I’ve spent most of this week with internet access that at best was intermittant and slow, and at worst just not working.

It’s been really frustrating. The ISP weren’t answering their phone and when we did get home of them by email (the only thing that vaguely stayed working throughout) they referred us to their status page. Yes, that’s helpful, we can’t access your site! They claimed they had no way or knowing who was or wasn’t affected so couldn’t contact anyone, but I’m sure they must have kown somehow.

Anyway, we’re now considering moving somewhere else. We’re on an old tariff with our current ISP though and we get unlimited (though not high speed) downloads for not a huge amount of money. We’re not sure anyone else would be able to compete with that. We’ll have a look anyway.

My task is now to catch up on blogs I’ve missed. I was already behind after being away for the weekend. Bloglines currently shows 236 unread posts! I didn’t even use the lack of internet to help tidy the house, the munchkin and I went shopping yesterday (didn’t buy much though, don’t want to spend too much on clothes in case I get this whole diet lark sorted) and Wednesday was spent out at fitness class and playing with friends in the sunshine. I’m hoping the weather stays nice this afternoon, in which case the munchkin and I will be found out in the garden with the laptop and the ball pit…


Good afternoon! Just a quick update here today. Diet going fine. Fitness class this morning was a killer. The munchkin’s movement class this afternoon wasn’t a lot better. I’m certainly going to ache tomorrow. Mr H is shattered, and he’s not even going to get much rest this weekend which my nephew’s baptism. We’re driving up oon Sunday morning for the service and then staying over for another party on the Monday afternoon. He’s only going to have Saturday as any downtime. He has agreed to me ordering in the shopping this week, it’ll be one less thing he needs to do on Saturday. It does mean I can have a very nice browse through the Ocado (more expensive, but better quality than the others – plus I have a discount voucher) website though! Mr H was too tired to think about the campsite last night hopefully tonight otherwise it’ll be Friday as one or other of us will be at church tomorrow evening for the Ascension day service. Having been out all day I now have to catch up on the housework…fun! So I’m off, will try and stop by some blogs later. Bye!


I pulled myself together after writing all that yesterday. Sometimes I just need an outlet to vent and that’s what this blog is for me, I don’t keep a diary/journal other than this and I really didn’t want to take all my frustration out on Mr H when he got home.

I’m having another go at following the Slimming World ideas at home. I’ve printed out a food diary which is stuck to the fridge, so far (ok, so it’s just over 24 hours) I’ve filled it all in and I’m keep on track. Mr H has agreed to help me as much as he can. He’s accepted that if he’s late home from work I may have eaten and he’ll have to fend for himself and he’s agreed that spending more money on the food shopping is ok if it’s going to help us eat more healthily.

I’m glad he’s not the only one who leaves things around for someone else to clear up, thanks Chrisb, that did help me feel a bit better. Mr H does claim he usually does it and forgets occasionally…but I’d say it was the other way around! The house is still better than it has been, and I can get it how I want it just a little bit at a time.

I’ve had another campsite suggestion sent to me via Twitter (thanks zooarchaeologist!), I love the look of it and will be talking to Mr H about it tonight. Who knows, we may actually manage to book something by this weekend! (I’ll have jinxed it now by saying that….)

Well, I’m going to go and have a little bit of down time before cooking the munchkin’s dinner. Bye!

Stop reading here unless you can face a huge whinge/moan…..

I weighed myself this morning…I weigh more now than I did at the start of the year. Back in February I said that I wanted to lose weight for my nephew’s baptism….well that’s on Sunday…and I haven’t. So unless I wear a very padded bra my tummy is going to look big. I just don’t know what to do now to keep myself motivated and focussed. Every time I feel tired/low /bored/(insert any other emotion here) I find myself reaching for cake/chocolate/anything full of calories. Over on Suburban Mum‘s blog there has been a suggestion in the comments of a group of bloggers starting a weight loss blog. I love the idea, any accountability/support has to be good at the moment.

My tendonitis has also had another flare up at the moment. Out of the past 6 weeks more than 2 have been spent with my wrist strapped up and pain when I type/do housework/push the buggy… It’s not really helping my mood, or my weight since the munchkin is still too small to walk far (and too slow to help any weight loss) and I can’t do any of the exercises at the fitness class which involve putting weight through my wrist.

The house is looking more and more like a tip. Mr H is not really helping either. Every morning before work he makes his lunch then leaves me all the rubbish (ham packets, pepper/tomato cores/ grape stems/crumbs etc) to clear up, he always leaves his glass/mug in the bedroom from the night before and he never puts any of his paperwork/post away. I know it sounds pathetic, but I’ve been working really hard to try and get the house under control and he’s just not helping. Even though he says he loves having the surfaces clear in the kitchen and having space on the dining table he’s just doesn’t seem willing to help keep them clear.

We still haven’t got much further with the campsite hunting. Suburban Mum’s suggestion looks really good, but sadly it’s a bit too far. We can’t switch our church commitments so we won’t be able to leave until lunchtime. Anglesey is a good 5 hours from here on a good run, and that’s without counting toilet stops for the munchkin. Grrr… back to the drawing board. We’ll come up with somewhere, at least we’re not going in school holidays so there shouldn’t be too much difficulty booking a site as long as we do it fairly soon.

Well, thanks to my stupid wrist it’s taken me 2 hours on and off to get this typed so I’m going to give up my whinge there. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow in a better mood….

Mr H was browsing the local paper on Saturday morning when he saw a car listed for sale he liked the look of. He decided we’d go and have a look (it had been traded in at one of the local big dealerships).

We had a good look at it and gave it a test drive and then decided to try and barter the price down (Mr H being a typical tight-fisted Yorkshire man didn’t want to pay the full price!). They didn’t give as much for our car as he’d hoped for the trade in (but it was what I expected) and weren’t willing to drop the price at all (though they threw in a year’s warranty and 6 months tax). We ended up going out for lunch and having a big discussion as to whether it was worth the money and whether we could afford it.

We decided to go for it! We’ve just managed to pay for it out of our savings (plus £1000 on a credit card which will be paid off with 2/3  months). It does blow absolutely all our savings for now but we won’t have a finance deal hanging over us.

As of next Saturday (when we collect it after the service) we will be the proud owners of a Toyota Yaris Verso! (though a slightly newer model than shown there – 54 reg) It’s the horrible ‘gold’ (read sicky, metallic, yellow-green) colour but apart from that it’s pretty much exactly what we wanted as a replacement to our Ford Mondeo. It’s more efficient than the Mondeo and will be a lot cheaper to insure. It’s got masses of space inside, plus the back seats fold into the floor if we ever need to load it with a lot of things. It’ll be perfect for going camping with and we should be able to fit our bikes inside it as well without taking them apart too much.

The Verso is also something that I’d be willing to drive. The seats are a bit higher up and the car itself is a fair bit smaller than the Mondeo. The thing to do now is apply for a new provisional license and save up for driving lessons…at about £27 a go around here it may take some time for us to be able to afford for me to take many lessons. I still don’t really like the idea of driving but it would help us a lot if I could.


In other news we finally have a munchkin who will say thank you (or rather ‘danks’) when we ask her to. Even though we often have to ask her a coupe of times it’s better than nothing. Potty training is still going well. We’ve had one wet accident in the past week (on the sofa!) but we’ve not seen a #2 for 3 days now…

The kitchen is still looking fairly good. It was left a little messy over the weekend but it won’t take very long at all to get it tidy and clean again. This week’s mission is to get the dining room in the same condition (i.e. clean, tidy, clutter away).

The diet isn’t going too badly. No loss this week, but no gain either. I definitely deserved to see a gain this morning, I ate so much junk over the weekend thanks to it being a certain time of the month and being out car shopping on Saturday. Back to trying ot be good this week. I’m tracking everything on Tesco’s healthy living tracker (which is free as well!) and am trying to be honest on there so let’s see if that helps.

The kitchen sorting is going fairly well, if only I could work out where I want everything to go! Mr H is going to have a very good excuse for not cooking for us….he’s not going to have a clue where I’ve put anything!

I may manage to finish it today, but that depends on the munchkin, she’s being rather clingy today, she’s quite tired so I may attempt a nap later on so I can get more done. If it’s not doe today it should definitely be done tomorrow which would be great!

Suburban Mum – I think it’s taking so much out of me that by the time I’ve got the house as I want it I won’t be able to do anyone else’s for them!

Sticky stuff gone, I didn’t have any surgical spirit (thanks missbliss), however a little vodka rubbed in to it helped a lot. Shame I don’t drink when I’m alone with trhe munchkin as after all that hard work (took me the best part of 30-40 mins of scrubbing) I definitely felt like I deserved a drink of my own (I compensated with the last slice of birthday cake though!).

Just having a quick breather before sorting out the kettle side of the kitchen surfaces (otherwise known as a bomb site). Happy Tuesday everyone.

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