Hello! I hope you’ve all had a good holiday weekend.

We’ve had a very quiet weekend, Mr H came home from work on Thursday with a virus and has been rather low all weekend, though we have been out somewhere each day (if only to buy a toilet seat for the munchkin!). It’s not been the nice family weekend I had planned. Oh well, as long as Mr H gets better, at least we’re going away for a few days this week (a couple of nights with my lovely friend V and her husband – I know she reads this so hello!). Hopefully that’ll give us a few days of nice family time.

We got up yesterday morning to snow fall which settled! The first snow of the year arrived on Saturday, but didn’t settle, however yesterday it did! We arrived at church in the morning with the munchkin bundled up in wellies and her snow suit! sadly we didn’t have a camera out so we have no photos, but take it from me, she looked fab!

The morning service was very long (2+ hours!) but was great. There were 4 people reaffirming their baptism vows by full immersion as well as the Easter communion service. The evening service was amazing as well, even before the service started I had a feeling that God was really going to work in our church that night. As we were setting up the mics and music stands I looked up to see the sun streaming through the stained glass window at the west end of church, it was a beautiful sight. Another member of the worship team was being baptised (though she didn’t want to be fully immersed) and another 2 were reaffirming their vows by full immersion. After this we were all given the chance of renewing our vows, about 8 of us went up and it was an amazing experience. I really felt that God was asking me to rededicate my life to him, to trust in his plans and timing and to work hard to spend more time with him (that’s not been very easy over the past few months, even when I now it makes a huge difference to how I feel and how my day goes). The feeling of God working in my and touching my life is just indescribable. After an inital filling of emotion, I was filled with a huge sense of calm, especially with regard to our plans for the future and trying for another baby (any regular readers will know I’ve been finding waiting incredibly hard lately). I know God has a plan for me and that at the moment it doesn’t include a baby but that one day he’ll make clear that the time if right for us again. The lovely friend who gave me a lift home said that she had seen in me that I had to go and reaffirm my vows and that afterwards she’d seen a change in my face, I was more relaxed and clearly calmer.

Since then I’ve just felt so at ease with what we need to do. I’ve spent more time with God and been more relaxed with what’s going on in the house, it’s still a tip, but I’m calm about it and know that I can sort it out. I really hope and pray that I can keep this change going.

I’m even more relaxed now about the potty training! We did have an accident all over the munchkin’s smart leather shoes on Sunday morning but that was the last wet one (so far!). I think poos may take a little more time. She’s holding them in unless she’s got pants on (pull ups don’t count apparently!) and even then she’s rather hold them in. She still doesn’t like the potty (or the toilet seat) but we’re doing ok as long as I keep asking her to sit down every so often. Going to stay with V on Thursday will be the first big test (closely followed by the 4 1/2 hour train trip to my parents next week).