Just a follow up to this for you all.

I’ve just spoken to my friend, she went to the counselling session on Wednesday and returned home to tell her partner that she wasn’t going through with the termination. He’s said she’s on her own and has started sleeping in a different room. He says he still loves her but that she’s ruined his life! Her parents are coming down for the weekend but he’s said he’ll be out all weekend and won’t even put his side of things across to them (she’s going to have the tell them as they’ll know something’s wrong). My friend has said she’s not going to let him force her out of her home and has pointed out to him that he’ll have to support the baby whatever. He won’t talk to her and is communicating with notes.

She’s being very strong at the moment, but I suspect at some point the barriers she’s putting around herself will have to come down a bit. I hope that when they do she’ll ask for whatever help she needs (she’s quite good at just getting on and ‘coping’).