Looking like a proper little girl (rather than my little toddler/baby) sitting at the top of another slide.

Growing up

 On the swings, Granny is off to the right pushing her.


Walking back down the hill with Granny.

Granny and the munchkin

There you are, some photos for Friday (otherwise known as Hannah couldn’t think what to post today!).

Valentine’s has been postponed in the H household. We’ve exchanged presents (thank you for the flowers and mini bottle of Moet!), but Mr H has spent the day poorly in bed so my fabulous steak dinner (that’s what he’d planned to cook for me) has been postponed until Sunday. Mr H really isn’t up to anything, let alone standing in the kitchen or even going out to buy the steak so it’s down to me looking in the freezer for our dinner tonight.

The munchkin and I are going away tomorrow for my mini college reunion (I can’t believe it was a year since the last one). Due to Mr H’s work (tomorrow) and the fact that both he and I are on the rota at church for different things on Sunday morning I can only go for one night and I won’t get a toddler free break. Oh well. It’ll definitely be good to catch up with the girls. I’m back (hopefully! train service depending) at about 7 on Saturday.

I promised I will upload pictures from last weekend soon, I’m afaid they’re still sitting on the SD card in the camera! Also if anyone wants to help me work out how to put a little © and my name on the photos a la Chrisb (and others), I’d be very grateful (the photo software we have is Corel Photopaint).

We weren’t sure what the munchkin would make of the pancakes we had last night. But a liberal sprinking of sugar and she loved them!

Pancake monster

I must admit I cheated and used a mix I found in the cupboard rather than making my own, I’m still using the excuse of being under the weather. I’m not sure I’ll do that again as they were very sweet. It’s a good thing I wasn’t going to do any savoury ones as there was rather a lot of sugar in the mix already. I’d already sugared the munchkin’s before I discovered how sweet they were!

Mr H and I had to abandon pancakes after 3 or 4 each as we needed food that wasn’t so sweet. Usually just for this one day we have a dinner comprising solely of pancakes (are we mad?). I did think then sod the diet and had chips and scampi, both coooked in the fat fryer….why…I’m not sure now. The diet hasn’t been too good lately anyay with being poorly, I just crave junk food when I’m not on top form.

This was also the munchkin earlier in the afternoon. Her molars were on the move again so she was feeling rather sorry for herself.

Teething munchkin

That’s what I’m trying to bear in mind as we fight off a nasty cold in the H house. I started feeling rough on Friday with the cold hitting with full force on Saturday. The munchkin, while not as bunged up and hoarse as I am, is definitely off colour and waking in the night clearly feeling poorly. Mr H is ok, he’s not feeling 100% but is coping and definitely helping look after us.

It’s much better that we have this cold now than next week when we’re staying with Mr H’s family. We’d only pass it on to everyone and make everyone miserable, not nice for Christmas.

Mr H has decided to work from home today to get away from the negative atmosphere at work, and already (11am, having started work at 9:45) he’s got done more than he’d planned to for a morning of work (I guess that shows how bad things are there as the munchkin is definitely a distraction at times).  It’s nice to have him around when I’m feeling rough, and the munchkin is always happy to have Daddy here.

Well, I’m going to go and curl up with a nice cup of tea but to finish off today’s post a photo we took yesterday for the December picture for the calendar we make each year for my parents and the grandmas. (nb. the presents are not usually at the bottom of the tree…they’d be unwrapped within minutes!)

Helping to decorate the tree

I’ve received a photo from Mum (Alison) this morning, she has received two ornaments this morning from Suburban Mum as part of Julie‘s ornament exchange.


Mum is absolutely thrilled, she loves them. Suburban Mum wrote that she and ST made them together for her. Mum’s rather tempted to copy the idea to make decorations in the future. I’m afraid there’s no tree picture yet as my parents don’t put their tree up for another week or so, but I’ll try and remember to badger her for a photo of them on the tree once it’s up. Sorry also about the picture quality, Mum doesn’t have a digital camera at the moment so sent me this on her phone. On behalf of Mum, thank you very much Suburban Mum!

I think it’s going to be just one of those days. Apologies in advance for a moany post.

I had a follow up appointment at the hospital after my ERPC this morning. I deliberately booked it for 9:10 so that Mr H could be around to look after the munchkin while I was being checked out. He had to leave for work at 9:45, I didn’t get called though until 9:55! A 45 minute delay for the second appointment of the clinic! So frustrating. The munchkin got rather unhappy as I was being examined, despite me still being within sight, it was all too odd, exactly why we’d wanted Mr H to be around.

I then had to buy some nappies, picked up a value box thinking it would definitely fit under the pushchair so I could walk home, bought it and then no, it didn’t fit. I’m obviously not as good a judge of size as I though I was. Despite my wrist being a huge amount better (I’m not needing the splint anymore) I couldn’t then push the pushchair home without discomfort so had to get a taxi. I was looking forward to the walk in the sun and getting a bit of extra exercise.

The final straw this afternoon was dropping a bowl onto the tiled kitchen floor. It’s one of a set I’ve had since starting college 8 years ago and until today I hadn’t broken one, partly because the pyrex/arcoroc tehy’re made of seem pretty indestructible. I was just balancing the bowl on a mug as I carried things though to be loaded into the dishwasher and my wrist decided enough was enough (I’m still a little prone to dropping things). I’m so annoyed with myself. That combined with the rest is leaving me craving junk food to cheer myself up……I’m trying to fight the urge, but not getting very far.

After the whinges, now something to make you smile…..this was the munchkin yesterday morning…..(please ignore the mess…)

Monkey in action!

The ladder is there for us to sort out the gutters tomorrow…I never thought she’d try to climb it. Mr H was rather impressed. I told him about her doing it and he asked me to take a picture if she did it again, I was hoping she wouldn’t……but she did.

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