After staying in bed and sleeping well for the first two nights in her bed the munchkin was up for an hour in the middle of last night! I was not impressed! Mr H and I were late to bed so being up for so long was not pleasant. She didn’t come out of her room (she managed to close her door further rather than open it) but I could hear her moving around and chattering. I eventually put a CD on (she often has music playing when she goes to bed) and at 3:30 there was peace. I didn’t hear her again until Mr H’s alarm went off at 7:40 (actually it went off at 7:30 but I didn’t hear that one at all). She came in to us then for hugs.

Still, moving the munchkin to a bed has gone a lot better than it could have done. She’s not napped in her bed (too many distractions) but I’m hoping that will change (either that or we’ll be going for lots of walks after lunch to try and get her to sleep in her pushchair!)

I will try and get some photos of her new look room on here, but I’m not sure whether I can do that, her room is only 2m by 3m so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get much into view. If I do manage it please ignore the places on her wall where the little minx has been peeling the wallpaper off! In her defense it was put up very badly by the previous owners of the house and their DIY skills were definitely limited! She has stopped now afetr being told off several times, we just can’t redecorate it until the summer.

The other big news from the weekend is that I now have a laptop! Due to Mr H and I fighting over the computer in an evening we’ve been half thinking of it but dismissed it as too expensive (I want one I can play the Sims 2 on). However while shopping in Aldi on Saturday we saw they still had a Medion Akoya in stock for £499 with a three year warranty. After a bit of a discussion and me offering to put £100 into it (advance use of birthday money) and Mr H saying that £50 of it could be my birthday, Easter and Mothering Sunday presents we bought it! We hadn’t spent any of the Christmas money we were all given so that’s made up a lot of the rest. It’s going to be mainly mine but a family machine as well.

I’m still trying to get used to it. It’s running Vista and I’ve not used that before so there’s a couple of differences to get used to, but generally I’m very pleased. We’ve not set up the netwprk drives and printer on it yet, but Mr H will do that soon (he’s already spent the whole weekend tweaking the set up of it and changing the hard drive partitioning).

I’ve got to disappear and get more of the housework done now but I’ll be back later sitting on teh sofa with my shiny new laptop to catch up on your blogs (I hope!). Bye!