I realised as I was editing categories on some of my old posts that it was my 2 year blogiversary last Wednesday!

I can’t believe in some ways that I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, it seems like ages, but I also find myself almost hooked on blogging as well, both writing my own posts and catching up on those I read. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing in my free moments in the day (what few I can get at the moment!) if I wasn’t blogging.

I began using Blogger as it was the main host that I’d seen on any blogs I read, however I found it wasn’t letting me edit my template and blog as I was wanting at that time so I migrated to WordPress about a year ago. I’m now having similar problems and wondering again whether to go back (I was beginning to learn html and I could teach my self more, where as here I have to pay to change the CSS and have it show on here), though this time it’s also a case of going to the Google empire as well!

I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely lovely people. Some who comment here, and some whose blogs I read, some who inspire me, some who make me laugh, some who make me cry (or nearly), some who give me fabulous advice, some who just give me a virtual hug when I need it. I’m so grateful to all of you, especially those who keep coming with the usually mundane/boring things I write (in my opinion).

I’ve just realised that my very first commenter is still coming here (Suburban Mum – you’re fab!), so I can’t be too boring, unless she’s just humouring me!


I had a helpful comment on my last post about the Blogger comments. It appears that there is a setting that Blogger users can change that will enable commenters to leave details of their own blogs more easily. The comment (on my blog) links to another blog with useful info for blogger users. Hope it helps someone.

Just a quick grrr from me!

It appears that Blogger has decided to stop people commenting and putting in a link to their own page unless they have a google/blogger account. Grrr! My old blogspot blog is still live so I’m just going to have to post with that and hope people look at the first post that comes up there, which refers readers to here (does that make sense? I’m not too hot on grammar and punctuation at times).

Why does Google think it has to take over the world? First insisting on Google accounts to have a blogger blog, and now a Google account to be able to link people back to their blogs/websites when they comment. I’m not happy!

I’ve moved!

You can find me now at

See you there!

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my old template. I did love it, but wanted the flexibility of the new system. Many thanks to Jeni for giving me the old template, maybe one day I’ll manage to teach myself enough HTML to create my own one.

My weight loss ticker also reappeared this week. I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers one more go, I know all the points counting works for me when I keep focussed and I really want to succeed this time. I’d love to weigh less than Mr H. He’s 5’9″ tall and weighs 8 stone 13, where as I’m 5’2″ and weigh 12 stone 3 (or did when I weighed in last Sunday, hopefully it’ll be less by weigh in tomorrow). That put my BMI at 31.3 (obese!), and Mr H’s at 18.46 (underweight). I’m not sure I could ever get to that target, but with 7 lbs of him would be nice. My initial weight target is 10 stone, I’d love to get to 9 stone (middle of the healthy BMI for my height). At the moment I’m delaying trying to conceive #2 until I get my weight a bit more in control and am sure that my depression and hormones post implant are under control.

So far this week I’ve done really well, kept within my points (even when the munchkin was poorly and I was eating junk for the energy fix) and done a lot more exercise. Mr H, the munchkin and I all walked (or rode in the munchkin’s case) all the way into town and back home again this morning. It’s around 3 miles each way and isn’t something I’ve managed before. It felt so good, especially when I pushed the pushchair all the way home laden with all the shopping (including a huge bag of potatoes). I’m going to try and find some excuse to walk into town at least twice a week and go for a shorter walk every other day. The local newsagent doesn’t sell the weekly mag I try and get every week so that’s one outing, reading group at the library in town is another….I’ll have to work on the rest!

While the munchkin sleeps I’ve been trying to change my blog template to the customise versions as I want some of the flexibility of it…..however I can’t work out how to do it and still keep the elements of my personal design (by the fab Jeni…..who seems to have disappeared :o( )…..

Anyone reading got any ideas….or will I just have to lose my cute pushchair picture if I upgrade?

Oh, I need to teach myself HTML!

Thanks Mrs Aginoth for letting me know that one of my posts has been posted 10 times!!

Blogger was refusing to publish the post and just kept refreshing the page. I gave up after a while (did check my blog inbetween) and posted again later on….grrrr.

Oh well, at least if blogger shows me the same thing again I know that the post will show up eventually! I’ll now go an delete 9 posts!

Got the appointment for the munchkin’s birth mark tomorrow so I’ll post properly after then.

Sleep well! Bye!