…we’re getting better here.

 The house is looking more normal (a couple of piles of junk around, but the dining table can be eaten from!). Mr H and I are still coughing at times but definitely feeling better most of the time. It’s not taking much to make us tired but we’re surviving.

The munchkin has been lovely, most of the time, this weekend. She’s taken to peeling the wallpaper from behind her cot again. We have no idea how to stop her. She gets told off but it seems to make little difference, she does it again the next morning/naptime. We’re trying to teach her to say sorry when she’s naughty, but she’s resisting that one. It doesn’t help that generally she’s a very good little lady (not that I’m complaining about that!) so I have little need to ask her to say sorry. I suppose we’ll get there one day like we did with saying please. It’ll just come and she’ll be able to say it when ever she needs to.

I did eventually get to read all the bloglines posts last week, however there were over 200 again this morning! I think I may need to reduce the number of blogs I read, it’s taking over a bit!