Firstly an apology…I didn’t mean to make you homesick missbliss! Your part of the country is gorgeous. I’ve had a couple of weekends away down there in the past and it’s lovely. I think the hospitable northerners thing very much depends on which part you go to and whether it’s a very urban area or not. I’ve noticed the people are definitely less friendly in the city centres. There is a lovely deciduous woodland a five minute walk from my parents’ house (they didn’t even know it was there when they bought the house). That sort of tree is lovely to be around, and crunching through the fallen leaves in the autumn and winter – hope that thought doesn’t make you more homesick!

The Shrink – we were in Ilkley on Saturday! It’s not too far away from my folks and a lovely place for a wander (and a big lunch in the Cow and Calf!)

Mumof4 – looks like it! Eh up lass! Not that my accent’s that broad, though it gets broader for a week or so after I’ve been back for a bit.

Driving over the hills to Ilkley really made me think that I belong there. Mr H and I could sell our house down here and buy a gorgeous Yorkshire stone house (with bigger bedrooms) for less money. Sadly though we’d then possibly struggle to move back down here should Mr H’s job require it. There aren’t many companies that do his kind of work in the area so relocating there could be a gamble. Who knows though, there’s a chance he’ll be made redundant again at the end of the year and we’ll probably be job hunting again. I know he likes the area (having grown up about 10 miles from me) it’s just the job security and housing thing putting him off. I certainly feel a lot more at home there, and still think of the area as my home. Coming back down here always makes me feel rather sad.

We did get some good news while we were up north. On Thursday the little rat who robbed my parents had his pre trial hearing (the trial was due to start next Monday) and changed his plea! He pleaded guilty to robbery, burglary and aggravated burglary as well as escaping from custody (he climbed over the dock when in court in August). He’s been sentenced to 6 years. As well as targeting my parents he also robbed an elderly lady in a nearby road. It’s a huge relief as Dad would not have coped well with the trial. The police man liasing with my parents called round on Friday morning to tell them the news and warn them it may be in the paper – it was the headline on the front page of the local evening paper!

Dad’s definitely a little worse than when I last saw him. He got a lot more fixated on doing things of finding out information than he has previously, but otherwise seemed not too bad. Mum said he’d had a good weekend though. Dad’s being seen by a new consultant in the little local hospital and they’re trying to work out exactly what’s wrong with him. From what I can gather from Mum he’s not quite fitting in the pattern for vascular dementia alone and may have a frontal lobe problem as well. The doctors also think Dad may be clinically depressed. Hopefully though the doctors will be able to work out soon what’s wrong and that’ll give Mum (at least) a little bit of certainty.

I need to go and finish unpacking all the things we brought back (including a lovely dolls cot and toy kitchen things for the munchkin). I hopefully be back later (or maybe tomorrow)  with some pictures from the weekend.


Just a quick response to mumof4 in the comments. The stone houses are fab to heat as the walls are so thick they stay quite warm (once they get warm). Particularly if it’s a terraced house as there’s not far for the heat to go sideways. My parents have one and I hjave always dreamed of having my own.


Can’t believe it’s already Monday night and I last posted on Thursday……

It’s all go with the move, we’re exchanging and completing on Friday. Just need to be down in Harlow at 2pm to pick up the keys…..and then back in Cambridge to meet Dad at 4:30 before picking up the van at 5. Remind me why I let hubby persuade me that we should do the move ourselves rather than hire a removal company ……

The munchkin and I will go down with the first load in the morning on Saturday, no point staying up here as we’ll have to be fully packed since due to madam I may not be able to pack anything, so I may as well be down there so that I can unpack if she gives me a chance.

Will try a post more before the move ( there will probably be a few days with no internet so there won’t be many posts after…)….too tired now…..more on that later….

I said in my last post the the munchkin is napping well…….I think I spoke too soon.

Yesterday and today she has refused to settle down for a nap without screaming herself silly. I know she’s only screaming because she’s tired, but will she admit defeat and just close her eyes for a little bit? No! It got to the point earlier this afternoon that I put her in her cot with the mobile set to white noise, turned the monitor on and just sat in the next room. Lo and behold she settled herself. Grrrrr….

Keep expecting her to start yelling again so I’ll have to run upstairs and see her (have moved back downstairs with the laptop now). Need to have a look at some paperwork for the house move, but don’t want to start it and then have to stop soon after. Hubby due home from work in about 1 1/2 hours so am going to have to wait for him to get back and he can sort her while I do the paperwork.

Need to go, she’s started wingeing again……

The munchkin had an amazing night last night. Went to sleep at 9:30 and didn’t want feeding until 7:15!!!!!! I can only remember popping her dummy in 2 or 3 times as well! I’m so proud of my little lady. Just wish I’d been able to get to sleep though, 1:30am for me :o( and then having to get up at 8ish to meet the bloke coming to give us a removals quote. She’s napped well the past couple of days too (little sis [nanny] says that the better babies sleep during the day the better they do at night…?….so maybe that’s part of it).

All we need now is for me to be able to get some rest. Hopefully I have no more phone calls to make about the house sale until some point next week. Saw the solicitor today (the munchkin screamed through the whole meeting!), things are all on track to exchange and complete a week on Friday! Very exciting, but incredibly scary too…..I don’t know anyone where we’re going to. I have one friend who lives fairly close, but that’s it :o(

We had a little bit of high drama here earlier. Getting the munchkin ready for bed, decided that it was high time we cut her nails (she managed to scratch me and draw a little blood!). Gave hubby the choice of holding her or using the nail clippers…..macho man decided he’s do both! I’m sure you can guess what’s coming…..nail number 10, all going well till the munchkin decided enough was enough she’d put up with this for too long already, just the screaming wasn’t enough, she’d try to yank her arm away from hubby, cue the nail being cut/torn far too short and bleeding everywhere! She now has one very bloody muslin and a very bloody fist! Had to try and sooth her with some milk while hubby held her hand up to try and limit the bleeding, well it kind of stopped. Unhappy little lady eventually wore herself out and fell asleep in my arms, thumb still oozing a bit of blood. She’s asleep in her cot now, right thumb tucked into her fist as usual, left thumb sticking out, held away from her fingers. :o) Tomorrow morning’s fun will be trying to clean the dried blood from her hand….could be interesting!

Anyway, need to attempt sleep now…..night night!

Ok, so it’s ages since I last posted….sorry!

Had a completely manic week. Our house move has started moving forwards, but it has meant me spending an hour plus on the phone to somebody every day! Whether it’s the solicitor (seeming more inept by the day! maybe more on that later!), the mortgage company, my trust fund trustees, their financial adviser, the estate agent, various insurers (quote for buildings and contents varying between £400 and £700 for basically the same thing?)……I’m sure there’s someone I’ve forgotten……oh……hubby (fairly vital cog in the system being the one with the income who I’m buying the house with!). As well as these phone calls I’ve been trying to look after the munchkin as well, not always the easiest option…..

The munchkin is generally really good, towards the end of last week she was so grizzly at times. She’s refusing point blank to go to sleep when she’s really tired unless we go for a walk or for a drive somewhere. It’s got to the point some evenings where I actually have to rock her to sleep! It’s so draining, and I know hubby is finding it hard when he can’t sooth her (he’s the wrong shape…….missing a couple of vital components!). She did sleep amazingly well on Friday night, from about 11pm till 7:30, so novel and so needed. Every time I heard her stirring I hit her Slumber bear and put her dummy in her mouth. Have tried it on the nights since, but it hasn’t worked so well, she is consistently sleeping 5/6 hours though between feeds (11pm/midnight until4/5/6am). Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before she sleeps through properly……well I can dream can’t I?? :o)

Well that’s all for now, need to go and get some sleep, have got a removal company coming round tomorrow to give me a quote for moving us so will need to get up relatively early….. :o(

The title says it all really. Got back from a quick shopping trip at 2, the munchkin wanted feeding immediately… off we go. She gobbled down 3 1/2 oz really quickly, brought no wind up whatsoever, so I gave up. She drank another 2 oz and then stopped for winding… massive burp later and we’re sitting in around 5 oz of regurgitated milk! Urgh!
The only clothes she was wearing to survive were her socks and shoes, all that survived that I had on were my bra and socks (soaked through my jeans to my knickers!!!)!!! Thank God for leather sofas! that got soaked too down my the arm, most of it I could wipe off the leather but some of it went into the fabric [cheap sofa so leather only the bits you can see! :o) ], hopefully we’ll be able to get most of it out and not leave a smell behind.
The munchkin was still hungry after all this, drank an oz, brought it back up and we gave up. She sat in front of her entertainment system (aka the washing machine) while I washed up for the first time in a week (I know, shocking, but somebody is taking up a huge amount of time and energy – as and when we move into our new house [whole other story] we’re definately getting a washing machine). She did have 3 oz later on this afternoon, kept it down and actually fell asleep for a bit (only an hour or so).
Since hubby came home from work she’s been an angel. Lots of gorgeous smiles and a fantastic babbling when I kissed her. What a change! Why can’t she be like this with me?
Actually she’s not too bad most of the time….it’s just this afternoon she’s sent me mad. The munchkin as angelic this morning, I had to pop into town to the bank and from the time we left home, until we got on the bus to come back almost 3 hours later she slept!