Stop reading here unless you can face a huge whinge/moan…..

I weighed myself this morning…I weigh more now than I did at the start of the year. Back in February I said that I wanted to lose weight for my nephew’s baptism….well that’s on Sunday…and I haven’t. So unless I wear a very padded bra my tummy is going to look big. I just don’t know what to do now to keep myself motivated and focussed. Every time I feel tired/low /bored/(insert any other emotion here) I find myself reaching for cake/chocolate/anything full of calories. Over on Suburban Mum‘s blog there has been a suggestion in the comments of a group of bloggers starting a weight loss blog. I love the idea, any accountability/support has to be good at the moment.

My tendonitis has also had another flare up at the moment. Out of the past 6 weeks more than 2 have been spent with my wrist strapped up and pain when I type/do housework/push the buggy… It’s not really helping my mood, or my weight since the munchkin is still too small to walk far (and too slow to help any weight loss) and I can’t do any of the exercises at the fitness class which involve putting weight through my wrist.

The house is looking more and more like a tip. Mr H is not really helping either. Every morning before work he makes his lunch then leaves me all the rubbish (ham packets, pepper/tomato cores/ grape stems/crumbs etc) to clear up, he always leaves his glass/mug in the bedroom from the night before and he never puts any of his paperwork/post away. I know it sounds pathetic, but I’ve been working really hard to try and get the house under control and he’s just not helping. Even though he says he loves having the surfaces clear in the kitchen and having space on the dining table he’s just doesn’t seem willing to help keep them clear.

We still haven’t got much further with the campsite hunting. Suburban Mum’s suggestion looks really good, but sadly it’s a bit too far. We can’t switch our church commitments so we won’t be able to leave until lunchtime. Anglesey is a good 5 hours from here on a good run, and that’s without counting toilet stops for the munchkin. Grrr… back to the drawing board. We’ll come up with somewhere, at least we’re not going in school holidays so there shouldn’t be too much difficulty booking a site as long as we do it fairly soon.

Well, thanks to my stupid wrist it’s taken me 2 hours on and off to get this typed so I’m going to give up my whinge there. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow in a better mood….