That’s who lives in this house….

I’m only just writing our Christmas thank you letters! It’s something I feel is really important, but I’ve just been putting it off and off. I won’t be able to do that next year when the munchkin will definitely be able to help write hers.

I’ve said thank you on the phone or in person to most of our relatives, but some of our friends were very generous and really do deserve a proper thank you. I must admit I am cheating a bit (ok, a lot!) by doing them as a card on MS publisher so I only have a small amount of space to write in and I can put a photo on the front (actually the one from this post).

We’re still fighting the cold here, I’ve had to keep the munchkin at home rather than going out and putting her in creche, she’s just too snotty and is also coughing now as well. Oh well, hopefully by being at home today I can catch up on the housework I couldn’t do yesterday….maybe anyway!