Just a quick follow up to a couple of comments:

Junior Docspot – this is the first time we’re replacing a car without Mr H having written it off! In the past we’ve had so little money that we either bought from family (bad idea – my sister is rather hard on cars!) or sent Dad to a car auction saying to get what he could for a certain amount of money (being in Yorkshire compared to us in Cambridge he could get a lot more for the money). Both times we needed a car either due to work for one of us or the impending arrival of the munchkin!

Mumof4 – love the German language idea! Thanks! I thought the car needed a link as no one (me included) I’d spoken to had heard of the Yaris Verso before…glad it helped someone.

I’m plodding on here. Having a really can’t be bothered week, I’m struggling to get the motivation to do anything other than eat junk (am being fairly good still…) and watch trashy telly. I’m not sure where it’s come from, whether it’s a virus, a return of a bit of depression or something else… I’m just hoping it lifts soon! Mr H is a bit similar, though some of his is definitely down to working very hard and not getting chance to go out in the fresh air to do some exercise. Neither of us are sleeping very well which is never good as we just make each other worse, but hopefully that’ll stop soon. Anyway, thanks to the general crapness I’m feeling the dining room isn’t looking too great, though the breakfast bar is almost clear and the search for the MOT certificate for the Mondeo has meant that the desk in the dining room is clearer than it’s been for months too!