Not a bad start, a 1 1/2 lb loss this week.

I’ve been reasonably good with what I’m eating this week, less snacking mainly. I’m still struggling to drink enough but I’m making that my mission this week. Itr’s not unusual for me just to have 2 cups of tea and 1 or sometimes 2 glasses of squash! What I have found to help that in the past was to make up a big jug of sugar free squash in the morning and leave it on the breakfast bar so I can refill my glass very easily. I’m going to give that another try, and see if it helps again.

I bought some nice smoked salmon and frozen prawns at the weekend so I’m going to be having lots of yummy fish salads for lunches/dinners this week and I also bought some tasty looking salad potatoes to have either with salads or with the gammon steaks that Mr H saw and decided to have for a change.

Hopefully the combination of nice fresh food and more liquid will help me have another weight loss next week. There’s 8 weeks now until my nephew’s christening (I was told off by my sister on the phone for calling it his baptism!) and even at a lb a week that’s still over 1/2 a stone lost….I can do it!