I’ve not got a huge amount to say today so I thought I’d do another little comments follow up and then show you some photos.

Mumof4 – I do have a couple of different types of splint, both horrible brown velcro with a metal brace from the hospital and a neoprene support that I bought in Boots when it flared up on holiday and I’d not thought to take a splint with me. I tend to use the neoprene one more, it’s a lot more comfortable and seems to help just as much. I’ve been wearing it for two days now, I didn’t put it on this morning, though I suspect I may end up going to get it soon – typing doesn’t help when it flares up (hence no post yesterday!).

Missbliss – I suspect I was about your age when I had her, I was 24 and Mr H had turned 24 just 5 days before. I know what you mean about the girls with several by 17 – my cousin was one of them! Her first was born when she was 15, just before her GCSEs! She then had a second shortly after, split with her boyfriend and eventually married someone else at 22, they now have another little one.

Here are the vaguely promised photos of the munchkin’s room. I had to have the camera on my shoulder and take several shots ot have a chance of a reasonable that shows anything as the room is that small! Please ignore the nasty peeling wallpaper parts…they’re horrible. Thankfully the munchkin hasn’t peeled any more off now we’ve removed the cot. This is the paper and curtains that were up when we moved in, it was so perfect for our little lady.

 The munchkin is trying to get some books from her book case here:

Munchkin’s room - 1

 She’s struggling because we’ve had to put some padding round the edge of the bed afterwe think she may have banged her head last night! (hence the cot mattress and camping mat round the edges) The brown chair is the old nursing chair that my mum used for my sister and I. It’s battered and squeaks a lot but it’s very comfortable. We sit on there when we give her her bedtime milk and story.

Munchkin’s room - 2

I’ve just had to stop in the middle of typing this as the munchkin fell down the whole flight of stairs – bringing the baby gate part way down with her! She’s fine (though she does have a carpet burn on her forehead), but I’ve taken the gate apart, I’m fed up of her swinging on it! We may have to think up some other way of keeping her upstairs in a morning now…