No sooner to I start to get over the cold I’ve had, and the munchkin begin to perk up from the cold she’s had, we get to last night and find that Mr H has yet another bug. This time a bit of a tummy one. It’s just been one thing after another with him. He’s not been properly well since February, he’s been fighting off the cold I’ve just had for the last 2 1/2 weeks and now this. He wasn’t helped by a long day at work on Tuesday, a meeting scheduled to last from 3-3:30 went on until 6:30 and it was at the office over 2 hours from home, on the other side of London. He worked from home yesterday (a bit less pressure than the office and a slave to make meals and drinks!) but was shattered anyway by 5.

Roll on nice summer weather. I’m sure that being able to spend more time out in the sunshine will help us all. I know that when Mr H can go out for regular rides on his bikes he feels a lot better (as long as he doesn’t fall off – last week’s trick while fording a river on his first ride in 7/8 weeks). We’ll be able to take the bikes away with us more easily now as well. The new car has mounting points inside it so that we can strap the bikes inside the car and they’ll be secure without us needing to surround them with bags etc. Hopefully that’ll encourage us to go riding as a family more as well, I can count on 2 hands the number of times we have used the trailer we bought for the munchkin in August 2006! I know that riding more will definitely do me good, the only real exercise I get is the fitness class on a Wednesday (which I couldn’t even go to yesterday thanks to the cold).

I was quite grateful that Mr H was home yesterday. As I was cooking lunch the munchkin grabbed some papers from the dining table and in the process managed to tip a full glass of squash over my new laptop! I was not impressed, and nor was Mr H when the juice spread over the table and also got his work laptop and phone. Thankfully Mr H was able to dry out the laptops (though my TV card is still out and drying). The fact that the battery was low and turned itself off just after the soaking did not help my worry. All seems fine now but I guess we’ll see over the next couple of days.

On another note, maybe while Mr H is home today we’ll manage to narrow down where we want to go camping in June (and confirm the date, church commitments are proving difficult to work around). So far the criteria includes decent showers/toilets (my request), fairly near good mountain bike trails (his request) and nice countryside nearby (for both of us). Does anyone know of any good campsites or have any suggestions of areas to go to? I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but hey, I can’t lose anything! We’re not really bothered where we go at the moment, though the North of Scotland is a bit too far this time!

Well, that’s the end of my slightly muddled catch up for today, time to go and get some housework done! Bye!


Mr H’s commute to work today entails leaving home at 7:15 driving to the nearest office (not the one he usually works at) to pick up a colleague, driving on to the airport, parking up, bussing to the check in and then a flight to Dublin before picking up a hire car and driving to a meeting! Then doing it all again in reverse to arrive home sometime (hopefully) not long after 11pm!

That’s one long day for him! And this meeting was only arranged on Monday. I think I may have a rather tired husband tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s not going to be that easy a day for him either. We need to be at the showroom at 9:30 tomorrow to pick up the new car before I am picked up by a friend to sing in a ‘Come and sing Messiah’. I’m being picked up at 12:45 for an afternoon of workshops before the sing through in the evening. I’m really looking forward to it, though I haven’t done any proper choral singing for years (6/7! which reminds me, I need to have a  listen to the CD). Mr H is staying home with the munchkin, but will also have to head to the supermarket as we’ll need most of the weekly shop by then. He may manage to get some down time, but the munchkin does miss her Daddy when he’s away so may want to do a lot with him, especially as she won’t see him at all today.

I’m feeling a bit better today. I got myself up with Mr H, and by the time the munchkin woke up I’d loaded the washing machine and dishwasher and prepared our breakfasts. I’ve currently got an apple, sultana and cinnamon loaf on the go in the breadmaker (hope it works!) and I’m planning a nice dinner for myself tonight (might as well have something I enjoy and Mr H isn’t keen on!). I hope everyone reading has a good weekend. I’ll be back again next week. Bye!

Just a quick follow up to a couple of comments:

Junior Docspot – this is the first time we’re replacing a car without Mr H having written it off! In the past we’ve had so little money that we either bought from family (bad idea – my sister is rather hard on cars!) or sent Dad to a car auction saying to get what he could for a certain amount of money (being in Yorkshire compared to us in Cambridge he could get a lot more for the money). Both times we needed a car either due to work for one of us or the impending arrival of the munchkin!

Mumof4 – love the German language idea! Thanks! I thought the car needed a link as no one (me included) I’d spoken to had heard of the Yaris Verso before…glad it helped someone.

I’m plodding on here. Having a really can’t be bothered week, I’m struggling to get the motivation to do anything other than eat junk (am being fairly good still…) and watch trashy telly. I’m not sure where it’s come from, whether it’s a virus, a return of a bit of depression or something else… I’m just hoping it lifts soon! Mr H is a bit similar, though some of his is definitely down to working very hard and not getting chance to go out in the fresh air to do some exercise. Neither of us are sleeping very well which is never good as we just make each other worse, but hopefully that’ll stop soon. Anyway, thanks to the general crapness I’m feeling the dining room isn’t looking too great, though the breakfast bar is almost clear and the search for the MOT certificate for the Mondeo has meant that the desk in the dining room is clearer than it’s been for months too!

Mr H was browsing the local paper on Saturday morning when he saw a car listed for sale he liked the look of. He decided we’d go and have a look (it had been traded in at one of the local big dealerships).

We had a good look at it and gave it a test drive and then decided to try and barter the price down (Mr H being a typical tight-fisted Yorkshire man didn’t want to pay the full price!). They didn’t give as much for our car as he’d hoped for the trade in (but it was what I expected) and weren’t willing to drop the price at all (though they threw in a year’s warranty and 6 months tax). We ended up going out for lunch and having a big discussion as to whether it was worth the money and whether we could afford it.

We decided to go for it! We’ve just managed to pay for it out of our savings (plus £1000 on a credit card which will be paid off with 2/3  months). It does blow absolutely all our savings for now but we won’t have a finance deal hanging over us.

As of next Saturday (when we collect it after the service) we will be the proud owners of a Toyota Yaris Verso! (though a slightly newer model than shown there – 54 reg) It’s the horrible ‘gold’ (read sicky, metallic, yellow-green) colour but apart from that it’s pretty much exactly what we wanted as a replacement to our Ford Mondeo. It’s more efficient than the Mondeo and will be a lot cheaper to insure. It’s got masses of space inside, plus the back seats fold into the floor if we ever need to load it with a lot of things. It’ll be perfect for going camping with and we should be able to fit our bikes inside it as well without taking them apart too much.

The Verso is also something that I’d be willing to drive. The seats are a bit higher up and the car itself is a fair bit smaller than the Mondeo. The thing to do now is apply for a new provisional license and save up for driving lessons…at about £27 a go around here it may take some time for us to be able to afford for me to take many lessons. I still don’t really like the idea of driving but it would help us a lot if I could.


In other news we finally have a munchkin who will say thank you (or rather ‘danks’) when we ask her to. Even though we often have to ask her a coupe of times it’s better than nothing. Potty training is still going well. We’ve had one wet accident in the past week (on the sofa!) but we’ve not seen a #2 for 3 days now…

The kitchen is still looking fairly good. It was left a little messy over the weekend but it won’t take very long at all to get it tidy and clean again. This week’s mission is to get the dining room in the same condition (i.e. clean, tidy, clutter away).

The diet isn’t going too badly. No loss this week, but no gain either. I definitely deserved to see a gain this morning, I ate so much junk over the weekend thanks to it being a certain time of the month and being out car shopping on Saturday. Back to trying ot be good this week. I’m tracking everything on Tesco’s healthy living tracker (which is free as well!) and am trying to be honest on there so let’s see if that helps.