That’s what it took for a letter from our family webpage and email host to get to us!

The letter was to tell us that our current debit details were out of date and that they had been unable to take a payment for the next year. Fine, but it also said that the account would be frozen if payment was not made within 8 days of the date of this letter! We updated all the details at about 8pm last night and the account was fine, but when I went to use our email this morning it had all been frozen.

I’ve called them and they’ve rerun the details and everything is uploaded again, but I have lost all emails sent to me after 11pm last night (when they froze it without checking that we’d changed the details). It’s so frustrating. I have no idea what may have been sent in that time. I know of one email from here and one from Facebook that have been lost, but what else? There’s definitely some missing from my yahoo groups, though I suppose I could get them on the web.

It’s just a pain. And then to top it all off this morning Mr H has gone to London for a conference. He called me an hour after he left home to ask whether his bag was sitting by the front door……yup! In his rush to get out and get a taxi to the station he left it behind. I did offer to take it into London for him (I just had enough time before his meeting), but he’s going to come with out it……silly boy!