That’s who lives in this house….

I’m only just writing our Christmas thank you letters! It’s something I feel is really important, but I’ve just been putting it off and off. I won’t be able to do that next year when the munchkin will definitely be able to help write hers.

I’ve said thank you on the phone or in person to most of our relatives, but some of our friends were very generous and really do deserve a proper thank you. I must admit I am cheating a bit (ok, a lot!) by doing them as a card on MS publisher so I only have a small amount of space to write in and I can put a photo on the front (actually the one from this post).

We’re still fighting the cold here, I’ve had to keep the munchkin at home rather than going out and putting her in creche, she’s just too snotty and is also coughing now as well. Oh well, hopefully by being at home today I can catch up on the housework I couldn’t do yesterday….maybe anyway!


What a busy fortnight since I last posted (though that was somewhat predictable).

Firstly thank you for my happy Christmas messages! I hope everyone had a good Christmas (I’ve not managed to even start to catch up on blogs since I got back yet so I’m just hoping at the moment).

Our Christmas was good, though sadly snow free, we didn’t even have any frost up in the north of Scotland last week, the week before we went it was so cold and frostly up there there was sea ice on the beach! It was definitely tiring though, it took a while for the munchkin to settle into a routine and we had a few very restless nights before she slept properly.

Christmas day itself was spent in the morning at church, followed by sherry and mince pies in the bishop’s house (he only became bishop this year, having been the rector of that church so returned for the Christmas services). The munchkin napped while we opened our presents, then when she woke she opened hers and we all went for a walk on the beach while D (Mr H’s sister) finished off cooking lunch. We finally sat down to eat at 4:30! I think Mum (who cooks Christmas dinner on Boxing day) has the right idea, we were all so hungry by that point that I, at least, didn’t enjoy the food as much as I might have done.

The rest of the time up north was good, we managed a couple of short walks. I spent much of the Thursday at home alone with the munchkin so that Mr H could go for a proper mountain walk with the others, something he loves doing and doesn’t get the chance to do much.

The flight back was hard work, it was rather delayed after faults in the plane before it’s flight up, and then we were delayed again once we were on the plane while they checked the engines and got the plane set up for a take off in cross winds. It was a turbulant flight as well which left me with head aches for a couple of days (that often happens when I fly). The munchkin was very good, though got a bit upset when she saw I wasn’t feeling well. She loves all forms of transport so thoroughly enjoyed watching the planes at the airport.

Since we came home we’ve been trying to get back on top of the washing and generally getting the house tidier again. With all the stress of Mr H’s redundancy as well as going away for Christmas it’s all a bit of a tip. Mr H has done a lot to help get it back in order but now he’s back at work it’s all down to me. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep the house much tidier and with fewer piles of ‘stuff’ around the place. We’ve made a good start I’ve just got to keep it going and get myself into a proper routine.

Another resolution for me is to get my diet back under control. I’m very much a confort eater and I’ve been eating lots of junk over the past 2 months, I’m going to try and get myself back doing the Slimming World thing and see if I can get my weight (and dress size) lower.

Well, that’s my catch up, I’m going to go and try and catch up on all your news now, according to Bloglines I have 400 unread posts so it may take some time!

And I still haven’t packed or done all the tidying. I have however done all the shopping and washed all the clothes we might need. Tomorrow’s job is the packing and cleaning.

I have also changed my blog template. I’ve not played with it much, but I have put a photo of my own at the top, so its a bit more personal. Still simple, but a bit more colourful than before.

I’m hoping to find the time tomorrow to post a proper Merry Christmas, but if I don’t have time, I hope you all have a peaceful and happy Christmas.

…I will (hopefully) have landed in Scotland ready to start our Christmas holiday!

Which means I have less than 3 days to finsh buying presents (the munchkin’s stocking, last bits for Mr H’s siblings and their other halves, final bits for Mr H), wash (and dry) all clothes we want to take with us, pack, sort the munchkins toys, find the timers so that the Christmas lights will work in the window while we’re away (so as not to make it glaringly obvious to the local grotbags that the house is unoccupied) and tidy the bomb site that has appeared in the kitchen diner.

Ummm….right….so why am I sat here? Because I’m still sneezing something chronic and absolutely shattered doing the slightest little thing. I’m just psyching myself to get up and get going on what I need to do.

Right….Hannah…get yourself in gear….and GO!

For the first time (I think) I’ve been given a bloggy award!

Thank you Chris!

I’m going to pass it on to Suburban Mum for being my first bloggy friend and always making me smile either here, on her blog or on Facebook, and to MissBliss for letting me reminisce about Cambridge through her posts and giving me lots of yummy looking recipe ideas.

I’m also wondering about changing the look of my blog, I think I’ll have to stick with one of the wordpress templates (I’m rather clueless about html etc), but are there any colours that you hate/find it hard to read against? I want to add more colour, I like being able to have my own picture at the top as I have here, but I’m just finding it all a bit boring.

 A quick note to add to yesterday’s post, I won’t light the candle in the tree…’d go up in smoke in an instant! I’ll light it at the table at some point instead.

My ornament swap from Julie’s ornament exchange has arrived!

The post popped through the door, then a little while later the bell rang….the post lady was there with the van for parcels! It took me a while to work out what it could be. I saw the USPS mark and thought it might be from my friend who’s teaching over in the US for the year, but then I saw the customs declaration….and it said ‘Ornament’ and a name that’s not my friend’s!

Cue excitement in the H house (at least from me!)

Surprise box

As I opened it the munchkin took an interest as well (you can see her toes in the next picture as she desperately wanted to unpack it).

Opened box

I unwrapped a beautiful candle holder with a fabulously scented candle.

Beautiful ornament

Here it is in the tree.

 In the tree

And here is the munchkin loving the polystyrene packaging!

The munchkin’s new toy

I absolutely love it! Jessica in North Carolina, thank you so much! I don’t know your blog address so I can’t thank you there, but I hope you see this (if you let me know your blog address I’ll link to you). Thank you also to Julie for organising this.

Frosty grass and leaves 

Some winter pros and cons:

+ Beautiful frosty scenary
– Very cold fingers when I try and photograph it
+ Spider’s webs look amazing
– They’re mainly at the back of the house which is where the sun is all day so they melt quickly
+ The munchkin looks gorgeous all wrapped up in her big coat, hat and gloves
– The munchkin always has cold fingers as she simply will not keep her gloves on
+ It’s a great excuse for more cuddles with the munchkin
– During said cuddles she has a tendancy to slip cold fingers down my top and the giggle at my yelps
+ Christmas comes in the middle of winter
– Mr H is tight when it comes to sending cards….he keeps trying to get me to pack up all family ones together even when I know people won’t see each other until after Christmas
+ I get to decorate the house and tree
– The munchkin keeps taking ornaments off the tree (all the breakable ones are out of reach!)
+ I have the fun, brightly coloured angel on the top of the tree
– She’s had too much seasonal alcohol and keeps drunkenly falling over!
+ I get to buy and wrap lots of presents for family and friends
– I have to try and guess what Mr H wants as he doesn’t often tell me
+ I have an excuse to wrap myself up in a fleece blanket on the sofa and watch trashy TV
– The pipes in the kitchen freeze up and I can’t cook properly or even run the washing machine or dishwasher

As you can imagine the latter of those is the most frustrating, it happened briefly yesterday, but it was just the cold and we were out meeting the munchkin’s little friends all morning anyway, but this morning we’re in all day (except for a walk later on) and I have lots to do. I’ve had the heating on all morning, rather than the usual couple of hours as we get up, but since the thermostat is (stupidly) in the living room (the warmest room in the house, which gets sunshine all day) it doesn’t make much difference unless I turn it up all the way, in which case the living room and bedrooms would be unbearable.

I’m writing this just after lunch and I’m getting a trickle out of them now. We did look at lagging the pipes after last winter but we’d need to rip the whole kitchen out and we haven’t had to money to do that. Maybe this year (depending on Mr H’s work) we’ll get it done.

Talking of Mr H’s work. He’s spoken to the company that offered him a job and they’re happy for him not to sign anything yet and ensure that he gets the full redundancy package. There’s still a slim chance of something where he is (in which case he’d stay), but we’re now in the position of definitely having a job next year. That’s huge weight off our minds. He’s still going to the interview he’s got lined up tomorrow, but we’re not worried about it. If they offer him somethihng, fab, we’ve got more options if not then we’re fine too.

I had a comment yesterday from Nikke, she’s received the ornaments I sent as part of Julie’s ornament exchange. I’m so glad she likes them, I love these olive wood decorations and as soon as I signed up I knew what I had to get her.

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