That return lasted a long time… R picked up a cold/fluey thing at a wedding a week and a half ago and has been passing it round the house. The munchkin was out of sorts on Friday and treated us to a gift of being sick at 11pm all over her cot that night. She was then grumpy and hoarse all weekend. Mr H came down with it on Sunday and by the evening was feeling wiped out and nauseous (he was actually sick on Monday morning and has started his working week today as a result). I started to feel rough on Monday, just a bit wiped out, thankfully I’ve avoided the nausea, and since then I just been tired and full of catarrh (tiredness not helped by the munchkin being sick again in the middle of Monday night). R took me to Sainsbury’s yesterday, possibly not my best plan (though we needed fruit and veg – and Day Nurse), it left me feeling worse than ever. My head’s clearer today (hence being able to type this) but I’m still tired. It may take me slightly longer to get around everyone’s blogs.

Another update from my time away was my recall to the dermatologist for the patch tests. While the latex was negative I tested positive for chrome and rosin (colophony/pine resin). Both of which are found in glues and adhesives and umpteen other everyday things. Two weeks after the test I’m still sore where the chrome patch was. I’m glad that we found what I’m reacting to, though it’d be nice not to be sensitive at all. The doctor told me that Mr H must do all DIY type stuff involving glues (such a hardship!) and I need to try and avoid them.

Much as I’m still feeling rough today I’ve got a list of things I need to get done (including read blogs) so I’m going to sign off for now and hopefully post again tomorrow. Bye!


A bullet pointed post for today as I want to peruse my blog roll as well as needing to pack to go to my parent’s tomorrow (until Thursday).

  • Camping was very hit and miss
  • The site manager didn’t check names as people turned up
  • The boss didn’t always record bookings in the diary
  • Because we arrived relatively late we were left without a pitch and were left with a small space by the front gate
  • Under a light sensitive flood light
  • Despite being listed in the diary
  • Site manager was sweet once he’d got over his anger at his boss for putting him in this position
  • The munchkin refused to settle to sleep the first night
  • She screamed so much she was sick all over her travel cot
  • She ended up sleeping in our bed, we slept very little
  • She left like a log in her own cot the second night
  • We had a lovely day in Cambridge shopping for a rucksack for me for this coming weekend
  • We got sunburnt as I forgot the sunscreen and my hat (thankfully the munchkin was ok, I’d remembered her hat and Mr H’s hat)
  • We had a lovely lunch with a friend from the church we went to there
  • She’s lost 5 1/2 stone (77 lbs) since January and looks great
  • I’m feeling a tiny bit more inspired with my diet
  • We also spent £70 on Sabatier knives and a knife block in TK Maxx (rrp £230!)
  • They’re fab, but we’re skint anyway
  • The munchkin loved the ducks on the river in Ely (where we went on Sunday), she was pulling herself as close to the fence as possible (she was in her pushchair) so she could see them better.
  • She said wack, wack (quack, quack) a lot and used the hand movement to go with it
  • She’s gone a little bit duck mad at the moment
  • I had to go and see the dermatologist yesterday
  • I think I’m confusing the doctors a bit
  • The doctor who spoke to me first had to get the consultant himself to talk to me
  • Even though the prick test for latex was negative he’s running blood tests and wants to tape a latex glove to my back to 48 hours
  • That’ll be fun…..not
  • Within an hour I was itchy from the tape put on my arm where the blood was taken
  • The biggest problem is not the latex reaction (though that makes buying certain things a hell of a lot more expensive….), but my reaction to adhesives (even hypoallergenic ones)
  • 48 hours with tape on my back could be awful (though I’m trying not to think like that
  • The consultant also looked at my face (I think around my eyes) and the lines on my hand and said that I’m someone who’s prone to allergies (?!? – has anyone else heard of this?)
  • He looked at the munchkin and said that she will be too
  • Thanks… I don’t worry enough about her at times
  • He did say that despite my allergies and Mr H’s asthma we should be ok to try the munchkin with peanuts now
  • We have a huge amount of sorting to go in the house over the next couple of weeks
  • The munchkin’s God-mother R is coming to stay here for a while
  • She’s left her job (fantastic)
  • She’s not got one to go to (not good)
  • She won’t be able to afford the rent on her place in a month or so
  • So to enable her to stay near here where her  church and many friends are we have offered her our spare room
  • Which is full of junk
  • The bed is covered with paperwork for filing
  • Oh dear
  • Mr H is going to take a couple of days off work to get it sorted
  • R may have to sleep on the living room floor for a couple of nights
  • But the tidying is going to have to wait
  • I need to spend today packing my rucksack, sorting washing and dishwasher and browsing some of my blogroll (for my sanity)
  • Tidying begins in earnest next week

Well, that was a flying visit though my week, until next week (hopefully!), goodbye!

I realised this morning that I haven’t posted much for a little bit so I thought I’d make an effort to say something….

I’ve had such a week of not knowing whether I’m coming or going. I’m finding it hard to get my thoughts and housework in order if I have something happening that changes my normal routine. It sounds stupid but after going out to church yesterday morning to help get things ready for tomorrow’s garden party I found it so hard to get the motivation to do anything. I did the bare minimum but didn’t get things done that weren’t essential so I now feel like I’ve got lots to do today. Grrr… I’m going to give myself some time now (I’ve already done the washing up and loaded the washing machine and dishwasher so I’ve made an ok start) and then once I’ve posted this and had a quick look at some of my blogroll I really need to get on. I’m still trying to follow the whople FlyLady thing and it is helping as despite my low this week the house still looks reasonable and I felt ok enough about it to be able to invite a friend from church over for a drink after church.

The other downside of yesterday’s low was my diet….I’m very much an emotional eater and yesterday ended up going out and buying (and then eating) lots of malteasers…ooppss…. I’m going to have to be so good over the weekend to make up for it. I have lost 10 1/2 lbs in the last 9 weeks and I don’t want to destroy all the work I’ve done already

I had to head over to Chelmsford on Wednesday to see the allergy specialist. He decided to do skin tests to check the status of the latex allergy and also common things like grass pollen and house dust mites while he was at it. I didn’t react to the latex there (though I had a small reaction to the dust mites) but he has advised me to get referred to the dermatologist at my local hospital as my reaction appears to be a contact dermatitis and is worth getting checked out to find out exactly what I’m reacting to in adheshives.

I’ve got to head into the next town on this afternoon to meet Mr H and do the shopping and I’m hoping that by then I’ll have got the kitchen and dining room back under my complete control and maybe even have done a little bit of crafting (something I haven’t touched in weeks…).

I think it’s going to be just one of those days. Apologies in advance for a moany post.

I had a follow up appointment at the hospital after my ERPC this morning. I deliberately booked it for 9:10 so that Mr H could be around to look after the munchkin while I was being checked out. He had to leave for work at 9:45, I didn’t get called though until 9:55! A 45 minute delay for the second appointment of the clinic! So frustrating. The munchkin got rather unhappy as I was being examined, despite me still being within sight, it was all too odd, exactly why we’d wanted Mr H to be around.

I then had to buy some nappies, picked up a value box thinking it would definitely fit under the pushchair so I could walk home, bought it and then no, it didn’t fit. I’m obviously not as good a judge of size as I though I was. Despite my wrist being a huge amount better (I’m not needing the splint anymore) I couldn’t then push the pushchair home without discomfort so had to get a taxi. I was looking forward to the walk in the sun and getting a bit of extra exercise.

The final straw this afternoon was dropping a bowl onto the tiled kitchen floor. It’s one of a set I’ve had since starting college 8 years ago and until today I hadn’t broken one, partly because the pyrex/arcoroc tehy’re made of seem pretty indestructible. I was just balancing the bowl on a mug as I carried things though to be loaded into the dishwasher and my wrist decided enough was enough (I’m still a little prone to dropping things). I’m so annoyed with myself. That combined with the rest is leaving me craving junk food to cheer myself up……I’m trying to fight the urge, but not getting very far.

After the whinges, now something to make you smile…..this was the munchkin yesterday morning…..(please ignore the mess…)

Monkey in action!

The ladder is there for us to sort out the gutters tomorrow…I never thought she’d try to climb it. Mr H was rather impressed. I told him about her doing it and he asked me to take a picture if she did it again, I was hoping she wouldn’t……but she did.

Well, the munchkin’s temperature went down overnight on Thursday, so I can only assume it was her teeth, there were no other symptoms of a virus or infection. She’s  as perky as ever again now. She’s had a good weekend, banged her head on Saturday by flinging herself out of Mr H’s arms as he tried to put her back into her pushchair when we were shopping on Saturday, clonked it rather hard on a metal shelf, but apart from something of an egg on the back of her head she was ok.

I’ve had an interestng weekend….I was crawling around after the munchkin on Friday night was we were heading up to bed when I got a sudden pain in my wrist. I then spent the whole weekend getting evil twinges of pain when ever I took any weight through my right hand or twisted it at all (doing my bra was an interesting exercise…..Mr H had to help!). It has happened in the past so on Saturday we just put a tubigrip on it to give it some support and Mr H tried to do everything that set the pain off. When it was still bad on Sunday we went to the local NHS walk in centre. Waited only about 30 minutes before seeing a nurse and being given a splint to wear and being told to see my GP if I still had problems on Wednesday. She thinks it is tendonitis. I had a lot of problems with tendonitis back in 2003. It started just after my finals in June and even during our wedding reception I had the hotel staff looking after a splint behind the reception desk should I need it. Eventually in the autumn I saw a physiotherapist who used acupunture which after 5/6 treatments sorted it out and left me pain free.

Thankfully I’ve woken up this morning in a lot less pain, though I’m still getting little twinges if I put too much weight through my wrist. We’ve put the splint back on for today, but hopefully tomorrow I won’t need it (if anyone more medically minded than me reads this and thinks we’re doing the wrong thing please let me know).

Typing is getting wuite uncomfortable so I’m just going to update you on Dad quickly. I spoke to Mum earlier this morning, he’s realising that something is wrong with his memory now, he’s started adding a lot more to his diary and is writing a lot of notes in his meetings to help him keep up. They’re back at the doctors this afternoon and hopefully they’ll get some of the blood results back.

I seem to have spent most of the last week either in hospital or waiting for calls to say whether there was a bed for me or not.

Having not eaten anything since midnight on Monday night I called to see if there was a bed for me at 8am on Tuesday, nothing I had to wait for them to call me, they called me back at 2 to say still no bed, try again tomorrow.

Try again on Wednesday, nothing at 8, wait again, put the munchkin down for a nap at 10, was called at 10:30 to say we have a bed, will you come now please. We got to the hospital at 11, spent an hour waiting in a waiting room before seeing a nurse who gave me a gown and some oh so attractive surgical stockings. mum (who arrived at lunchtime on Tuesday) took the munchkin home at this point for lunch and another attempt at a nap. At about 12:30 we (there was another lady waiting for an ERPC) were taken down to a ward (surprisingly nice, individual en suite rooms).

I wasn’t seen by a doctor until about 3, all she did was put a canula in to give me some fluids (having not eaten since 10 the night before) and tell me that I had to wait and see the anaesthetist before I’d be able to go to theatre. For some reason she couldn’t get the cannula into the back of my hand, she gave up and used my elbow instead (trying to sleep when you usually curl up into a ball but you’ve got a cannula in your elbow is a challenge!). Eventually saw the anaesthetist at 6ish, he was the first person to ask me about any allergies. I’m allergic to most adhesives (even the supposedly hypoallergenic micropore gives me an itchy rash) and also mildly allergic to latex (only a mild dermal reaction). He asked me a bit about the latex, but didn’t seem too concerned.

Mr H, Mum and the munchkin appeared to say hello during evening visiting at 6:30, but couldn’t stay long as they needed to get the munchkin to bed.

However, at around 7:30 the surgeon appeared to say that I’d be put at the top of Thursday’s list for surgery so they could have a completely clean theatre for me due to not wanting to take any chances with the latex. I’ve never had that much of a reaction so I was rather surprised but glad to be given more of an idea rather than just sitting waiting.

After 21 hours of not eating the Heinz tomato soup I was given for dinner (all there was on the ward at 8pm) was one of the nicest things ever! It was frustrating though, having sat on a bed all afternoon waiting to be sent to theatre only to be told actually it’ll be tomorrow.

I was woken at 6 on Thursday by the nurse doing her observation round (I can’t understand why they need to do it quite so early, especially when the evening round is between 10 and 11pm!) and was given another bag of fluids through the cannula. They didn’t start prepping me for theatre until 9 so the morning seemed to drag. I was taken down to theatre at 10 and got back to the ward at about 11:45. I was told at this point that hopefully I’d be able to go home at 4….

After a lunch of very soggy tuna sandwiches, which I somehow managed to keep down (the first time I’ve ever had a general anaesthetic and been able to eat afterwards with out being sick and needing a nice injection of anti-emetics in my bottom!), Mum and the munchkin came into afternoon visiting hoping to be able to take me home with them. However, that was not to be, the doctor came in a said that because of the possible latex risk I’d need to stay in overnight. I was not particularly happy having been told one thing, and then another. I could understand in a way why they said it, but still, after all the delays I just wanted to get home and sleep in my own bed.

I was finally discharged at 9:30 yesterday after a very short nights sleep. The nurses didn’t do the evening drug round and observations until 11pm and then woke me at 6 for the morning obs, even on a good day I’m a person who needs 8 hours sleep and I was very tired after the anaesthetic.

I’m really glad I’ve had the surgery now and that the pregnancy is over. We can now try and move ourselves on from it. We’ve been advised to wait 3 months before trying for another baby, but at the moment it’s a long way from my mind. It’s going to take a bit for me to feel better after all this. I’m still a bit emotional at times, and am very tired. Maybe in 3 months we’ll want to try again, but maybe a bit longer, it’s too early to say really.

I’ve got my first weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow lunchtime (guess who’s eating lunch after the meeting??). Weighed 12 st 5 lbs last week so hoping I’ve made a good start to the weight loss. I have tried to be very good, staying within my points (actually not used them all this week so have some spare to enjoy sour cream and real cheese with my fajitas at dinner – yum!). Hopefully the hard work will have paid off.
I’ve also got to take the munchkin to the hospital for a scan of her hip in the afternoon. At her 6 week check the doctor found that her right hip was what they call clicky so we have to go and get it checked. It’s likely to be ok and just loose ligaments caused by hormones left over from when she was inside me but may be a problem with the joint. We’ll find out tomorrow.