I’ve come over all domestic goddess today.

There’s chocolate and banana cake in the oven and a new recipe for chocolate brownie sitting on the kitchen surface ready to be tried as soon as the oven is free. Zooarchaeologist – I think your chocolate answer is fab! 3/4 of the banana cake and 1/2 the brownie is going into the freezer for the next WHY? day. The rest, of course, needs sampling today, quality control you know!

I’m planning what to cook for Mr H’s dinner when he gets in (something with the chicken breasts that are defrosting on the kitchen surface), possibly risotto, possibly some sort of curry.

The dining room is tidier than it’s been in weeks and this week we’ve actually managed to get the munchkin’s toys put away in the living room before she goes to bed (usually it just builds up and up and we don’t go in there in the evenings). Mr H and I spent last night relaxing in the living room, snuggled up watching TV, something we’ve not done for weeks. We’ve tended to dive into bed (not for that!) to watch a DVD on the old laptop.

The dishwasher’s running, the dry washing has been put away, the washing machine has been run and emptied and I’ve started writing this week’s shopping list (before I forget all the things I need.

I hope I can keep this up, I feel so much better when the house is in control (ok, so there’s still a long way to go but it’s a start).


ps. There is a down point to this domestic goddess stuff….I’ve just realised that I’ve not had any breakfast this morning…and I’m ravenous now…ooppss! Oh well, learning point for another day!