…never seem to last long in the H house!

After all I wrote yesterday about getting myself back in the diet routine and trying to be good I completely blew it in the afternoon.

I took the munchkin out to storytime where she (and her little friend) caused chaos. They wouldn’t sit or stand still and listen or join in with the sonns, just wanted to run around. The munchkin was even defiant! That’s really not like her most of the time. She was so close to being brought home after just 10 minutes!

She did eventually calm down (after I held her on my lap for a while) but back at home she had a very short nap and then wouldn’t do anything except grizzle in my arms. I thought she was maybe feeling off colour but she didn’t have a temperature and I couldn’t find any sign of anything being wrong.

It’s quite draining when the munchkin’s like this and my automatic reaction is to reach for the food. I suppose a good point that came of it is that I have very little chocolate left in the house! (no, I didn’t eat that much, there wasn’t a huge amount anyway)

I may have to fight myself not to buy more chocolate when I go out later on (I need stamps for the monthering sunday cards), for some reason I didn’t get to sleep until after 1:30 this morning! I’m more than a little tired today, and this evening I’m going out for dinner with my mummy friends, though I’m not being picked up until after 8 so it’s going to be a late one. Hmmm…. fitness class tomorrow could be fun!

Oh well, each day is a fresh start (or something like it!) and I’ve done ok so far….!