..since I did a proper post about what’s been going on for the H family, but for a range of reasons I can’t sit in front of the computer for long so I’m going to do a bullet-point update.

  • The munchkin has 2 teeth coming though at once so is getting us up in the night and producing some incredibly evil nappies…anyone want any chemical weapons?
  • It’s also making her more clingy and short tempered, she won’t settle to playing on her own for more than 5 minutes and gets even grumpier if things aren’t going how she wants them to (reason number 1 that this is a quick post)
  • Mr H was so tired at work on Thursday after his trip to the States that one of his colleagues followed him home in the car to make sure he got back ok (why he didn’t use public transport I’m not sure!)
  • My diet is going better than last week, though I’m still not completely back on track…why did I buy some scones in Sainsbury’s last night?
  • The exercise idea was going really well, but I’ve pushed myself too much and strained some muscles in my back (reason number 2 this is a short post), I can’t stay in the same position for long or bend over comfortably
  • My sister’s last set of chromosomal results all came back normal so it’s just a wait now until her next scan (next week) to see what’s happening with my nephew
  • My dad should be getting his brain scan results today, we’re torn between wanting something to show up so we know where we stand and possibly a prognosis and wanting it to be clear
  • I’ve discovered that while Facebook is fab for keeping up with friends there are some odd people who add you as a friend because you share interests but then getting clingy and very moody if you don’t say hello frequently!
  • FlyLady has flown away…the house is a mess partly due to my back and partly due to me getting out of routine when my friend was staying last weekend….hopefully I’lll get that back on track again soon too.
  • I’ve got two more friends coming to stay on Sunday, I really need to tidy up before then…they have offered to baby-sit for one of the two nights they’re here so that Mr H and I have a night off in our anniversary week (4 years next week 🙂 ).
  • The munchkin’s god-mother is also coming over on our anniversary to give us a night out then, we haven’t had two nights out in such a short space of tine for I don’t know how long
  • Mr H has agreed to start trying for baby #2 again in October 🙂 He’d rather wait longer, but he understands that I think the munchkin will cope better with the arrival with a brother or sister before she turns 3 (plus the fact I’m ridiculously broody at the moment)
  • I’m really looking forward to the final Harry Potter book coming out tomorrow, we haven’t pre-ordered it and aren’t planning on going out at midnight to get it, just hoping that one of the supermarkets will have some in stock tomorrow morning

That’ll do for now, I’ve typed this in several short bursts and I’m going to have to give up for now. Bye!


I realised this morning that I haven’t posted much for a little bit so I thought I’d make an effort to say something….

I’ve had such a week of not knowing whether I’m coming or going. I’m finding it hard to get my thoughts and housework in order if I have something happening that changes my normal routine. It sounds stupid but after going out to church yesterday morning to help get things ready for tomorrow’s garden party I found it so hard to get the motivation to do anything. I did the bare minimum but didn’t get things done that weren’t essential so I now feel like I’ve got lots to do today. Grrr… I’m going to give myself some time now (I’ve already done the washing up and loaded the washing machine and dishwasher so I’ve made an ok start) and then once I’ve posted this and had a quick look at some of my blogroll I really need to get on. I’m still trying to follow the whople FlyLady thing and it is helping as despite my low this week the house still looks reasonable and I felt ok enough about it to be able to invite a friend from church over for a drink after church.

The other downside of yesterday’s low was my diet….I’m very much an emotional eater and yesterday ended up going out and buying (and then eating) lots of malteasers…ooppss…. I’m going to have to be so good over the weekend to make up for it. I have lost 10 1/2 lbs in the last 9 weeks and I don’t want to destroy all the work I’ve done already

I had to head over to Chelmsford on Wednesday to see the allergy specialist. He decided to do skin tests to check the status of the latex allergy and also common things like grass pollen and house dust mites while he was at it. I didn’t react to the latex there (though I had a small reaction to the dust mites) but he has advised me to get referred to the dermatologist at my local hospital as my reaction appears to be a contact dermatitis and is worth getting checked out to find out exactly what I’m reacting to in adheshives.

I’ve got to head into the next town on this afternoon to meet Mr H and do the shopping and I’m hoping that by then I’ll have got the kitchen and dining room back under my complete control and maybe even have done a little bit of crafting (something I haven’t touched in weeks…).

A good few months ago I started looking at the FlyLady routines and beginning to follow her baby steps towards getting a tidier and organised house. When my depression took hold it all fell by the wayside. I’ve now decided that I need some help to get my housework and general organisation back under control. So I’m turning back to FlyLady.

I know the system has worked well for the wife of one of Mr H’s college friends, someone who’s a bit like me in some ways. So I’m going to give it a really good go this time and keep at it, I didn’t even manage to finish working through the baby steps last time!

The first thing we ‘FlyBabies’ are asked to do is to shine our kitchen sink every day. It’s a great start for me it’s a challenge….when we moved into our house we inherited a fairly nice kitchen, reasonably well installed with nice enough units and tiles but with a horrendous cream plastic sink. Now, if anyone knows a way of making a cream plastic sink shine I’d love to know….. I give it a good scrub (a pan only has to touch the sink for it to get black marks and ‘scratches’ on it), but there’s no way to get it properly clean.

Mr H and I have talked about getting a new steel sink, it’s the only thing we want to do to the kitchen. I think I’m just going to have to work on him a bit more….he really likes it when I’ve got the housework well under control as there’s less for him to do when he gets in from work in an evening…..a sink I could actually shine would help me stay more motivated to keep going with the whole FlyLady thing. I think it’s just the expense that’s bothering him at the moment, a new sink isn’t cheap, plus we’d need to buy new taps as well. Mr H would definitely be able to install it himself though. I let you know if I manage to persuade Mr H to let me get a new sink.

Are there any other FlyBabies reading this? How do you find the system works for you?