Fun Monday

I’m heading up to my parents tomorrow so you won’t see a Fun Monday from me (not that I wear an apron if I can help it…).

Mum’s coping, trying to be strong – I’m not allowed to give her too many hugs. Dad’s not coping so well. Mum thinks he’s already forgetten the theft of her handbag, but he definitely hasn’t forgotten the night time one. He’s not eating much at all, drinking more again and smoking more. He’s also avoiding going out. I’m try an post a brief post while I’m there but otherwise I should be back home by the weekend.

Take care everyone.


Fun Monday

Willowtree is hosting today’s Fun Monday (as usual pop along and see who else is taking part today). His challenge is:

 “Tell us about your best friend. Particularly things like: where you first met, how long you’ve been friends and why you think you are best friends”

Well I have three people I count as my best friends so I’m going to talk about all three, in no particular order, as I know at least one of them lurks on here 🙂

I’ve known R1 since we started secondary school in 1994. We both joined the school choir and Christian union and started talking. She was my first friend at that school. We were on opposite halves of the year so never had lessons together but we met up several lunchtimes a week and at the two clubs. As we moved through school our friendship groups partially merged and by sixth form we were really good friends. We’re very similar people, we have the same opinions on most things and a similar upbringing. We have the same  sense of humour. R1 is someone I can talk to about anything. She’s the first person I told outside the family when I was pregnant and again she’s been the first person I told about the miscarriage. She’s spent the last year over in the US teaching in an elementary school and I’ve missed her so much, it’s been a lot harder to talk to her with the time difference and I missed our chats. She’s back over here for the summer at the moment and came down to stay with us at the weekend. It was just as easy as it has ever been. We know what the other is worried about and, usually, what to do to help them. She’s a wonderful, caring person who one day would be such a fantastic mother, the problem being that there is no other half on the horizon for her, she’s got a tendancy to really fall for someone who won’t reciprocate those feelings and I really hope she can find someone who loves her as much as she loves them. She did find it hard here at the weekend at times as she’s quite jealous of me (happily married with a ‘gorgeous’ daughter – her words), I just wish her the happiness I’ve got, and I’m sure that one day she’ll have it too.

I first met R2 at a Christian youth venture where we were both volunteering as leaders in 1998. I’d chosen that venture as the main leaders were my youth leaders at church, whereas R2 had gone to the venture previously as a pathfinder. We initally knew each other as junior leaders together and kept in touch a little that year, when we returned the yaer after we knew each other better and kept more in touch as we went to uni (R2 in London and me in Cambridge). Initially it was our shared faith that brought us together but as time went on we have more in common and share other beliefs and opinions. R2 is someone I can go to about anything, particularly if I want to talk about anything to do with God and religion. She’s one of the munchkin’s God-parents and was one of the first people we considered for that. We share a love of good food and wine and as R2 lives close to us she comes over for dinner at least once a month.

My third best friend is V. We met at university through mutual friends at the end of our first year in 2000. Our friends all moved out into a shared house for second year and V and I really got to know each other by being next-door neighbours in halls. I am sure that without V’s friendship and encouragement I wouldn’t have completed my degree as I was fairly lonely in college, though I had some good friends at church. V was baptised during our years in Cambridge and asked me to be her sponsor (God-parent for grown-ups 🙂 ), she is now another of the munchkin’s God-parents. We had very different wasys of working at college. V always got everything thoroughly completed well before the deadline and usually produced essays so long that they had to be cut down, whereas I left my essays until the last minute and often struggled to hit the lower boundary of the wod limit (I did juggle page margins several times to make the essays look longer than they were), unsurprisingly she left college with a higher graded degree than I did. She is someone I can call at the drop of a hat and just listen and offer any advice she can. She and her husband married the week before we did and delayed their honeymoon so that they could come to our wedding too. We’ve supported each other through various health problems (on both sides) and I know that if I need anything I just need to ask and V will do all she can to help, and I’d do the same for her.

Mr H is also, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a best friend of mine. But I think regular readers have heard enough about him at times!

Good morning! Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Tiggerlane. Her assignment for us is:

I wanna see your CAR! It can be your current car, the first car you ever had, maybe your first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, or even the dream car you would drive – given all the money in the world! Oh – and if you have a truck, SUV, lawnmower, whatever the local authorities allow you to drive, let’s see it! 

After a busy weekend, the one chance I had to take a photo of our car was dashed by a sudden thunder storm so again it’ll be a photo-less Fun Monday from me 🙂

I don’t drive so all the cars I talk about will actually be Mr H’s cars (though the last two were both bought with my inheritance from my Grandad).

When we first married Mr H had a little Peugeot 106, it was an L reg, so 1993/4. It was bought for the express purpose of getting Mr H to his summer placement job which was 30 miles away from his accommodation in Cambridge. It was a fantastic little car, I have fond memories of driving through the Welsh lanes in it. It met it’s death on the M1 on a rainy December night in 2003. The traffic in front suddenly braked and when Mr H tried to follow suit he viscoplaned into the back of the car in front. Unfortunately we were driving my Gran up to see my parents in Yorkshire at the time and her breastbone was broken in the accident.  She spent Christmas being closely watched in a hospital in Derbyshire as the break was very close to her heart. It looks from this like Mr H was driving far to close to the car in front, but he wasn’t, I’m quite an anxious passenger on motorways (having been a passenger in two other accidents on the M1) and I wasn’t at all worried about how he was drving, believe me I let him know when I’m not happy! I firmly believe the water on the motorway was the cause of the accident. Sadly the police didn’t agree and made Mr H pay to go on a driving skills course. Thankfully now that accident no longer has an effect on Mr H’s insurance costs.

We then bought my sister’s car from her as she wanted to buy a Smart car, so we had a 1996 Ford Fiesta (Mark IV model). It was a lovely dark blue colour (almost verging on purple). It wasn’t a great car, the engine was crappy, but it was cheap, which was what we needed at the time. It seemed to attract scratches whenever we parked it outside our flat in Cambridge or in supermarket car parks. We knew exactly who the culprit near the flat was (it was very easy to match the scrathes to marks on the little white van that raced into the parking area at speed and didn’t look where they were going when reversing) sadly we never saw them actually doing it to our car. We had this car until September 2005. It was also written off in an accident. This time Mr H was drving around a notorious junction when either a tyre burst or he skidded on oil, burst a tyre on the pavement and then slid sideways into the oncoming traffic. The police who attended immediately said that there would be no action taken as he junction was so unsafe anyway (the junction has since been completely redesigned). This happened on a Friday and on the following Tuesday Dad was driving down to us with a ‘new’ car for us (with the munchkin due 4 weeks later we couldn’t be without a car for long).

Our ‘new’ and current car is a Ford Mondeo Mark III (2001). It is huge compared to our previous cars but is fantastic for putting all our stuff in when we go on holiday. It is weirdly exactly the same colour as the Fiesta was. We’ve had a couple of probelsm with it, the exhaust fell off at Christmas when we were staying near my parents, I had some snowy walks from where we were staying up and down the hill to my parent’s house before the car was fixed. It was fun trying to stay upright in the ice and push the pram at the same time 🙂 We’ve also had a problem with the suspension, someone nudged it when it was parked and damaged trhe suspension. As Mr H was driving it to the garage to be fixed one of the broken parts moved and burst a tyre. Thankfully he was going fairly slowly and was close to the garage, at least he wasn’t driving along the A10 or A414 to or from work as that may have been a big problem as some people drive those roads very quickly.

It looks from this as though Mr H is a bad driver, but I really don’t think he is (and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to him) out of all the drivers I regularly am a passenger with I feel safest with him. One day (when we can afford it) he wants to do the advanced driving course and he uses what techniques he already knows from that now.

Well, that’s my photo-free Fun Monday. Go along to see Tiggerlane and see who else is taking part.

Fun Monday is today hosted by Debs at 1crazystitcher (pop along and see who else is playing and who next week’s host is). This is her request:

Show your favorite place to relax. It can be a chair, corner, ledge, or limb. 🙂 Get out those cameras and take pics or just write how you feel when you are in your “zone”. 

Space to relax 

This is my favourite place to relax. I curl up in the corner of this sofa with a book, magazine, some cross stitch or the TV remote 🙂 Usually in an evening all the munchkin’s toys are away, but I’ve only just remembered that it’s Monday and that I hadn’t done my Fun Monday entry… The sofas are surprisingly comfy, thet are a set of 2 (a 2 seater and a 3 seater) that Mr H and I bought in a sale about 18 months after we married using some of a study grant that Mr H was given…..not quite what the money was intended for but as I was earning by that point he didn’t need to spend as much of the money on course materials. Depending what lighting we use and whether the blinds are open or closed we can really change the mood of the room from play room, to cinema, to adult chill out zone depending on our mood. Anyone observant may notice that the bookcase was featured in my Fun Monday post a fortnight ago, but was in a different corner of the room. I decide to have a reshuffle to make the room cosier and I’m very happy with it here.

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jenni at Prairie Air (pop along and see a list of who’s taking part).

The topic for this Fun Monday is summer memories. Besides a few of your favorite summer memories, I’d like to hear what summer means to you. Is summer all about fireworks, watermelon seed wars, catching fireflies, days at the lake, family vacations, or the perfect swimsuit? What sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings do you associate with summer?

Having just had an impromptu weekend away I haven’t had time to dig out any photos so today’s Fun Monday from me is going to be a quick couple of paragraphs, sorry.

I love the chance to be outside in the summer, whether it’s being able to eat lunch/dinner in the garden, have a BBQ, camp while the nights are a bit warmer and enjoy walks with less chance of getting wet (though definitely not so far this year!).  When I was teaching it was definitely a time to look forward too, having a real chance to rest and catch my breath after a long year.

I have fond memories of Pathfinder Ventures (a Christian youth holiday). I went along as a leader for 5 years and loved it. I loved sitting out in the evenings with the other leaders talking and singing under the stars once we’d got all the teenagers to go to bed in their dorms in the house. We were out in the countryside and there was very little light pollution so on a clear night we could see so much. Another highlight of summer holidays was the annual trip to my grandparent’s house. They have a huge garden and we spent a lot of time out there. If the weather was dry we always had afternoon tea on the patio frequently complete with lovely home made scones. I can remember playing ball games with Dad and lots of games of french cricket.

My recent summer memories are mainly based upon our wedding anniversary (at the end of July). Our honeymoon almost 4 years ago was lovely, though typically British, we had a week of pouring rain and a week of scorching sunshine. I loved sitting on the decking at the back of the cottage we rented. It wasn’t over looked at all even though there were other cottages near the front of the house and we could relax and look over the Welsh countryside. We loved driving along the little lanes with the windows down blaring out the sound track to Shrek, though we did get sun burnt arms, my left arm and Mr H’s right (due to him always driving).

Summer though isn’t my favourite season. I’m not a fan of very hot weather, I over heat very easily so prefer spring and autumn. In addition to that I have an absolute hatred of Daddy Long Legs. I really struggle to be in the same room as one and when summer starts I know that soon I’ll be having to ask Mr H to get rid of them all the time. Amazingly so far this year we’ve only had one in the house, but that was bad enough. I’m hoping there won’t be so many this year, but I’m just expecting them to all desend at some point…

Well, that’s a quick bit about my summer memories and thoughts. Sorry again for the lack of photos. I’ve got a busy day ahead, but if I get time I’ll have a look on the computer and see what I can find. Happy Fun Monday!

Fun Monday

Hello! Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Swampwitch of Anecdotes, Antidotes and Anodes. Here is our assignment:

“I can learn a lot about a person by looking at their bookshelves and garage, or carport, or storage house… i.e. places where you store things.”
Swampy doesn’t know who said this, so if no one knows, she’ll take credit for it. This quote is not to be confused with Plato’s quote: “I can learn more about a person in one hour of play than in one year of conversation.”

So, here’s Fun Monday’s challenge for June 25: Post pictures of your BOOK shelves (other shelves are welcome too: toy shelves, collection shelves, any shelves) AND post pictures of the inside of your garage or any place where you lock the door when company comes so they can’t see the clutter. Rule: Don’t clean it up first.

I have managed to stick to that rule…it was so tempting to clear up first, but actually I’ve been run off my feet the past few days and haven’t got around to it 🙂

The first two pictures are the shelves in the living room, lots of double banked books and things migrating onto the top of the book cases as well as clutter everywhere….can you see why I was very tempted to tidy them first…they’re a bit embarassing.



The next photo is the bookcase in the dining room. Another clutter magnet (it’s too close to the desk, so when I need space on the desk I tend to shove things on the shelves rather than put them away….naughty Hannah!). Note the WordPress page open…yes I left it very late to take my photos again!


Finally, we don’t have a garage, but our spare room is currently a mess and has the door closed to it whenever anyone comes over. In our defense we are working though all our paper work and filing/organising it properly as well as emptying out all the remaining boxes from moving (including some boxes from college days…..I graduated 4 years ago and at least one box had never been emptied!). The bureau in the corner is supposedly where I do my card making/scrap booking, but since I can barely get to it I haven’t done any in ages. Mr H has been working on this, but lately various other DIY projects have got in the way of finishing it all off.


I’ve only just discovered that Swampwitch wanted to see some titles too….if I get the chance to upload another picture later on, I will, but otherwise sorry! 

Pop along to Swampwitch‘s place to see who else is doing Fun Monday and if anyone can out clutter/mess the H family!

Next week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Jenni at Prairie Air so visit her to see what she has planned for us.

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday challenge is being hosed by Molly at Return of the White Robin:

For this challenge, you have been asked to show us something that hangs on your wall that is fun, interesting, endearing, sentimental, or otherwise enticing. Select the picture of Uncle Horace, Grandma Galt’s needlepoint, or little Susie’s first fingerpainting to show the blogging community.

I’m going to show you three pictures that in an ideal world would be hanging on my walls, but only one of them is at the moment partly due to not having put up many picture hooks since we moved (16 months ago!)……. Apologies for the quality of the images…I meant to photograph/scan them in yesterday but we ended up being invited out for lunch after church so I didn’t have time.

The first is a framed set of photos of the munchkin that my sister gave to us at Christmas. I love the range of pictures from the munchkins first year. This isn’t up at the moment as we can’t agree where would be a nice place to put it, plus the munchkin loves gazing at the pictures of herself 🙂 so we get it out every so often and put it  on the floor with her.


The second is a gorgeous black and white seascape that was given to us as a wedding present from ‘my girls’. ‘My girls’ are friends from secondary school, we’ve all stayed in touch through university and out the other side and we try to meet up whenever we’re back in Yorkshire. I just love it, it’s so atmospheric.This is the one picture of the three that is actually up on the wall.


The final picture I’m going to show you was part of my twenty-first birthday present. The main part of the present was a trip to Paris,  first class on Eurostar, but as we weren’t going until 5 months later he bought me this picture as well. I just love the colours and detail on it. Apologies about the glare from the flash, but it was the only photo I took of it that even vaguely showed how lovely it is.


We have lots of other pictures waiting to be hung up on the wall when we get around to it, but these are my favourites (expect for my wedding photos, but Mr H would rather not have his picture on here).

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