I’ve been following Nathan and Tricia’s story for a few weeks now, and after seeing these posts I just had to add my list of things I’d love Tricia to experience.

  • The smile you get when you go into Gwyneth’s bedroom in a morning to get her up.
  • The first time Gwyneth treads on your toes
  • When she blows her hair off her forehead when trying to blow bubbles or blow candles out
  • Seeing her run up to Nathan when he comes home and gives him a huge hug
  • When she gives you hugs/kisses for no apparent reason
  • The first time she tries to tickle you
  • When you show Gwyneth a picture of herself and ask her who it is and she says ‘you’
  • Giving Gwyneth her first spoon of solid food and seeing the expression of wonder/what’s that on her face
  • Playing tents in your bed in the morning
  • Reading stories with Gwyneth and her knowing them so well she finishes off the sentences for you
  • Seeing Gwyneth shaking shakers/tambourines/waving flags/ribbons during worship at church (I love watching the munchkin listening to the songs and doing this)

That’s all I can think of for now, I may add to this later.