…another busy day so just a quick update.

Mr H has almost got his CV finished and the Scotland job is still online so I’m going to be spending every free minute researching the company and seeing how viable the job is. There aren’t many other companies up there that Mr H would be able to work for so we don’t want to move if there’s a high chance of him being made redundant in the next few years.

Just a quick thank you before I go to those who recommended Bloglines, it’s fab. I’ve been able to keep up to date with blogs so much more easily (I just wish it was easier to comment on some of them).


I’ve just set up my bloglines (thank you, munchkin for sleeping well!), not sure how quite to work it all, but I now have 44(!) feeds set up there so hopefully I can keep track of my favourite blogs a little better. There are more blogs than this on my blogroll and I’ll just try to pop by the others every so often, I’m not even sure 44 on bloglines is few enough! We’ll have to wait and see.

I was a little worried about my friend coming to stay this week (she basically invited herself) and after a couple of weeks of us being poorly and trying to get back into a routine I thought that it’s be hard work, but it was great. I last saw her at our mini college reunion in the spring and it was great to see her again. We didn’t exactly do much but just relaxed and for her it was a change of scene (what I think she needed after a busy term at school). I cooked us a full roast dinner on Tuesday which was yummy (except the vast quantity of washing up a roast leaves behind) and Wednesday was spent pottering around the house and then shopping in the afternoon. She left yesterday morning for her train back up to the distant north (she’s almost a Geordie 🙂 ).

Yesterday was a lovely day. It was Mr H’s birthday and hence we had a cooked breakfast before he went to work (nicely timed also to set my friend up for her journey home) and cake later in the day (which was why we had to go shopping on Wednesday as he wanted a chocolate caterpillar cake – he’s 26!!! – made by M&S bu they didn’t have any in stock). We also had a visit by the health visitor. The mucnhkin is doing incrediably well for her age in everything except her speech, but that’s near enough that she’s not worried at the moment. Her vocabulary is increasing (exponentially at the moment) and she’s starting to string words together. The health visitor was very impressed by the munchkin’s builing skills, she got out a little pile of bricks expecting her to make a tower of 4, the munchkin used all 7 and then looked for more 🙂 I’m not sure how she does it but she’s very good at making stable towers, maybe she’ll be an engineer like her father!

A definite benefit of having R staying with us is that we have a babysitter on hand (not that we used her before last night). Mr H and I went out for dinner and then on to the cinema as a spur of the moment extra (dinner wasn’t great – Wetherspoons, get your food descriptions accurate and have the currys in stock on curry night! Neither of us could have our first choice of curry, and mine was no way a mild curry, I supposed it serves us right for not going to a proper curry house but we’re skint!). We saw Ratatouille, and it was fantastic. One of the best films I’ve seen in ages (ok, so I haven’t been to the cinema for at least 2 1/2 years, but we’ve bought DVDs in that time), almost, though not quite, on a par with Shrek. We loved it. Definitely one I’d recommend (ok, you get the idea!)

We’ve got a reasonably busy weekend ahead (Mr H helping with recabling the church PA tomorrow, then church morning and evening – I’ve been offered a lift and achance to sing in the worship band in the evening, something I’ve wanted to do for ages), but we have got the house to ourselves as R is away for the weekend at a wedding. It’s nice to be just the three of us for a bit. I still haven’t set up bloglines, hopefully by Monday……

… I haven’t got long, my friend is due to arrive any time in the next 2 hours, had a busy morning getting everything sorted (though I still need to get Mr H to dig out the air bed) and have managed to bake some scones this afternoon (the munchkin’s new favourite food!).

I don’t think I’m going to b able to say hello at all tomorrow, hopefully on Thursday (though probably not until the afternoon as the health visitor is coming for the munchkin’s two year check in the morning – I can’t believe my baby is going to be two in exactly a week!). I’ve still not got anywhere with bloglines…one day!

Well, after the weekend when I had hoped to have a good go at getting the bloglines set up I am exactly where I was on Friday….. i.e. nowhere! We got back from our morning trip to Sainsbury’s (nightmare as they’re redeveloping the store, everything has moved and it’s got sections closed off so seems more crowded than ever), Mr H sat down at the computer to sort his emails and it turned itself off! Cue 3 hours of him working out what was wrong before we had to go and buy a new power supply and pray that that was all that had blown (he was saying there was a chance that when the power supply went it could have taken absolutely everything else with it!). Thankfully once he’d installed the new power supply everything worked fine (but a good thing about marrying a techie geek, he could sort it himself without calling anyone out 🙂 ), but he then decided to update and install the new virus software we have so that was the end of computer use for the day (it took until 11pm for the computer to finish scanning itself and it’s a good thing that Mr H did that as the new software found a couple of viruses in some of our junkmail – we’re fairly careful about not opening blatant junk so we were ok from them – but it’s a pain). When we eventually got back from church yesterday (Mr H was on PA so we had to be there early and we didn’t leave until after 12:30) Mr H took over the computer to look at the upgrades the church system needs (he was sat there until 6:30 and I started getting the munchkin ready for bed – he’d been oblivious to everything going on around him, but that’s a whole other story!). After then it was time for our dinner and some unwind time before bed.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to look at it today either. The munchkin has molars on the move so is grouchy and clingy (she normally naps 1-3pm, I’ve just had to put her down now 11:30 as she’s so tired and down) and there’s some housework type stuff that I really ought to do as we have one of my college friends coming to stay tomorrow as she wants to get away briefly for half term. Maybe I’ll get it done by this time next week….

The latest news from my sister is that her labour has stopped (thank you doctor on Friday who told her baby would have been born by the end of the weekend), no signs as yet of it starting again. We all thinking (and hoping for her sake as she’s getting very sore and fed up) that my nephew will be born within the next week though.

I had a productive housework day yesterday but didn’t manage to read a single blog! So I still have half my blogroll to catch up on.

I’m going to take Jeni‘s suggestion from yesterday’s comments and have another look at bloglines. I have used it before, but gave up on it when I moved to wordpress (can’t really rememberwhy  I stopped though now). I’m also going to have to have a heavy duty cull of my blogroll as when I sit and try to catch up it’s just taking too long and taking over.

On another note, I’ve just had a call from Mum to say that my sister is in early labour (about 1cm dilated), contracting every 15-20 minutes, and that her doctor says that my nephew should be born within the next 2 days! I’m quite excited, though a little down as well as the baby I lost in the spring would have been due a couple of days ago, we haven’t even started trying again as Mr H says he’s now not ready for a second baby and won’t give me any indication of when he might be (he said in August that we’d be able to try again in October, but he’s back tracked that now).

…thinking she has too many blogs on her blogroll! (and is blatently pinching the blog title idea from Emma and Alissa – and Facebook)

It took every spare minute yesterday just to visit half the blogs on the sidebar and try to read some of the posts you lovely people wrote while I was away. I think I’m going to have to cut it down, or at least work out some way of keeping it under control. I keep adding things that look interesting but I very rarely take anything off, I may have to start though. Hmmm…

On a separate note we all seem to be getting better over here, I’m still permanently surrounded by tissues (I know, probably TMI) but I’m not as woozy now, the munchkin is perkier and Mr H is coping with work. We all just need some sleep now, we have nothing planned at the weekend (except church, Mr H is PA-ing for the morning service so we’re going to be there very early and quite late) so hopefully we’ll get some rest then.

I’ve got another list of jobs to do today so I’m going to go and make a start (and have some breakfast – I’m a bit behind today). Bye!