I’ve spent most of this week with internet access that at best was intermittant and slow, and at worst just not working.

It’s been really frustrating. The ISP weren’t answering their phone and when we did get home of them by email (the only thing that vaguely stayed working throughout) they referred us to their status page. Yes, that’s helpful, we can’t access your site! They claimed they had no way or knowing who was or wasn’t affected so couldn’t contact anyone, but I’m sure they must have kown somehow.

Anyway, we’re now considering moving somewhere else. We’re on an old tariff with our current ISP though and we get unlimited (though not high speed) downloads for not a huge amount of money. We’re not sure anyone else would be able to compete with that. We’ll have a look anyway.

My task is now to catch up on blogs I’ve missed. I was already behind after being away for the weekend. Bloglines currently shows 236 unread posts! I didn’t even use the lack of internet to help tidy the house, the munchkin and I went shopping yesterday (didn’t buy much though, don’t want to spend too much on clothes in case I get this whole diet lark sorted) and Wednesday was spent out at fitness class and playing with friends in the sunshine. I’m hoping the weather stays nice this afternoon, in which case the munchkin and I will be found out in the garden with the laptop and the ball pit…