Day 4 of staying in and trying to potty train the munchkin and I feel like I’m going mad!

I suspect I may try and take her for a walk up to the corner shop later on, I don’t think another full day of staying in will do either of us any good.

On another note we know that the munchkin has quite a lot of control of her bladder, she lasted 4 3/4 hours before doing her second wee of the day yesterday and for the last 2 hours of that she was crossing her legs and squirming all over the place, she just didn’t want to use the potty. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll go out and buy her a little seat to put on the toilet (I sent Mr H out for one on Monday when we got a second potty – thanks to her weeing whenever I went up to wash put the potty – but he didn’t know what to get!). She’s worried about falling in when I sit her on the toilet, despite me holding her carefully, I think she may prefer to go on there though, we’ll see!

Yesterday’s score was 1/2:2 1/2 (yup, only 3 hits/misses altogether!), hopefully we can get a better ratio today.