Just a quick bullet pointed post from me here, had a busy start to the week, though I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much.

  • What was supposedly a quiet weekend got busier…
  • While doing the supermarket shop on Saturday we found a very good offer on a new TV
  • But it was out of stock
  • We spent much of the rest of Saturday online with Mr H trying to find the best deal on the best TV
  • Sunday morning was a rush after Mr H dropped a glass onto the kitchen tiles shortly before we planned to go to church
  • We almost didn’t go in the end but the munchin was desperate to see her little friend
  • We did a detour on the way home to have a look at TVs in the ‘flesh’
  • And stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch
  • We realised decent TVs are still too expensive with our current finances and decided to put TV hunting on hold until our one dies completely
  • I was singing in the worship band on Sunday night and ended up having the grand total of 2 hours at home before Mr H had to drive me back over to church
  • Monday morning was spent racing around town trying to buy my nephew’s Christmas present (trying to find something my sister approves of is not easy)
  • I couldn’t find a nice wooden trolley with bricks anywhere
  • I eventually found one online in the evening but for fraud reasons they wouldn’t let me have it delivered to anywhere other than the billing address for my first order from them
  • It was too late in the evening for me to call Mum and then order it with her details (since my sister is going to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas) so I saved the page until Tuesday
  • Tuesday morning called Mum and opened the webpage to find that the price had gone up overnight (it had been on offer – 1/3 off)
  • Grrrr
  • Quick rethink as that upped the price over what we planned to spend
  • Spent yesterday morning looking for an alternative online but they were all even more expensive
  • My sister rang at lunchtime (she’d been checking Mum’s email and found details of the company we were going to use so Mum had explained it to her)
  • She’d found a nice one a bit cheaper in her local supermarket, so she’s now bought that and we owe her the money.
  • In between all this I was having phone calls from Mr H who was on his way to a job interview 140 miles away.
  • He left himself 4 hours to get there – it should take just over 2 1/2 hours
  • 2 hours after he left home he called me, he was only 25 miles away from home and was wondering if I could find out what was holding him up!
  • M25 was awful thanks to a crash which by the time I looked into it had been moved to the hard shoulder so Mr H did get moving again.
  • He had to pull over for a toilet break, it took so long, but stressed/tired boy that he is he put his bluetooth headset into the pocket of his trousers – the pocket with a hole in.
  • So we now have to buy him a new headset, but since his phone is slowly dying too we’re going to try and buy him a phone which has one packaged with it.
  • He ended up arriving 45 minutes late for the interview, which turned out just to be some IQ tests, the proper interview will be another day.
  • They did give him lunch, but only because of the time he arrived (11:45), they weren’t planning on offering him any, they haven’t offered to refund his expenses either
  • Yesterday afternoon was just spent catching up on the washing, not usually a massively difficult job except for the fact the munchkin changed the settings on the washing machine just as it was finishing so I had to start it all again!
  • We took advantage of the onsite baby sitter last night and went out for dinner, Mr H just needed a break
  • We went to the Pizza Express in the next town
  • They’d reopened last night after 3 weeks closed for refurbishing
  • They were giving out free champagne
  • Mr H was driving so I got his glass 🙂
  • It was lovely to be out together, properly relaxing.
  • It may be the last time we can use R as she moves out in less than a fortnight and the munchkin and I are going to my parents for a long weekend on Friday
  • We did get a little bit of good news in the post yesterday.
  • Mr H has inherited some money from his uncle (who died in September)
  • It may mean we do buy a TV after all as there’s enough for that and to put away some for a rainy day
  • The munchkin and I were out at our fitness class again this morning
  • Hula hooping is getting easier, but the tricks we’re supposed to be learning require rather a lot of coordination….I’m not too good at most of them!
  • The munchkin hasn’t slept yet today, she refused to nap yesterday and has just refused to settle while I’ve been writing this.
  • I hope she’s not weaning herself off naps…..I need the me time!

Anyway, I haven’t even managed to keep up with bloglines this week. I’m going to try and read a few blogs (and possibly comment…you never know) this afternoon, if the munchkin will let me.


We did go up to see L, T and my baby nephew, J, yesterday.  And he’s absolutely gorgeous (though still so tiny, he’s only just got back to his birth weight of 5lb12). The munchkin loved cuddles and kissing him (gives me hope for when we eventualy have #2).

The Munchkin cuddling her baby cousin

It wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I thought to see them and while I did have brief thoughts that I should have a baby too it really was ok. I know that having a baby or being pregnant now would make the redundancy and job hunt even more stressful than it already is. I do think that I may have persuaded Mr H to try again once we’re settled in a new house (and job). I don’t know whether seeing this helped:

Broody Auntie Hannah! 

🙂 He did like seeing me cuddling a baby again (and I’m now more broody than ever, though being practical about it this time).

The job hunt is going ok. He’s appled for 6 jobs in various parts of the country over the weekend and we’re going to apply for the job in Scotland this evening. We’ve taken the decision that we’ll sell this house (there really are no jobs near here) and then rent for a while until we work out what’s happening with the housing market and what the job’s like.

A final one of Baby J in his lovely Silver Cross pram (an old heritage style one  – I think it’s a Kensington – bought in a charity shop for £25!)

Baby J

Beccy – just seen your comment as I’m typing this – hope you like the pictures!

That’s how things are feeling in the H household.

Mr H has finished sorting his CV (and eventually fitting it on 2 sides of A4) so we can start to apply for jobs this weekend. R has decided to rent a house with a friend from church and look for any job in that area (while still keeping her eyes on more specialised roles). The munchkin is back to her normal self after a bug earlier in the week. Things are definitely a bit more relaxed.

The only downside is my own stupidity (or lack of co-ordination!). I ended up in the local NHS walk in centre last night after banging my knee rather hard into a corner of the desk (I leapt up to look at Mr H’s new 2 page CV). Thankfully it’s just bruised, but it was rather painful last night. It’s eased a bit this morning, though the more I use it (not surprisingly) the more it hurts. Despite this the munchkin and I are going to go out to toddler group this afternoon as she hasn’t seen her little friends all week (due to her bug). It’s only a 2 minute walk away and I know that my friend will help keep an eye on the munchkin should I just need to sit down for a bit.

Another thing that’s making me feel better is that Mr H has said that we will go up to my sister’s on Sunday to see my baby nephew. I can’t wait to see him (and will try to post a picture when I get back). It’ll help me to see my family at the moment and I think Mr H won’t refuse a cuddle either!

Just a flying visit here this morning. It’s the munchkin’s second birthday today and I’ve invited a few of her little friends around for a little tea later on….maybe not my best plan with the stress of the weekend, but the munchkin will love it. I’m going to try and do a proper little birthday post (with photos!) later on.

 A little update on my nephew now, he’s not doing so well now. It was decided last night that he needed a lumbar puncture to check whether the infection has spread to the fluid around his brain as his infection is now worsening. He’s still with my sister and not in special care which is good, and he has managed to have a couple of proper feeds, but the latest news is worrying. Hopefully I’ll be able to post better news later or tomorrow.

I haven’t got much news other than he weighed in at 5lb12oz, so not as small as Mum implied to me (tiny to me would be about 5lb4oz or less, my nephew weighs 1/2lb more than I did when I was born). He was still in special care last night, but doing ok. My sister may be discharged today (but I’m not sure about that, I only heard it from Dad and he’s been very confused over the weekend – so much so I was asked not to call him until Mum was home).

I know it’s not much of an update, I didn’t get back from church until just after 9 last night and when I called Mum she was already asleep in bed (she’d had to leave my sister to look after Dad). I’ll know more later today and update then. Thanks for the thoughts/prayers.



Dad was wrong, my sister is doing better and has had her drips and drains removed but definitely won’t be out yet. The good news this morning is that my nephew is out of special care and back with my sister. He’s not interested in feeding but my sister is managing to express for him and they’re dribbling little bits in to him when they can.

Much better news, we dont’ know when they’ll be out as they’re both on high doses of antibiotics but it’s great he’s with her now.

My sister’s waters broke on Friday morning, she was induced yesterday and early this morning was diagnosed with a big infection. My nephew was born by emergency caesarian at about 9am (I think). He wasn’t breathing initially, but is now coping on his own, but he’s in special care as it seems he has caught the infection from my sister. Mum said he’s also tiny (he was measuring large when he was having scans for his brain a couple of months ago, so something has happened there, he was born at 37.5 weeks), but I haven’t got an exact weight.

Mum said that my sister is doing ok, relieved that he’s been born and isn’t as bad as he could be, but is still very worried. I imagine that she’s barely seen him because of the caesarian.

My Dad’s also not coping too well with Mum being down at my sister’s and having friends popping in to check on him, he’s getting quite confused.

If you can spare any thoughts/prayers for everyone I’d be really grateful. I’ll update later when I get any more news.

Well, after the weekend when I had hoped to have a good go at getting the bloglines set up I am exactly where I was on Friday….. i.e. nowhere! We got back from our morning trip to Sainsbury’s (nightmare as they’re redeveloping the store, everything has moved and it’s got sections closed off so seems more crowded than ever), Mr H sat down at the computer to sort his emails and it turned itself off! Cue 3 hours of him working out what was wrong before we had to go and buy a new power supply and pray that that was all that had blown (he was saying there was a chance that when the power supply went it could have taken absolutely everything else with it!). Thankfully once he’d installed the new power supply everything worked fine (but a good thing about marrying a techie geek, he could sort it himself without calling anyone out 🙂 ), but he then decided to update and install the new virus software we have so that was the end of computer use for the day (it took until 11pm for the computer to finish scanning itself and it’s a good thing that Mr H did that as the new software found a couple of viruses in some of our junkmail – we’re fairly careful about not opening blatant junk so we were ok from them – but it’s a pain). When we eventually got back from church yesterday (Mr H was on PA so we had to be there early and we didn’t leave until after 12:30) Mr H took over the computer to look at the upgrades the church system needs (he was sat there until 6:30 and I started getting the munchkin ready for bed – he’d been oblivious to everything going on around him, but that’s a whole other story!). After then it was time for our dinner and some unwind time before bed.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to look at it today either. The munchkin has molars on the move so is grouchy and clingy (she normally naps 1-3pm, I’ve just had to put her down now 11:30 as she’s so tired and down) and there’s some housework type stuff that I really ought to do as we have one of my college friends coming to stay tomorrow as she wants to get away briefly for half term. Maybe I’ll get it done by this time next week….

The latest news from my sister is that her labour has stopped (thank you doctor on Friday who told her baby would have been born by the end of the weekend), no signs as yet of it starting again. We all thinking (and hoping for her sake as she’s getting very sore and fed up) that my nephew will be born within the next week though.

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