Busy morning here. So just a few quick lines.

We had some friends over for a cuppa this morning, three other 2 year olds and their mums. It was chaos, good to see some people during the day though. And a good excuse to cook (and then eat!) cake!

The munchkin had a big accident at just after 11 shortly before they all arrived, and since then, nothing! It’s now 4pm and she’s crossing her legs and squirming around but won’t do a wee anywhere! Every tip my parents tried when I did this when I was little have failed, I’m expecting a big puddle at some point!

Yesterday’s facebook score would have been 7:4 (hits:misses) for those of you that saw it on there on Monday. I may do it again tomorrow, I didn’t today with the girls and monkeys over.

missbliss– generally I love being a stay at home mum, though it can get a bit lonely. The more toddler groups etc that you can find, the better. Now we have a sure start children’s centre nearby it’s a lot nicer. I love being around to see all the firsts and having such a great time with her. I wouldn’t have liked someone else to tell me about her first steps or the first time she ate something. I do miss teaching a bit, but I really don’t miss the crap from the (minority of) kids. I’m not too worried about getting a job later, maths teachers are always in demand and the government has already written to me offering a return to teaching course and I’m assuming they’ll still be around should I decide to go back to teaching. At the moment I don’ want to have to do all the planning and marking that teaching involves, my home time is family time not work time to me. Also, I don’t miss the moving 6 times a year thing from Cambridge days either!