A few photos from the past couple of weeks. I know the right edge of some of the photos has been cropped off, am trying to tweak the blog template (it should {!} take less time that changing all the photos!)

 Yesterday’s brownie.


And the chocolate and banana cake. (I know, I have a fair bit of work to do on photographing food!) NB, this plate is a lot bigger than the plate the brownies were on.

Chocolate and banana cake

 Feeding the ducks in Ilkley.

Feeding the ducks

 And feeding Daddy!

Feeding Daddy rather than the ducks!

 Flying down the slide. (I must admit that Mr H took this one,. the rest are all mine)

Sliding - wheeee!

 Away from Ilkley and now above the woods near my parent’s house. Looking over the valley to the church we were married in. It was about 4:30pm on a misty day.

Church throgh the mist

 Looking like a proper little girl (rather than my little toddler/baby) sitting at the top of another slide.

Growing up

 On the swings, Granny is off to the right pushing her.


Walking back down the hill with Granny.

Granny and the munchkin

There you are, some photos for Friday (otherwise known as Hannah couldn’t think what to post today!).