I’m having a lethargic couple of days, I haven’t wanted to do much other than crash out on the sofa and read books with the munchkin. I’m not sure why, which is really frustrating. I should be sorting out the piles of junk on the dining room table or tidying the piles of other junk in the corner of our bedroom (no idea why they’ve ended up there), but I can’t get the motivation together at all. Grrr….

 I think I’m going to have a quiet morning with the munchkin this morning before we go off to toddler group and then walk into town to buy the necessary bits for potty training. Hopefully the motivation will return and the lethargy will go over the weekend.

 I’m going to disappear now and try and beat the cravings for the yummy looking millionaires shortjack that missbliss has posted on her foodie blog (it may be a good thing that I don’t have any condensed milk in the cupboard!).