Or rather college days (though with most of us being trainee teachers we spent a lot of time in school) were what I spent the weekend reminiscing about.

It was lovely to spend time with my college friends again, though we only had 4 hours with us all together due to people having varying half terms and the munchkin and I needing to be home on Saturday night ready for church yesterday. We were fed very well (thanks V!) and played some very loud games of Cranium(including waking the munchkin rather rudely – ooppss!). It was fantastic to spend time together and relax together.

Now I’m back I have a lot to do with the house. Thanks to going away for a couple of weekends combined with us all being under the weather the house is a tip. Mr H did a lot in the living room on Saturday while we were away which leaves me the dining room and kitchen to sort properly. I’m not helped on my mission today by the fact it’s very cold here and the kitchen pipes have frozen up (again!) so I can’t run either the washing machine or dishwasher or do the washing up. I’m going to disappear now and start attacking the dining table, I’ll be back online at some point and stop by a few blogs.

Hope you all have a good Monday. Bye!