Good afternoon! Just a quick update here today. Diet going fine. Fitness class this morning was a killer. The munchkin’s movement class this afternoon wasn’t a lot better. I’m certainly going to ache tomorrow. Mr H is shattered, and he’s not even going to get much rest this weekend which my nephew’s baptism. We’re driving up oon Sunday morning for the service and then staying over for another party on the Monday afternoon. He’s only going to have Saturday as any downtime. He has agreed to me ordering in the shopping this week, it’ll be one less thing he needs to do on Saturday. It does mean I can have a very nice browse through the Ocado (more expensive, but better quality than the others – plus I have a discount voucher) website though! Mr H was too tired to think about the campsite last night hopefully tonight otherwise it’ll be Friday as one or other of us will be at church tomorrow evening for the Ascension day service. Having been out all day I now have to catch up on the housework…fun! So I’m off, will try and stop by some blogs later. Bye!


No sooner to I start to get over the cold I’ve had, and the munchkin begin to perk up from the cold she’s had, we get to last night and find that Mr H has yet another bug. This time a bit of a tummy one. It’s just been one thing after another with him. He’s not been properly well since February, he’s been fighting off the cold I’ve just had for the last 2 1/2 weeks and now this. He wasn’t helped by a long day at work on Tuesday, a meeting scheduled to last from 3-3:30 went on until 6:30 and it was at the office over 2 hours from home, on the other side of London. He worked from home yesterday (a bit less pressure than the office and a slave to make meals and drinks!) but was shattered anyway by 5.

Roll on nice summer weather. I’m sure that being able to spend more time out in the sunshine will help us all. I know that when Mr H can go out for regular rides on his bikes he feels a lot better (as long as he doesn’t fall off – last week’s trick while fording a river on his first ride in 7/8 weeks). We’ll be able to take the bikes away with us more easily now as well. The new car has mounting points inside it so that we can strap the bikes inside the car and they’ll be secure without us needing to surround them with bags etc. Hopefully that’ll encourage us to go riding as a family more as well, I can count on 2 hands the number of times we have used the trailer we bought for the munchkin in August 2006! I know that riding more will definitely do me good, the only real exercise I get is the fitness class on a Wednesday (which I couldn’t even go to yesterday thanks to the cold).

I was quite grateful that Mr H was home yesterday. As I was cooking lunch the munchkin grabbed some papers from the dining table and in the process managed to tip a full glass of squash over my new laptop! I was not impressed, and nor was Mr H when the juice spread over the table and also got his work laptop and phone. Thankfully Mr H was able to dry out the laptops (though my TV card is still out and drying). The fact that the battery was low and turned itself off just after the soaking did not help my worry. All seems fine now but I guess we’ll see over the next couple of days.

On another note, maybe while Mr H is home today we’ll manage to narrow down where we want to go camping in June (and confirm the date, church commitments are proving difficult to work around). So far the criteria includes decent showers/toilets (my request), fairly near good mountain bike trails (his request) and nice countryside nearby (for both of us). Does anyone know of any good campsites or have any suggestions of areas to go to? I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but hey, I can’t lose anything! We’re not really bothered where we go at the moment, though the North of Scotland is a bit too far this time!

Well, that’s the end of my slightly muddled catch up for today, time to go and get some housework done! Bye!

A mixed up post with a few little bits! 

Mr H and I had a slightly overdue discussion about trying for another baby yesterday. Much as I don’t want it to be, the only sensible option is to wait until we know what’s happening with Mr H’s job come November, whether he’s staying in the new group or whether they’re all being made redundant. This means that trying for baby #2 has had to be postponed, probably, until next year.

Due to the above I’m really going to try and stick to the diet (I know, I’ve said that before). I used to say to myself that we’ll be trying for a baby before too long, there’s not point being too strict now, I’ll wait. Well since I’ve now got a year or more I’m going to try and get myself down to a healthy BMI, or ideally the middle of the healthy BMI. I’m going to try and remember to weigh myself every Monday morning and update my weightloss page accordingly, though I’ve not had a good start to that – I forgot this morning! I’ve not been too good lately so I suspect I’ll go up rather than down when I next weigh myself but at least I’ll know where I stand. My nephew, J, is being baptised on 4 May so that’s my first aim, be able to wear something nice and not look pregnant (I did on some of my sister’s wedding photos).

The Mums and tots fitness class I’ve been going to has been given another 8 weeks of funding to continue after Easter so hopefully that’ll help the weightloss as well. Last week was great, though I didn’t half ache on Thursday. We were doing circuit training with 14 different 2 minute stations. This week is all exercise based around gym balls…I bought one of those to sit on when pregnant with the munchkin, I might get it out and have a try and using it for the exercises… I know that doing regular exercise will help me lose weight and get fitter, I’ve just got to get off my backside and do it!

I’ve been browsing the internet this morning trying to find somewhere that’s not going to rip me off completely. I’m looking for (very) reasonably priced flowers to send to my grans for Mothering Sunday…. Most of the cheaper ones I can find are rather pathetic looking bunches of carnations (I hate having such a budget but we didn’t manage to get the remortgage organised before a couple of payments at the high variable rate). Does anyone have any recommendations of sites that might be worth a look? If I lived nearer I’d go and see them at some point over the next couple of weeks and take something then, but as it is I have no idea when I’ll see them next (probably baby J’s baptism).

 And a follow up to some comments from my photos post:

Littlemissbliss – while Mr H is my toyboy (by 7 months) he’s not that young! He’s 26, though he was only 21 when we married.

Beccy – here you are: 

Chocolate brownies (pinched from V, though I don’t know where she got it from)

 100g Butter/marg, melted
1 cup Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Essence
2 eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/3 cup cocoa
1/4 tsp baking powder(only if you’re using plain flour)
1/2 cup choc chunks (or more!)

Blend butter, sugar and vanilla together. Then add eggs, cocoa, flour, baking powder, salt and chocolate.

Pour into a greased (or lined) baking tin (suggested 9×6 inches)
Bake at 180 C fo 20-25 mins

I baked mine in a 7×7 tin and ended up with rather crunchy edges as the middle wasn’t cooking, but they’ve softened with time (not that I gave them much!) and were nice and chewy by the next day.

Well that’s it for my mixed up Monday! Hope you’ve all had a good start to your weeks. Take care!

Actually…make that a lot unfit!

I’ve just got back from the fitness class for parents and toddlers at the local leisure centre and I’m soooo unfit. I went a fortnight ago (though we missed it when the munchkin was off colour last week) and I thought I coped ok, but this week as well as the hula hooping we did last time we were skipping. I’m definitely getting better at hula hooping, and I can skip ok, but I was so tired so quickly. I think I need to get out and do more walking (not much else I can do with the munchkin). I do have a stepper thing here so I suppose I really ought to get it out and use that more.

Going to go and make myself a nice lunch now, I’m ravenous! I’ve got a bit of smoked salmon so I’m going to be healthy and make a cous cous salad with that.

..since I did a proper post about what’s been going on for the H family, but for a range of reasons I can’t sit in front of the computer for long so I’m going to do a bullet-point update.

  • The munchkin has 2 teeth coming though at once so is getting us up in the night and producing some incredibly evil nappies…anyone want any chemical weapons?
  • It’s also making her more clingy and short tempered, she won’t settle to playing on her own for more than 5 minutes and gets even grumpier if things aren’t going how she wants them to (reason number 1 that this is a quick post)
  • Mr H was so tired at work on Thursday after his trip to the States that one of his colleagues followed him home in the car to make sure he got back ok (why he didn’t use public transport I’m not sure!)
  • My diet is going better than last week, though I’m still not completely back on track…why did I buy some scones in Sainsbury’s last night?
  • The exercise idea was going really well, but I’ve pushed myself too much and strained some muscles in my back (reason number 2 this is a short post), I can’t stay in the same position for long or bend over comfortably
  • My sister’s last set of chromosomal results all came back normal so it’s just a wait now until her next scan (next week) to see what’s happening with my nephew
  • My dad should be getting his brain scan results today, we’re torn between wanting something to show up so we know where we stand and possibly a prognosis and wanting it to be clear
  • I’ve discovered that while Facebook is fab for keeping up with friends there are some odd people who add you as a friend because you share interests but then getting clingy and very moody if you don’t say hello frequently!
  • FlyLady has flown away…the house is a mess partly due to my back and partly due to me getting out of routine when my friend was staying last weekend….hopefully I’lll get that back on track again soon too.
  • I’ve got two more friends coming to stay on Sunday, I really need to tidy up before then…they have offered to baby-sit for one of the two nights they’re here so that Mr H and I have a night off in our anniversary week (4 years next week 🙂 ).
  • The munchkin’s god-mother is also coming over on our anniversary to give us a night out then, we haven’t had two nights out in such a short space of tine for I don’t know how long
  • Mr H has agreed to start trying for baby #2 again in October 🙂 He’d rather wait longer, but he understands that I think the munchkin will cope better with the arrival with a brother or sister before she turns 3 (plus the fact I’m ridiculously broody at the moment)
  • I’m really looking forward to the final Harry Potter book coming out tomorrow, we haven’t pre-ordered it and aren’t planning on going out at midnight to get it, just hoping that one of the supermarkets will have some in stock tomorrow morning

That’ll do for now, I’ve typed this in several short bursts and I’m going to have to give up for now. Bye!

…is where I need to be 😦

I had my weigh in last night and I’ve put on 1 1/2 lbs in the last fortnight. It’s what I deserve really, but I’m so annoyed at myself. I’ve eaten so much rubbish lately, firstly when Mr H was away (a combination of tiredness and just being low with him away) and then the weekend just gone when my friend was staying here. She’s not really worried about her weight and will just eat what she fancies and my self control went out of the window and I just ate what I fancied too.

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I did, and I now have to face the consequences. I’ve now been doing the diet for more weeks than lbs I’ve lost and I’m much happier when it’s the other way round.

I’m restarting my food diary and I’ve added an exercise tracker to my weightloss page (at the top, by the about me tab). I’ve recently bought a Lateral Thigh Trainer and I’m going to try and use it every day while the munchkin naps. I hoped to do 5 minutes today, but I had to give up at 3 1/2, hopefully I’ll manage more tomorrow. I do feel good for having done that though. My long term aim with it is to be able to do 30 minutes on it fairly comfortably and then up the resistance (it’s on the easiest setting at the moment).

I’ve got more friends coming to stay on Sunday (as well as a big night out on Saturday with the munchkin’s Godmother) so it’ll be a real challenge this week, but I want to pop in to weigh in on Monday and come out smiling. I’m now 3 lbs off my first stone and I would love to get that in a fortnight, I hope I can do it.

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my old template. I did love it, but wanted the flexibility of the new system. Many thanks to Jeni for giving me the old template, maybe one day I’ll manage to teach myself enough HTML to create my own one.

My weight loss ticker also reappeared this week. I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers one more go, I know all the points counting works for me when I keep focussed and I really want to succeed this time. I’d love to weigh less than Mr H. He’s 5’9″ tall and weighs 8 stone 13, where as I’m 5’2″ and weigh 12 stone 3 (or did when I weighed in last Sunday, hopefully it’ll be less by weigh in tomorrow). That put my BMI at 31.3 (obese!), and Mr H’s at 18.46 (underweight). I’m not sure I could ever get to that target, but with 7 lbs of him would be nice. My initial weight target is 10 stone, I’d love to get to 9 stone (middle of the healthy BMI for my height). At the moment I’m delaying trying to conceive #2 until I get my weight a bit more in control and am sure that my depression and hormones post implant are under control.

So far this week I’ve done really well, kept within my points (even when the munchkin was poorly and I was eating junk for the energy fix) and done a lot more exercise. Mr H, the munchkin and I all walked (or rode in the munchkin’s case) all the way into town and back home again this morning. It’s around 3 miles each way and isn’t something I’ve managed before. It felt so good, especially when I pushed the pushchair all the way home laden with all the shopping (including a huge bag of potatoes). I’m going to try and find some excuse to walk into town at least twice a week and go for a shorter walk every other day. The local newsagent doesn’t sell the weekly mag I try and get every week so that’s one outing, reading group at the library in town is another….I’ll have to work on the rest!

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