I’m feeling sad today.

There’s another article in the local paper about someone killing themselves at the local train station. Someone has died on the rails in the town more than once a fortnight over the past 2 months. From what I understand (through what’s been written in the press) all but one of them wanted to die, that one was apparently trying to pull someone else from the tracks.

I can’t imagine feeling so low that death is the only option. At least one of those people has school age children. How do they cope? Will they ever understand why their parent chose to die and leave them?

What is it about my town that’s doing this to people? The paper implies that the tracks on this town have the highest rate of deaths in the whole country.

These people are doing this in front of other people, how do they feel seeing someone standing on the platform at one moment and then jumping off in front of a train the next?

I know there’s no answers to these questions. I wish that these people had been able to get help and support. I’m sure there must be help around, maybe these people didn’t know where to look.