I’ve been tagged by Suburban Mum:

1. Drink you had – mug of tea with friends from fitness class.

2. Thing you ate – erm….scampi and chips….just to undo all the good work at fitness this morning!.

3. Movie you saw – at the cinema, “Ratatouille” in November. On DVD, “Shrek” with the munchkin last week.

4. Person you e-mailed – Mr H about the Aldi offers this week (oh the excitement!).

5. Person you talked to – the munchkinas I put her down for her nap.

6. TV show you watched (live) – something on Cbeebies yesterday.

7. TV show you watched tivoed (Sky+ or video count too, I guess!) – “Motorway Patrol” (from the Men and Motors channel) with Mr H (his choice!).

8. Book you finished – “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury (can you tell I haven’t done much reading for me lately? I honestly can’t remember what the last grown up book I read was!).

9. Music you listened to – “Twelve stops and home” by The Feeling.

10. Money you spent – HMV online buying DVD storage cases and a Pingu DVD for a friend’s daughter.

Now I tag Emma and anyone else who wants to do it!

Oh, and apologies for the last post, I was just having a bit of a down day.


I’ve been tagged by Suburban Mum, so here goes!

The rules are simple. There are 9 questions (3², each of which has 3 answers, to give a total of 27, or 3³. The whole point is that the questions are somewhere between eclectic, banal and downright bizarre, so that you can answer completely truthfully without actually giving much away. Just put down the first three answers that come to mind if you can’t work out the “most appropriate” three.

Objects Within One Metre Of You
1. Mr H’s Father’s day present….just been out and bought it 🙂 good wifey that I am!
2. My broken glasses….the nose pad fell off yesterday so I’m in my contacts until the glue Mr H has used on the screw that holds them together has dried.
3. Half drunk bottle of diet 7Up

First Names of People You Sat Next To At School
1. Holly (lost touch after GCSEs)
2. Rachel (still one of my best friends, if she wasn’t in the US at the moment she’d probably have been one of the munchkin’s Godmothers)
3. Helen (again still one of my best friends)

Programmes You Won’t Watch
1. Eastenders….too depressing
2. Neighbours…..too addictive
3. Celebrity Love Island…..too weird

Favourite Trivial Pursuit Categories
1. Geography
2. Art & Literature
3. Science & Nature

Superpowers You’d Like To Have
1. Invisibility – so I can people watch to my heart’s content
2. Supremem cooking skills (ok, Not quite a superpower but would be good)
3. Ability to always put things away when I’ve finished with them!

Newspapers, Magazines or Periodicals Read Regularly
1. First
2. Mother and Baby
3. Cam (Alumni magazine….ok, so I don’t read magazines often!)

Songs You Dislike
1. Jingle Bells
2. Lola – The Kinks….most of their stuff is great (Apeman is brill), just don’t like this one for some reason
3. The Tweenies theme tune

Blog Posts of Your Own That You’d Recommend
Do I have to? Ummm…..
1. ARGH!!!!! (and a smile at the end!) – purely for the cure photo at the end 🙂
2. Unexpected guest! – pure randomness
3. Hmm….starting early – 🙂

People You’d Like to Tag

1. Emma
2. Sam
3. Bethany

I’m stealing this meme from Emma.

Two names you go by:

Two things you are wearing right now:
-long purple skirt
-little black mary-jane shoes

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
-great converstaions

Two of your favourite things to do:
-read (books and blogs)
-snuggle up with Mr H in front of a good movie

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
-a steel sink!
-my sister to acknowledge that Mr H doesn’t choose to be allergic to her dog and to stop being difficult about it

Two pets you have had:
-cats when growing up at Mum and Dad’s (two when I was a toddler – don’t know thie rnames, Nim, Kitty – Nim’s daughter and Mum’s special cat, Moppet – mine – a beautiful tabby, Tippet, and Sil – short for Silver – he was a silver tabby)
-tropical fish (bit of a disaster – they didn’t survive the move…) 

Two people I would like to do this:
Junior Docspot

Two things you did last night:
-Laughed lots at Britains Got Talent on TV
-had a silly/pathetic argument with Mr H about nothing

Two things you ate today:
-cous cous with smoked salmon, prawns, carrot, cucumber, lemon juice and dill…yummy!
-hot buttered granary toast (slightly naughty treat) 

Two people you last talked to:
-On the phone: my sister
-In person: Mr H 

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
-chasing up online orders that haven’t arrived yet
-clearing the dining room table (again!)

Two longest car rides:
-Essex to Inverness
-Bradford (where I grew up) to Jena by coach for a string orchestra exchange

Two favourite holidays:
-Christmas, fantastic family time
– Last month in Scotland was great

Two favourite beverages:
– a good hot chocolate
– caffiene free diet coke…..yummy, no sugar/caffiene highs/lows 

I’ve been tagged by Junior DocSpot to reveal 8 random things about me….so here I go…..

  1. If it hadn’t rained on Thursday I would have gone swimming in the Moray Firth with G. Bearing in mind that we were nearer the Arctic Circle and the capital of Norway than to London, I think I may have been mad, but I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to try it.
  2. I actually miss teaching the little (or not so little) brats maths….I don’t miss the paperwork however and all the marking.
  3. I can play the violin and got to grade 6 before giving up lessons to focus on school work, I wish I’d kept it up, I haven’t played since falling pregnant with the munchkin.
  4. I hate raspberries and raspberry flavoured things.
  5. I love the Shrek films. Mr H and I often have the soundtracks playing in the car.
  6. I love going into London, travelling round on the tube and feeding nuts to the squirrels in St James’ Park, just spending a day wandering a being a tourist. I haven’t done it in ages and really want to go again.
  7. I wouldn’t want to live in London though, I dream of living in the country and/or by the sea. At the moment both Mr H and I dream of living near where D and G live (in between Inverness and Lossiemouth) and would jump at the chance if there was the sort of job security for Mr H up there as there is down here.
  8. I had a breast reduction when I was 19 (H cup, or higher, I’m not sure, down to a D) and it’s been one of the best things I ever did. It gave me so much more confidence and self esteem. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am now without it.

I’m supposed to tag 8 people now….but as most of the people I would tag have done it then if you fancy doing this consider yourself tagged!

I’ve pinched this from Beccy, it was quite interesting actually…..

 1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your Birthday month and day only.

April 1

2. List 3 Events that occurred that day:

  • 1854Hard Times begins serialisation in Charles Dickens magazine, Household Words.
  • 1976Apple Computer is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
  • 2002 – The Netherlands legalizes euthanasia, becoming the only nation in the world to do so.
  • 3. List 2 important Birth days.

  • 1873Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian composer, pianist, and conductor (d. 1943)
  • 1938Ali MacGraw, American actress
  • 4. List 1 Death.

  • 1984Marvin Gaye, American singer (b. 1939)
  • 5. List a Holiday or Observance (if any).

    April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day

    I found this on this blog and I thought it could be interesting. The point is to find the signifigance each number has in your life. It’s been quite difficult to fill in actually.

    1- the number of children I have
    2- the number of years I taught before maternity leave
    3- houses we’ve lived in since we were married
    4- the number of the house I grew up in
    5- the number of years I’ve known Mr H for
    6- the number of packets of crisps I once ate in one day (it was a very bad day…..)
    7- the number of babies that regularly come to the baby group I run (just done some new posters so hopefully that’ll go up)
    8- the age in months the munchkin was when she started crawling
    9- the number of hours sleep per night my body seems to need at the moment
    10- the number of teeth the munchkin has at the moment
    11- the day and the month my sister was born
    12- months since I started blogging
    13- the number of hours sleep the munchkin sometimes has at night (I know…..we’re sooo lucky)
    14- the age I was when my periods started (on my birthday!)
    15- when I passed my last violin exam (grade 6)
    16- the age I was when I had my first kiss
    17- when I decided the driving was not for me (nutty instructor definately had something to do with it)
    18- when I took, and somehow passed, the A levels I needed to get into Cambridge
    19- months in age between me and my sister
    20- months I’d known Mr H before we married

    Kerry from Mean Mom has tagged me, so I’m going to tag these bloggers (ok, so there’s only two….lots of the blogs I read are read and commented on by many and somehow I feel a bit scared of tagging them…not sure why….but Jeni and Jenny don’t seem scary!) and keep the tag chain in cycle…

    Parenthood for Beginners
    Demob happy teacher

    And here’s what you gotta do…


    1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!
    2. Then leave a comment that says ‘You are tagged’ in their comments telling them to read your blog.

    My weird facts:

    1. I used to pick my scabs and eat them!
    2. I don’t drive (and can’t get my pram on the buses that come by my house)
    3. I’m double jointed; my thumbs, knuckles and elbows bend a lot further backwards than most peoples do.
    4. I’m too short to reach the top shelves in our kitchen cupboards
    5. I’ve very pattern orientated….if I can fill the munchkins bottles in an order that makes a pattern with the different coloured tops I will do….

    That’s all I can think of for now….