Apologies for the sheer whinginess of yesterday’s post, I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Sorry! Thank you for the lovely comments though.

It’s daft really, falling pregnant at the moment really isn’t a sensible option. There’s a possibility of Mr H being made redundant in November which could mean us moving house to go to another job or even having no income for a bit if he can’t find anything. Doing this heavily pregnant or with a tiny baby would not be easy. We moved into this house when the munchkin was just 3 months old which meant I couldn’t help much with the moving and could do only a little of the packing. Adding a toddler into the mix would mean i could do even less. With just the munchkin we would be fine.

More than anything else at the moment (and more than I ever imagined I could be) I’m desperate for another child. Waiting until November (or possibly before) when we’ll find out what’s happening with Mr H’s job before even considering trying for a baby (this month was a bit of a slip up…). The thought of waiting so long is just horrible, I want to be pregnant now!

I’m just going to have to enjoy being mummy to the munchkin, she is (usually!) an absolute joy to be around. My time to be a mummy again will come, it’s just going to be a lesson in patience.

On another note…

Potty training is going ok. Nine accidents yesterday and 2 small wees in the potty. Not too bad. The munchkin was very good at weeing as soon as I let her get up from ther potty!

We’re had 2 small accidents so far this morning. I knew she needed a wee because she was crossing her legs and squirming! She had two little leaks and I put her on the potty immediately. After the second one I sat her on the potty with a biscuit and while that distracted her she relaxed enough to wee! She tried to get up mid way and told me it was a mess but she did it and got lots of praise. It does show she’s holding it in and knows when she needs to go though.

Hopefully we’ll manage to use the potty again later, we’ll see!