I’ve just spoken to Mum.

Dad was due to have a driving assessment this morning relating to his dementia. However while at the test centre (before getting into the car) he had a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). He lost his speech and some movement and got very confused. It came back after about 10-15 minutes. Dad saw a doctor but I don’t think he’s going to have any more treatment due to it (Mum and I didn’t have too long to talk, dad was around and doesn’t really like being talked about). He’s already on medication for high blood pressure and has been asked to stop smoking (some hope!). As you may be able to expect he’s no longer allowed to drive (he hasn’t driven for the past couple of months anyway).

In addition to that Mum heard today that my uncle’s (her brother’s) has been repossessed, unless he can give the mortgage company £4000 by tomorrow he has lost it completely. He’s currently living with his ex-wife and her husband. My uncle has hidden this from everyone. We all knew money was tight, but not that tight.

Not a good day. Part of me wants to jump on a train and go and see Mum tomorrow but I can’t really do anything at the moment. I will try and get my next trip up sorted soon though. I wasn’t going to go until the end of April but I think I’ll try and go either the week before or after Easter instead. Back when dad was first ill last year my sister said she had a feeling that he wouldn’t be around in another year. He’s not been doing too badly lately so I’d dismissed that, but now I just don’t know. All I know is I need Mr H to get home soon and give me a big hug!