Mr H was browsing the local paper on Saturday morning when he saw a car listed for sale he liked the look of. He decided we’d go and have a look (it had been traded in at one of the local big dealerships).

We had a good look at it and gave it a test drive and then decided to try and barter the price down (Mr H being a typical tight-fisted Yorkshire man didn’t want to pay the full price!). They didn’t give as much for our car as he’d hoped for the trade in (but it was what I expected) and weren’t willing to drop the price at all (though they threw in a year’s warranty and 6 months tax). We ended up going out for lunch and having a big discussion as to whether it was worth the money and whether we could afford it.

We decided to go for it! We’ve just managed to pay for it out of our savings (plus £1000 on a credit card which will be paid off with 2/3  months). It does blow absolutely all our savings for now but we won’t have a finance deal hanging over us.

As of next Saturday (when we collect it after the service) we will be the proud owners of a Toyota Yaris Verso! (though a slightly newer model than shown there – 54 reg) It’s the horrible ‘gold’ (read sicky, metallic, yellow-green) colour but apart from that it’s pretty much exactly what we wanted as a replacement to our Ford Mondeo. It’s more efficient than the Mondeo and will be a lot cheaper to insure. It’s got masses of space inside, plus the back seats fold into the floor if we ever need to load it with a lot of things. It’ll be perfect for going camping with and we should be able to fit our bikes inside it as well without taking them apart too much.

The Verso is also something that I’d be willing to drive. The seats are a bit higher up and the car itself is a fair bit smaller than the Mondeo. The thing to do now is apply for a new provisional license and save up for driving lessons…at about £27 a go around here it may take some time for us to be able to afford for me to take many lessons. I still don’t really like the idea of driving but it would help us a lot if I could.


In other news we finally have a munchkin who will say thank you (or rather ‘danks’) when we ask her to. Even though we often have to ask her a coupe of times it’s better than nothing. Potty training is still going well. We’ve had one wet accident in the past week (on the sofa!) but we’ve not seen a #2 for 3 days now…

The kitchen is still looking fairly good. It was left a little messy over the weekend but it won’t take very long at all to get it tidy and clean again. This week’s mission is to get the dining room in the same condition (i.e. clean, tidy, clutter away).

The diet isn’t going too badly. No loss this week, but no gain either. I definitely deserved to see a gain this morning, I ate so much junk over the weekend thanks to it being a certain time of the month and being out car shopping on Saturday. Back to trying ot be good this week. I’m tracking everything on Tesco’s healthy living tracker (which is free as well!) and am trying to be honest on there so let’s see if that helps.


This is probably TMI but anyway, it made me smile.

 I was standing on the landing the afternoon putting the washing out to dry while the munchkin was wandering around. She decided to take an interest in the potty (we’ve not started training yet but it’s in the bathroom so she gets used to it). She sat on it, mimed reading a book and then raced off to get one to read while sitting there! That’s not something I ever do so she must have got that from Mr H.

Hmmmm, I think we may have to start potty training soon, she’s been getting more interested in what we’re doing in the bathroom lately and she’s getting better at telling me when there’s something in her nappy. I was hoping to postpone it a bit, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead, but maybe I’ll just have to go for it! Argh!

Having started the housework fantasticallythis morning I’m now playing catch up after losing an hour to trying to get the munchkin to say sorry for whacking me around the head with a metal pole (on of the supports for her playpen which we were rebuilding to turn into a play house)! Ok, so it was an accident, but she still hurt me so needed to apologise. I eventually got it from her just as I was about to give up. She knows full well how to say sorry, but just doesn’t when asked to. Argh! I suppose we’ll get there one day, it’s just frustrating. We’re not getting thank yous from her at all either. Absolutely no attempt what so ever. Grrrr.

Anyway, I’ve just eaten my lunch and now need to go back to the house stuff. I’ll hopefully be back to read some blogs later on.

I’ve not got a huge amount to say today so I thought I’d do another little comments follow up and then show you some photos.

Mumof4 – I do have a couple of different types of splint, both horrible brown velcro with a metal brace from the hospital and a neoprene support that I bought in Boots when it flared up on holiday and I’d not thought to take a splint with me. I tend to use the neoprene one more, it’s a lot more comfortable and seems to help just as much. I’ve been wearing it for two days now, I didn’t put it on this morning, though I suspect I may end up going to get it soon – typing doesn’t help when it flares up (hence no post yesterday!).

Missbliss – I suspect I was about your age when I had her, I was 24 and Mr H had turned 24 just 5 days before. I know what you mean about the girls with several by 17 – my cousin was one of them! Her first was born when she was 15, just before her GCSEs! She then had a second shortly after, split with her boyfriend and eventually married someone else at 22, they now have another little one.

Here are the vaguely promised photos of the munchkin’s room. I had to have the camera on my shoulder and take several shots ot have a chance of a reasonable that shows anything as the room is that small! Please ignore the nasty peeling wallpaper parts…they’re horrible. Thankfully the munchkin hasn’t peeled any more off now we’ve removed the cot. This is the paper and curtains that were up when we moved in, it was so perfect for our little lady.

 The munchkin is trying to get some books from her book case here:

Munchkin’s room - 1

 She’s struggling because we’ve had to put some padding round the edge of the bed afterwe think she may have banged her head last night! (hence the cot mattress and camping mat round the edges) The brown chair is the old nursing chair that my mum used for my sister and I. It’s battered and squeaks a lot but it’s very comfortable. We sit on there when we give her her bedtime milk and story.

Munchkin’s room - 2

I’ve just had to stop in the middle of typing this as the munchkin fell down the whole flight of stairs – bringing the baby gate part way down with her! She’s fine (though she does have a carpet burn on her forehead), but I’ve taken the gate apart, I’m fed up of her swinging on it! We may have to think up some other way of keeping her upstairs in a morning now…

That’s my word for the morning!

It started with the munchkin dropping her head onto my nose while in bed this morning, she was playing there while Mr H was showering. Definitely an ouch! There was even a crunch sound! We then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get the munchkin to say something resembling sorry (for hurting Mummy). How did you teach your child/children to say sorry? We’re really not getting anywhere with that one. We just tend to get lots of tears instead. We eventually heard the so sound and gave up at that tihis morning. The frustrating thing is that we know she can say the word sorry as we’ve heard it as she’s been chattering away to herself when she’s been playing.

Another ouch this morning was when I weighed myself…my heaviest this year! Thankfully no heavier than I was when on Slimming World properly last year but still 6 lbs (!!!) heavier than when I last weighed myself! I’ve created myself a food diary sheet to pin on the fridge, I just hope now that I can stick to it and remember to write down exactly what I eat when (no cheating…). I wonder how long I can do that for….my guess is not very long, I’ve printed out sheets for 4 weeks and I really don’t want to miss out too many days on that (no more than one a week is my challenge).

The third (and hopefully final) ouch of the morning is my wrist. For some reason my tensonitis has had a big flare up this morning, I couldn’t lift the kettle to make myself and Mr H a cup of tea earlier. I suspect it partly due to using the touch pad on the laptop. Mr H has dug out a wireless mouse for me to use, hopefully that’ll help, ibuprofen has done nothing to it this morning.

After staying in bed and sleeping well for the first two nights in her bed the munchkin was up for an hour in the middle of last night! I was not impressed! Mr H and I were late to bed so being up for so long was not pleasant. She didn’t come out of her room (she managed to close her door further rather than open it) but I could hear her moving around and chattering. I eventually put a CD on (she often has music playing when she goes to bed) and at 3:30 there was peace. I didn’t hear her again until Mr H’s alarm went off at 7:40 (actually it went off at 7:30 but I didn’t hear that one at all). She came in to us then for hugs.

Still, moving the munchkin to a bed has gone a lot better than it could have done. She’s not napped in her bed (too many distractions) but I’m hoping that will change (either that or we’ll be going for lots of walks after lunch to try and get her to sleep in her pushchair!)

I will try and get some photos of her new look room on here, but I’m not sure whether I can do that, her room is only 2m by 3m so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get much into view. If I do manage it please ignore the places on her wall where the little minx has been peeling the wallpaper off! In her defense it was put up very badly by the previous owners of the house and their DIY skills were definitely limited! She has stopped now afetr being told off several times, we just can’t redecorate it until the summer.

The other big news from the weekend is that I now have a laptop! Due to Mr H and I fighting over the computer in an evening we’ve been half thinking of it but dismissed it as too expensive (I want one I can play the Sims 2 on). However while shopping in Aldi on Saturday we saw they still had a Medion Akoya in stock for £499 with a three year warranty. After a bit of a discussion and me offering to put £100 into it (advance use of birthday money) and Mr H saying that £50 of it could be my birthday, Easter and Mothering Sunday presents we bought it! We hadn’t spent any of the Christmas money we were all given so that’s made up a lot of the rest. It’s going to be mainly mine but a family machine as well.

I’m still trying to get used to it. It’s running Vista and I’ve not used that before so there’s a couple of differences to get used to, but generally I’m very pleased. We’ve not set up the netwprk drives and printer on it yet, but Mr H will do that soon (he’s already spent the whole weekend tweaking the set up of it and changing the hard drive partitioning).

I’ve got to disappear and get more of the housework done now but I’ll be back later sitting on teh sofa with my shiny new laptop to catch up on your blogs (I hope!). Bye!

Good morning! Just a quick update from the H household as I’ve got a lot to do today.

Firstly thanks for the lovely comments left on my last post. It was something I just had to get out somewhere and Mr H wasn’t due home for a while. Dad’s ok, he hasn’t had another TIA since, though Mum thinks he may have had a couple before. I still don’t know whether my uncle has managed to keep his house, my gran spent 2 days travelling into the city she lives near to try and lend him the money but as of yesterday afternoon she didn’t know whether it will have been enough.

My big job for today is to dismantle the munchkin’s cot and rearrange her little room to fit her big girl bed in. We’re hoping to start potty training her in the next month or so and there’s more chance of managing nights as well if she can get up to the potty if she needs to. She was starting to use her cot as a trampoline as well and it was only a matter of time before she launched herself out of the cot as she bounced.

I’m hoping to keep the munchkin downstairs as I do this so that Mr H can be here this evening when she sees her new bed, I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage that but I’ll definitely try!

In addition to that we have the usual toddler group this afternoon and then the munchkin and I are going to walk into town to do some shopping. Well I’ll walk, she’ll sit in our new (well,new to us) pushchair. We’ve got it from the local freecycle group. It’s a Jane Carrera C, offered as being broken but possibly mendable. Well Mr H has mended it (he’s replaced a broken rivet with a bolt), the walk today is to test out the mend. It’s the old version of one we were considering buying to replace the pushchair that was broken on the flight at Christmas.

Well, I’ve spent more time typing here than I was planning to, I need to make a start on the munchkin’s room. Bye!

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