Valentine’s has been postponed in the H household. We’ve exchanged presents (thank you for the flowers and mini bottle of Moet!), but Mr H has spent the day poorly in bed so my fabulous steak dinner (that’s what he’d planned to cook for me) has been postponed until Sunday. Mr H really isn’t up to anything, let alone standing in the kitchen or even going out to buy the steak so it’s down to me looking in the freezer for our dinner tonight.

The munchkin and I are going away tomorrow for my mini college reunion (I can’t believe it was a year since the last one). Due to Mr H’s work (tomorrow) and the fact that both he and I are on the rota at church for different things on Sunday morning I can only go for one night and I won’t get a toddler free break. Oh well. It’ll definitely be good to catch up with the girls. I’m back (hopefully! train service depending) at about 7 on Saturday.

I promised I will upload pictures from last weekend soon, I’m afaid they’re still sitting on the SD card in the camera! Also if anyone wants to help me work out how to put a little © and my name on the photos a la Chrisb (and others), I’d be very grateful (the photo software we have is Corel Photopaint).