House nightmares

Sticky stuff gone, I didn’t have any surgical spirit (thanks missbliss), however a little vodka rubbed in to it helped a lot. Shame I don’t drink when I’m alone with trhe munchkin as after all that hard work (took me the best part of 30-40 mins of scrubbing) I definitely felt like I deserved a drink of my own (I compensated with the last slice of birthday cake though!).

Just having a quick breather before sorting out the kettle side of the kitchen surfaces (otherwise known as a bomb site). Happy Tuesday everyone.


I’ve returned to a rather cold Essex and I’m back to blog again…or not!

Posts for the next couple of weeks may be short and sweet. I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs and writing here over the past couple of months and for the moment the house needs me more! I might manage a quick update a day, but I might not!

I’ve finally started to realise I’m much happier when the house is clean and tidy, but it’s going to take a fair bit of work to get there. I spent time on the dining room table last Monday before I went away and it’s been great for us all to be able to eat there together again. I’d much rather do that than trays on knees and the munchkin on her little table and chair near by.

Now that the dining table is clear I’m moving on to the kitchen. The cooker side has been cleaned, tidied and reorganised (and the fat fryer cleaned and put away – it wasn’t helping the diet). Now I’m on the other side. I’m currently working on removing a soap dispenser the old owners of the house put up, not with screws through the holes designed for the purpose but with lots of strips of sticky foam pads! It’s going to be a bit of a challenge to get it all off, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I still need to clean out the cupboards, something sticky has leaked in one (a while ago!) and I haven’t sorted it out yet (I know,it’s disgusting!).

I’m going to try and slowly catch up with blogs, but with 557 posts to read on bloglines it may take some time! (I think I need to cut that down again too!).

Frosty grass and leaves 

Some winter pros and cons:

+ Beautiful frosty scenary
– Very cold fingers when I try and photograph it
+ Spider’s webs look amazing
– They’re mainly at the back of the house which is where the sun is all day so they melt quickly
+ The munchkin looks gorgeous all wrapped up in her big coat, hat and gloves
– The munchkin always has cold fingers as she simply will not keep her gloves on
+ It’s a great excuse for more cuddles with the munchkin
– During said cuddles she has a tendancy to slip cold fingers down my top and the giggle at my yelps
+ Christmas comes in the middle of winter
– Mr H is tight when it comes to sending cards….he keeps trying to get me to pack up all family ones together even when I know people won’t see each other until after Christmas
+ I get to decorate the house and tree
– The munchkin keeps taking ornaments off the tree (all the breakable ones are out of reach!)
+ I have the fun, brightly coloured angel on the top of the tree
– She’s had too much seasonal alcohol and keeps drunkenly falling over!
+ I get to buy and wrap lots of presents for family and friends
– I have to try and guess what Mr H wants as he doesn’t often tell me
+ I have an excuse to wrap myself up in a fleece blanket on the sofa and watch trashy TV
– The pipes in the kitchen freeze up and I can’t cook properly or even run the washing machine or dishwasher

As you can imagine the latter of those is the most frustrating, it happened briefly yesterday, but it was just the cold and we were out meeting the munchkin’s little friends all morning anyway, but this morning we’re in all day (except for a walk later on) and I have lots to do. I’ve had the heating on all morning, rather than the usual couple of hours as we get up, but since the thermostat is (stupidly) in the living room (the warmest room in the house, which gets sunshine all day) it doesn’t make much difference unless I turn it up all the way, in which case the living room and bedrooms would be unbearable.

I’m writing this just after lunch and I’m getting a trickle out of them now. We did look at lagging the pipes after last winter but we’d need to rip the whole kitchen out and we haven’t had to money to do that. Maybe this year (depending on Mr H’s work) we’ll get it done.

Talking of Mr H’s work. He’s spoken to the company that offered him a job and they’re happy for him not to sign anything yet and ensure that he gets the full redundancy package. There’s still a slim chance of something where he is (in which case he’d stay), but we’re now in the position of definitely having a job next year. That’s huge weight off our minds. He’s still going to the interview he’s got lined up tomorrow, but we’re not worried about it. If they offer him somethihng, fab, we’ve got more options if not then we’re fine too.

I had a comment yesterday from Nikke, she’s received the ornaments I sent as part of Julie’s ornament exchange. I’m so glad she likes them, I love these olive wood decorations and as soon as I signed up I knew what I had to get her.

I think it’s going to be just one of those days. Apologies in advance for a moany post.

I had a follow up appointment at the hospital after my ERPC this morning. I deliberately booked it for 9:10 so that Mr H could be around to look after the munchkin while I was being checked out. He had to leave for work at 9:45, I didn’t get called though until 9:55! A 45 minute delay for the second appointment of the clinic! So frustrating. The munchkin got rather unhappy as I was being examined, despite me still being within sight, it was all too odd, exactly why we’d wanted Mr H to be around.

I then had to buy some nappies, picked up a value box thinking it would definitely fit under the pushchair so I could walk home, bought it and then no, it didn’t fit. I’m obviously not as good a judge of size as I though I was. Despite my wrist being a huge amount better (I’m not needing the splint anymore) I couldn’t then push the pushchair home without discomfort so had to get a taxi. I was looking forward to the walk in the sun and getting a bit of extra exercise.

The final straw this afternoon was dropping a bowl onto the tiled kitchen floor. It’s one of a set I’ve had since starting college 8 years ago and until today I hadn’t broken one, partly because the pyrex/arcoroc tehy’re made of seem pretty indestructible. I was just balancing the bowl on a mug as I carried things though to be loaded into the dishwasher and my wrist decided enough was enough (I’m still a little prone to dropping things). I’m so annoyed with myself. That combined with the rest is leaving me craving junk food to cheer myself up……I’m trying to fight the urge, but not getting very far.

After the whinges, now something to make you smile…..this was the munchkin yesterday morning…..(please ignore the mess…)

Monkey in action!

The ladder is there for us to sort out the gutters tomorrow…I never thought she’d try to climb it. Mr H was rather impressed. I told him about her doing it and he asked me to take a picture if she did it again, I was hoping she wouldn’t……but she did.

I’m typing this whilst being watched by an eagle eyed pigeon….

I was sitting in the dining room at the computer earlier when a loud fluttering caught my attention. I looked down to see a young pigeon sitting at my feet. It showed no inclination to go back out through the open patio doors so after taking advice from Dad I tried to gently pick it up and take it outside. No chance. As soon as I got anywhere near it it flew up onto the coat hooks, I thought it had impaled it’s wing on one, but thankfully the hook that looked like it was impaling it was just poking through some feathers. Mr H returned back from a bike ride and tried to get the pigeon off the hooks, it promptly flew to the top of the fridge and that’s where it is sitting now, 90 minutes on.

I’ve called the RSPCA, but as the bird is uninjured they have said to open all doors and windows and call back if the pigeon is still here at 9pm (it’s now 7pm, and I spoke to them at 5:45). I somehow think that they will be getting a call back, the bird is showing no signs of moving and is just hiding in the top corner of the fridge next to the cupboard. Mr H is keeping the munchkin entertained in the garden, as far away from the patio door as possible, while I try and keep an unobtrusive eye on the pigeon…

Poor little thing, it’s only a baby, it’s still got downy feathers on it’s tummy. I hope it manages to get itself out….there’ll be fun and games here later if not…

I’ll be back later on (today or tomorrow) with an update and possibly a photo or two…


9am Monday

The pigeon made a move to the kitchen window of it’s own accord at about 8 last night, it didn’t get very far though. It couldn’t see where the open part of the window was so panicked and settled on the top of the cupboard. He seemed settled in for the night so at 8:45 we called the RSPCA again to be met by a different set of advice….none of which encouraged the pigeon to move…it didn’t want food, it wouldn’t go towards the light and it wasn’t on the floor so we couldn’t get a box over it.

Mr H decided to try and trap the pigeon in a saucepan, so we got out the largets one we have. As soon as he got anywhere near the pigeon it flew off and tried to land on the top of the living room door frame. It couldn’t manage it and fell to the floor just to the side of the door. From there it was fairly easy to guide to through the living room door, however we didn’t manage to turn the living room light off soon enough (to guide the bird towards the patio door where the light was on) and the poor bird went to the window that wasn’t open rather than the open patio door. Again the little thing tried to land on the curtain rail but had no space to balance and fell to the floor.

We had to do a bit of furniture re-arranging to get to the pigeon now as it was hidden behind the air con unit, a few of the munchkin’s toys and right next to the TV unit. Once we’d moved everything we could see it crouching in the corner on a pile of Mr H’s audio cables. I tried encouraging him to move by gently nudging it with a magazine but that didn’t work. I think he was getting tired. In the end I managed to slide the magazine underneath the pigeon (but on top of the cables) so that he was sitting on the magazine. He didn’t move or panic at all as I carefully carried him outside and placed the magazine on the floor. I left him and closed the door behind me. He sat very still for 10 minutes. We could see him breathing but he wasn’t going anywhere, I was so worried the stress of it all was going to kill him. We went back through to the kitchen to see what sort of mess he’d left us and when we checked back he’d gone. I hope he’ll be ok.

He left us a lot of little presents on top of the fridge along with one on the dining room carpet (I’d seen that one fall as he flew from the cupboard). We also found another one when we went to collect the magazine from outside once he’d gone….I guess that’s what he thinks of Slimming World!

This is the only picture that’s come out ok of the pigeon, I didn’t want to use the flash as I didn’t want to scare him.
Unexpected guest

So much for our planned nice, restful end to the weekend… We were going to get the munchkin to bed and then cook a nice dinner and relax in front of the repeat of Doctor Who… We grabbed a quick sandwich in the times when we weren’t watching the pigeon (and when we could get to the various parts of the kitchen that we needed) and missed Doctor Who completely. We always miss it on a Saturday as it’s at the time we’re trying to get the munchkin to bed. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope it’s repeated again on BBC3 at some point as it’s the second part of a two parter….

….it seems like the previous owners of our have left us a present….cat fleas!

I’m not completely sure, but I’m pretty certain I saw one last night and one when I was changing the munchkin’s nappy earlier today. It would definately explain the munchkin’s rash (doctor asked if she could have been bitten by anything – I said no as I didn’t think there was anyway she could have been…)and the fact I was bitten yesterday.

The challenege now is to find out for sure whether or not we have fleas and if we have how to get rid of them. Anyone got any suggestions?

The washing machine is on the blink!!!! No idea when we’ll be able to get someone out to fix it. Mr H is calling then when he gets in from work (I’m not technical enough to be explain what’s wrong and what needs doing…) Hopefully they’ll be able to come tomorrow as we’re going away for the weekend on Thursday and need to get some clothes washed for the munchkin. Mr H and I have enough clothes to get by for the moment (may need to wash some of Mr H’s shirts for work though).

How people used to cope without washing machines I have no idea, but then I suppose they just didn’t wash their clothes (or themselves!!) as often as we do today.

I’ll keep you updated as to what happens….