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Firstly an apology…I didn’t mean to make you homesick missbliss! Your part of the country is gorgeous. I’ve had a couple of weekends away down there in the past and it’s lovely. I think the hospitable northerners thing very much depends on which part you go to and whether it’s a very urban area or not. I’ve noticed the people are definitely less friendly in the city centres. There is a lovely deciduous woodland a five minute walk from my parents’ house (they didn’t even know it was there when they bought the house). That sort of tree is lovely to be around, and crunching through the fallen leaves in the autumn and winter – hope that thought doesn’t make you more homesick!

The Shrink – we were in Ilkley on Saturday! It’s not too far away from my folks and a lovely place for a wander (and a big lunch in the Cow and Calf!)

Mumof4 – looks like it! Eh up lass! Not that my accent’s that broad, though it gets broader for a week or so after I’ve been back for a bit.

Driving over the hills to Ilkley really made me think that I belong there. Mr H and I could sell our house down here and buy a gorgeous Yorkshire stone house (with bigger bedrooms) for less money. Sadly though we’d then possibly struggle to move back down here should Mr H’s job require it. There aren’t many companies that do his kind of work in the area so relocating there could be a gamble. Who knows though, there’s a chance he’ll be made redundant again at the end of the year and we’ll probably be job hunting again. I know he likes the area (having grown up about 10 miles from me) it’s just the job security and housing thing putting him off. I certainly feel a lot more at home there, and still think of the area as my home. Coming back down here always makes me feel rather sad.

We did get some good news while we were up north. On Thursday the little rat who robbed my parents had his pre trial hearing (the trial was due to start next Monday) and changed his plea! He pleaded guilty to robbery, burglary and aggravated burglary as well as escaping from custody (he climbed over the dock when in court in August). He’s been sentenced to 6 years. As well as targeting my parents he also robbed an elderly lady in a nearby road. It’s a huge relief as Dad would not have coped well with the trial. The police man liasing with my parents called round on Friday morning to tell them the news and warn them it may be in the paper – it was the headline on the front page of the local evening paper!

Dad’s definitely a little worse than when I last saw him. He got a lot more fixated on doing things of finding out information than he has previously, but otherwise seemed not too bad. Mum said he’d had a good weekend though. Dad’s being seen by a new consultant in the little local hospital and they’re trying to work out exactly what’s wrong with him. From what I can gather from Mum he’s not quite fitting in the pattern for vascular dementia alone and may have a frontal lobe problem as well. The doctors also think Dad may be clinically depressed. Hopefully though the doctors will be able to work out soon what’s wrong and that’ll give Mum (at least) a little bit of certainty.

I need to go and finish unpacking all the things we brought back (including a lovely dolls cot and toy kitchen things for the munchkin). I hopefully be back later (or maybe tomorrow)  with some pictures from the weekend.


Just a quick response to mumof4 in the comments. The stone houses are fab to heat as the walls are so thick they stay quite warm (once they get warm). Particularly if it’s a terraced house as there’s not far for the heat to go sideways. My parents have one and I hjave always dreamed of having my own.


I’ve actually had my hair cut today. The first time in about a year!

I’ve had about 5 inches taken off the ends and some layering put in at the front. It feels weird to run my fingers through my hair now, there’s so little of it. It’s just at my shoulders now so I can still tie it up when I need to but it’s got rid of all the horrible split ends I had. My hair seems so much thicker and full of body now, the length was really weighing it down.

The munchkin doesn’t seem to have noticed the change, I don’t know what Mr H will say when he gets in from work. He knew I was getting it done and agreed this morning that my hair needed some cutting from it.

My lovely friend cut it for me while her daughter and the munchkin played happily together. She’s been a hairdresser for years and since her daughter was born she’s worked as a mobile hairdresser taking her daughter with her. I went over to her house and we had a lovely lunch together as well. She’s a bit happier than she was. Her partner isn’t shouting and throwing things anymore though they’re still avoiding talking about the baby.

We’ve got a busy evening ahead here in the H house. Tomorrow afternoon we’re driving up to my parent’s for a long weekend. It’ll be the first time that Mr H has been up there for at least a year. It’ll be lovely to be back up there together but we do needs to get lots together first. Mr H is far better than me at packing so it needs doing tonight rather than when he’s at work tomorrow (he’s doing a half day). The munchkin has been invited to a birthday party at McDonalds at lunchtime (note to self: wrap present and write card!) and Mr H will pick us up from there at 2:30. Hopefully we’ll avoid most of the rush hour, but we always hit traffic as we enter the city by my parents, the only time we missed it was when we got there at 8:30pm, we’ll get there at between 6 and 6:30 tomorrow.

While we’re up Mum is going to baby sit for one evening. Mr H and I haven’t had a night out in a while. We’re proabably going to go to a local curry house for a ‘northern’ curry. Mr H is a bit of a curry fiend and doesn’t think much of the curry houses down here. There is one that does an all you can eat buffet for £12.50 so we may go there. I just hope there’ll be enough mild stuff for me. Mr H trained me to eat curry when we got together, but I still don’t like anything much hotter than a korma. The northern currys do then to be a bit hotter than the ones here. It’ll be nice to be out together whatever.

I’m also going to meet up with some of my friends while I’m up. We’re going out for lunch on Saturday and then possibly somewhere for a cuppa on Monday morning for those who are busy on Saturday. The munchkin is the only little one among us and the girls love to catch up with her.

Well, that’s all from me for today. I’ll be back again after the weekend. Hope you all have a good weekend. Bye!

Ok, so I was wrong about Mr H not missing me as much as I missed him. He spent much of the weekend just wanting to be with me, with his arm around me or holding hands. He just doesn’t show it as much when he’s away. He also came back with a gorgeous Cross pen for me, it writes beautifully. Whenever I’ve had nice pens before I’ve always had Parkers, but my loyalty may shift now!

I had told Mr H that I’d be happy with him just bringing me back an American parenting mag of some sort (just wondering what they’re like compared with ours) but apparently they didn’t have any at the airport (he had absolutely no time to go anywhere else) so he decided to get me something else. He has come back very tired, but he says the time out there was very productive and positive so that has to be a good thing.

It’s now a case of getting ourselves back into our normal routine. I managed to keep myself doing what I was while DH was away (getting washing machine and dishwasher runnign before breakfast) I’ve just got to keep the rets of the day going. The munchkin is happily playing in her bedroom, she doesn’t want to play with me this morning, oh well, that means I can get more jobs done! Talking of which, I need to go and get on with things, hopefully I’ll find a bit of time later to catch up on other blogs. Hope you all have a good day. Bye!

The munchkin definitely missed her daddy, as soon as she saw him she wanted hugs and was very cuddly with him all afternoon on Saturday

After a couple of doses yesterday where the munchkin held the medicine in her mouth and spat it back at me I had a break through this morning.

Every bottle of Nurofen we buy for her comes with a special dosing syringe. I used one of those and gave her white chocolate buttons (her favourite) before and after. I also cuddled her in my arms (so she wasn’t quite sitting up, but wasn’t lying flat either) while I gave her the medicine.

The munchkin has also noticed this morning that Mr H hasn’t been around. She was asking for him at breakfast time. It’s not completely unusual for him to see her only at bedtime and even not then for the odd day, but it’s over 48 hours now since she saw him and she barely saw him on Tuesday night as he was late home from work so he gave her her bedtime milk and that was it. She seemed fairly happy when I told her she’d see him tomorrow.

I had a (very) brief email from Mr H yesterday (I don’t think he’s missing me as much as I’m missing him!), he thinks the hotel and city they’re in are ok,but thinks that business class on BA is great (it must be fab for him to say that!). I’d hope it is good for the amount those flights have cost. If I was to buy his tickets on BA’s website it would cost £2229 ($4360) each way! I think Mr H’s company uses BA enough to get some discount though.

Mr H should be home at about lunchtime tomorrow so I’ve only got one more night to get through on my own. It was better last night than the night before. There was a lot less wind and, in addition to that, the munchkin slept through rather than waking with a full nappy (she’s been doing that a lot lately). I hope tonight is as good, I didn’t function well yesterday having seen every hour on the clock except 4! Today’s been better and I’ve got loads done, but I’ve got to go now and get our lunches sorted so that the munchkin and I are ready for toddler group. Bye!

I’ve just got back from a morning and lunch out with my friends and the munchkin’s little friends and am absolutely shattered. The soft play centre was heaving with grizzly toddlers (including our four today for some reason) and then we went for a walk and play in the town park afterwards. The munchkin has worn herself out so much she’s fallen straight to sleep in her cot. A little bit of much needed rest for me now.

Mr H is currently half way across the Atlantic on his way to Philadelphia for meetings with his new bosses, for some reason I decided to get up with him at 6 and see him off despite going to bed really late because he was still packing. Not my best plan, but he appreciated it, at least I think he did!

He was good to me last night though, I emailed him a shopping list to pick up on his way home from work and at the end of it I asked him to buy flowers for me to put on the breakfast bar, with ‘I’ll pay for these’ in brackets after (flowers cost too much usually for housekeeping money to pay for them). He came home with a lovely bunch of pink roses and said that he was going to pay for them for me. He very rarely buys me flowers (he thinks it’s a waste of money), so that helps make up for the fact the next couple of evenings could be rather lonely.

I never know what to do with myself on evenings when he’s away. I’m quite an emotional eater and often find myself picking at bits of food when I’m lonely. I really need to try not to do that. I suspect I may end up crashed in front of the TV or sitting here playing The Sims… I still don’t know that many people around here, and no one that would be free to pop over for a drink/dinner in an evening. I think tomorrow will be the hardest. I don’t have any plans for the daytime either and my friends are all working so we can’t pop out for a cuppa in the day, we may just have to go for a long walk…..or go shopping in town…. I’ll have to have a think and see how the munchkin is.

As for now, I’ve had a little sit as I’ve written this. I need to go and do some housework and then hopefully come back and catch up on a few blogs again. Take care everyone.

Just a quick one from me today. We’ve struggled all weekend so I need to get housework etc back on track today, Just to add to the problems Mr H has a throat infection so is coughing through the night keeping me awake….just what I need! His sickness record isn’t great anyway so we’re desperately trying to keep him in work as long as possible, he’s taken vast quantities of strepsils to work today to try and help him. Anyway, I’m shattered as a result and that wasn’t helped by the munchkin waking me at 6:20 because she’d dropped her Upsy Daisy out of her cot, I know that some people have little ones that frequently get them up at this time, but the munchkin is usually happy in her cot until 7:30 or later, I think it’s due to her having (possibly) Mr H’s bug, she had a temperature of 39.9 (104) last night!

Mr H spent most of the weekend working on his CV stuff, he’s got a lot of information to go through before he can work out what he needs on there and what’s not relevant. He’s getting there, hopefully by the weekend he’ll be in a position to apply for new jobs.

My little nephew is home! They’re all very tired (not surprisingly) but he’d doing well. Thanks for all the prayers/thoughts last week. My sister posted some photos on her Facebook account, and he’s gorgeous. Mr H’s job search depending, we’re going to go and see them on Sunday.

Right, going to go and try and get the house tidy again and then try and get some rest when the munchkin naps. Bye!

Mum and I were talking on Monday about how this year really cannot get much worse for our family…..well it just has.

Mr H discovered yesterday that he will almost certainly be made redundant from the end of January. We knew from reading BBC news online that there were going to be job losses in his company but we thought his group would be fairly safe. Even on Tuesday when he heard that 80 out of 400 in his department would go we thought it would be some from each team and that Mr H should be safe (though we weren’t taking it for granted). In a meeting yesterday Mr H and his colleagues were told that their whole team (30 of them) is being axed. Because so many are being made redundant there’ll be a 90 day consultaion period starting from Tuesday’s meeting, but he’s almost certainly not going to be saved. There’s a tiny chance that another part of the company will take him, but Mr H’s boss will also try and get there too and there’ll be only one (if that) job.

Most of Mr H’s colleagues are a grade up from him (either they’ve been there for years or have Phds) so have 3 month notice periods to work out, however he only has a month (if the promotion he’d been put up for had come through in time he’d be on 3 months too) so come the end of the 90 days that’s it. He’ll get a lump sum, but that’ll only just cover our costs if we need to move for a new job.

We sat and had a look last night and there are some jobs, but not near here. There is one near Mr H’s sister in Scotland, it’s a very long way from my family, but one place we’ve always said we’d consider if a job came up. It’s with another company in a similar field to his current company and a lot of them are making cuts at the moment, but this one is still recruiting while Mr H’s company has a recruitment freeze on most departments.

We had a lot of tears yesterday as our plans crumble (thank you R for taking the munchkin for a walk so we could take when Mr H came home), but we just have to pick ourselves up and look forward. It’s not going to be easy, I’m only just feeling like I’m settled here and starting to get myself involved with church and getting a good set of friends. We’re kind of hoping that there’ll be a job near here, though we haven’t seen many. I suspect we’ll end up moving. Thanks to inheritance from my Grandad we do have a reasonable amount of capital in the house and one option is for Mr H to set himself up as a consultant using this capital (plus there should be enough for us to live for a bit over a year as well without me working), I’m not sure I like this plan, I don’t think the uncertainty will do either of us much good at the moment.

We’ve got a lot of thinking to do and job hunting for him, baby #2 is definitely on hold for now, we need to have Mr H settled in a job before we can consider it again. I will do a short post for the munchkin’s birthdaym at some point but for today I just can’t concentrate on it.

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