We weren’t sure what the munchkin would make of the pancakes we had last night. But a liberal sprinking of sugar and she loved them!

Pancake monster

I must admit I cheated and used a mix I found in the cupboard rather than making my own, I’m still using the excuse of being under the weather. I’m not sure I’ll do that again as they were very sweet. It’s a good thing I wasn’t going to do any savoury ones as there was rather a lot of sugar in the mix already. I’d already sugared the munchkin’s before I discovered how sweet they were!

Mr H and I had to abandon pancakes after 3 or 4 each as we needed food that wasn’t so sweet. Usually just for this one day we have a dinner comprising solely of pancakes (are we mad?). I did think then sod the diet and had chips and scampi, both coooked in the fat fryer….why…I’m not sure now. The diet hasn’t been too good lately anyay with being poorly, I just crave junk food when I’m not on top form.

This was also the munchkin earlier in the afternoon. Her molars were on the move again so she was feeling rather sorry for herself.

Teething munchkin